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Post #808417 by TIKIGIKI on Thu, Mar 16, 2023 2:58 PM

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Olde English word, probably of German derivation but in full use before 1200, although often spelled "coynte". Spelling not being fixed in the Middle Ages. It was NOT a swear word at all back then, only gaining that use far later in the modern era and even then only in some geographic locations.

Passes almost unnoticed in the UK, here in Australia or New Zealand, but the Yanks seem to have a conniption fit over it. I simply do not understand the prissy, pretentious outrage now affected by so many over a word, ....any word! And the associated idea that not saying it will somehow make it go away. I venture no one here has ever said the word "intrauterine", and yet it exists and will continue to do so.

In fact I decry the lack of any swear words now in the English language. The ones we used to have being so debased by massive overuse by just about everybody and even in the media.

A good swear word should be expressive, have shock value and reserved for the right moment, not peppered liberally through speech as the copulative verb is now.

And just so there's something TIKI in this post, here's an interesting site if you want to learn some "Tiki" type swear words. Feel free to appropriate! https://www.youswear.com/

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