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Postcard from the "Tik Inn". Did anyone ever stay there? Further info? Like a lot of these places, it looks like the "tiki" was all on the outside, with very little in the actual rooms at all.


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Yes, of course, but I was seeking a little more personal experience from somebody who perhaps remembered it.

Then bump the existing thread by asking that question. It exposes the old thread to new people and those who haven't seen it before and doesn't clog up the site with unnecessary threads about the same thing.


We cannot be expected to search the whole site prior to making any posting. Things go back years. if that's the last answer in the thread you link it was posted way back in 2015! This is a new thread having just been posted last Friday at 3.05, so I don't think it needs bumping, nor is it "clogging up the thread" as you claim. And it's one I started anyway. There's only my own post in it so far! Don't answer if you have nothing to contribute, or answer the old one?

What is the problem?

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Why would i tell you, or anyone for that matter, to bump their own three day old thread with one post in it?

I said bump the existing thread that is THIRTEEN years old and ask your question there. Your question relates to a subject that already has its own thread and will be answered by anyone who chooses to because they'll see that an old thread has been bumped and have a look at the most recent comment/s. There's no reason to start a new one.

And i didn't say clogging up the thread. I said clogging up the SITE.

And one guess what the problem is.

"Clogging up the site"? I think after more than seven years, this site just might, ...might be able to handle a new thread, even if it is on something that may have been mentioned back in the dim dark ages..unless of course you are PERSONALLY paying for the bandwidth? Your own replies here are contributing to that you know.

"One guess what the problem is" you ask? Since you ask so "nicely", well let's see now.

For you swizzle, it's obviously ME! Seems you are developing quite the habit here of making your snide replies on my posts. (I'm sure this can be fact checked.)

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GROG posted on Tue, Mar 14, 2023 11:51 PM

Aren't Australians supposed to call each other "MATE" when you're conversing?

That's Racist, Ernie!

We call our actual mates, "c&%t". We call actual c&%ts, "mate".

I'll leave it at that.

GROG posted on Wed, Mar 15, 2023 9:34 AM

But you are both kind of being c&%ts to each other, but you are NOT calling each other "mates", which in reality would actually mean you are calling each other c&%ts (which, in my experience only Irish called each other that as a term of endearment). And when my Australian friends call me "mate" should I be offended? I'm so confused now.

Maybe I should just have Kiwi friends. New Zealanders have the Australian accent, but are more friendly.

And thanks ATP, you c&%t.

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Smith LOL

GROG posted on Wed, Mar 15, 2023 12:54 PM


I haven't called anyone anything. And it all comes down to the way the word/s are said, in what tone.

And if you think that New Zealanders have an Aussie accent then i don't know what to say. You need to get out of the house and meet more of each.

Australians: Shar's yer tits! Kiwis: "Shar's yer f*cking tits!

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Difference is Kiwis say it to their sheep.....

I will simply say that this post, initially criticised for being in the wrong place is the ONLY post in recent times here on TC that has got you all replying and conversing. And it's not even about anything TIKI! Draw your own conclusions..... main-qimg-dff8a75ee93b18cba7e7337fd63e962c

And really? What's with the prissy euphemisms here? In Australia THIS BELOW is a very successful advertising campaign poster. It also comes on a T-shirt which is a best seller! 10822118-6793771-image-a-35_1552277089334 Never mind what you think it says, .....it doesn't! It clearly reads CU in the NT Translation? See You in the Northern Territory. Northern Territory is like a state up central north of Oz, and very big in Outback tourism. For comparison: TEXAS 695,662 S Kms Northern Territory 1.42 MILLION S Kms.

This T-shirt/slogan passes without so much as a ripple here. e1e65fe7c1bb3108ef7bd4787e0e9e49

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GROG posted on Thu, Mar 16, 2023 6:32 AM

Don't make the same mistake as Dr. Psycho.


and some of the comments: Screen Shot 2023-03-16 at 6.36.32 AMScreen Shot 2023-03-16 at 6.38.27 AM

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Accidentally posted twice

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Olde English word, probably of German derivation but in full use before 1200, although often spelled "coynte". Spelling not being fixed in the Middle Ages. It was NOT a swear word at all back then, only gaining that use far later in the modern era and even then only in some geographic locations.

Passes almost unnoticed in the UK, here in Australia or New Zealand, but the Yanks seem to have a conniption fit over it. I simply do not understand the prissy, pretentious outrage now affected by so many over a word, ....any word! And the associated idea that not saying it will somehow make it go away. I venture no one here has ever said the word "intrauterine", and yet it exists and will continue to do so.

In fact I decry the lack of any swear words now in the English language. The ones we used to have being so debased by massive overuse by just about everybody and even in the media.

A good swear word should be expressive, have shock value and reserved for the right moment, not peppered liberally through speech as the copulative verb is now.

And just so there's something TIKI in this post, here's an interesting site if you want to learn some "Tiki" type swear words. Feel free to appropriate! https://www.youswear.com/

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