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Post #808011 by bamalamalu on Sat, Feb 18, 2023 2:23 PM

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I think I must have just posted updates from previous years in the general Kauai travel thread. But, just back from another visit, so will add a few updated pictures of Tiki Iniki here.

Made one visit this trip...as with previous years, drinks can be questionable. Typically, there seems to be a fair amount of turnover here, but luckily, we had the same bartender this time as last year, and she's pretty good. The trick is - politely ask them NOT to add soda water to your drink when ordering. Apparently so many people complain about the drinks being "too strong," that they automatically dumb them down this way. Navy Grog without the added seltzer is pretty good. Mai Tai was still too sweet for me (but at least it wasn't carbonated, as they've been in the past.) I will say, service & drink quality were vastly improved from years past, where we only dared to order rum, neat. Wish they were at the level they should be, but... Food is OK but expensive, even for Kauai.

Happened to be the first customers when they opened, so grabbed a couple new pictures. Posting for posterity, though they're not great due to glare.