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Post #809017 by jokeiii on Fri, May 12, 2023 2:38 PM

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BTW, the one place in S. Florida I know carries Red Heart a) still does, and b) has raised the price from +/-$24 to +/-$38! But if you are adamant… https://palmbeachliquor.com/shop?product-id=5abd4ad0db416b7fa20879ee&option-id=6184dfa48c3a2972d3647b5fe0884aafedc561ec48171990c8cfcafb45189cbd

Also, I’ve been tinkering with with a Coruba/Appleton Signature/Wray overproof (DISCLAIMER: I'm not even remotely the first/only person doing so) blend* as a Kohala Bay substitute…but I’m going to throw Blackwell in there as well, since it’s also a Wray & Nephew (and therefore Jamaican) product.

It’s also way (and I mean WAAAAAAAAAAY) easier for me to find than Coruba, and only weighs in at a street price of +/-$18 locally.

Since I have just under two handles of KB, so I can set some aside as a control in the name of science.

*I’ve settled on 3:2:1 for now, but willing to listen and revise my opinion.

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