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Post #808398 by TIKIGIKI on Wed, Mar 15, 2023 5:35 PM

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Difference is Kiwis say it to their sheep.....

I will simply say that this post, initially criticised for being in the wrong place is the ONLY post in recent times here on TC that has got you all replying and conversing. And it's not even about anything TIKI! Draw your own conclusions..... main-qimg-dff8a75ee93b18cba7e7337fd63e962c

And really? What's with the prissy euphemisms here? In Australia THIS BELOW is a very successful advertising campaign poster. It also comes on a T-shirt which is a best seller! 10822118-6793771-image-a-35_1552277089334 Never mind what you think it says, .....it doesn't! It clearly reads CU in the NT Translation? See You in the Northern Territory. Northern Territory is like a state up central north of Oz, and very big in Outback tourism. For comparison: TEXAS 695,662 S Kms Northern Territory 1.42 MILLION S Kms.

This T-shirt/slogan passes without so much as a ripple here. e1e65fe7c1bb3108ef7bd4787e0e9e49

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