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does anyone have an ELVIKI ?

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if anyone has an Elviki statue that are willing to part with for $ or trade. email me at [email protected] thanks

TikiJaksin- This may be a stupid question, but what exactly IS an Elviki?
I'm picturing a tradtional tiki with sideburns and a colar...maybe big sunglasses and a "lip thing" going.

I sould have asked "Early Elviki or older, fatter Elviki?"

Just curious.


Just be patient..put in a specific search on ebay and have it notify you when one is up for auction...I probably see one every 3 months...good luck,,, Grey

Dude, for a guy who has never seen one you are right on the money .well except for the glasses.actually it's an Easter ISLAND head with an elvis do (pompadour/sideburns)and yes a lip thing made by a kool artist from I think california,sorry I dont have the name.a while back they were produced(couple a years), and so I ordered one had it in my car, and someone ripped it off.actually there is a picture of it in the book "Hula Dancers & Tiki Gods" by Chris Pfouts.I'll get the page # for those who wanna check it out.reaallyy bad dude.any info would be appreciated.kreepytikiforhirejaksin

thanks for the info chefgrey.will try that.

Cindy Crowell, I believe - that's the artist that made him. I've got one, thanks to Patrick from Santa Cruz who gave me his when I coveted it openly.

As my kitchen is both tiki and Elvis, my Elviki is quite the bridge. (He, and lots of Elvis in "Blue Hawaii" photos.)

(I'm at work right now, hence my inability to verify the name of Elviki's creator. Oh that I could have those goodies with me and turn my cubbyhole or my classroom into a tiki oasis!)

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A quick search on Google and voila!


Tiki-Bot, thanks for the link! Interesting article.
And yeah, Elviki is petty cool.
Good luck.


Hey guys - sorry to dig this post out of the way back machine.

I came across something interesting at a vintage store and after some research found several threads, including this one, referencing a slightly different design.

Does anyone know anything about this one?

It goes well with my Velvis and my Elvis Pezley.

Very cool - I like the obvious "hook" feature of his "hair" so that you can hang him from a clothesline over your bar! :)


here's one I made...

On 2014-04-25 08:42, pjc5150 wrote:

You really captured the lip curl well!

Nice carving Jeff!

try doing a search here on tiki central- ill bet you'll find all kinds of info on elviki

I have a small ElviTiki lamp....the light has left the building.


Just adding a bit more information on the carved Elviki as I haven't seen this information on TC yet.

This weekend there are two ebay auctions for the carved Elviki that I posted before. I was SHOCKED at the price (I know... people can ask what they want but they will likely not sell at that price). The first was listed for $475 and the second for $1200... WTH!?!

At least the $1200 auction provided a little more information.

I have looked off and on for more information and this weekend there are two on ebay? And the crazy part is that they are BOTH in Washington state - and I found mine in Oregon.

There is a really nice one on display at the Velveteria Museum in Chinatown IN L.A. :)

A 4' or 5' Elviki in situ at the Lulu's in Kailua-Kona:

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just for the record - elviki character is created and designed by austin artist cindy crowell - a number of years back i had a business relationship with her in which i produced the original elviki tiki cast and painted figures as dskdesigns. There was even talk at one point of an elviki tiki mug by tiki farm. I do not have any extras and have not produced anymore since the original run. it was a limited edition. cindy can be found on facebook - anyone interested in anything elviki should contact her. Anyone wanting to pick up the banner and continue where i left off as far as producing anything elviki, she might consider partnering up with you. Elviki is a copyright protected character.

So Elvitiki has not left the bar.


Converesly, if any of you are/ know a copyright lawyer who would take this on contingency, please contact me. (this is Cindy Crowell, creator of Elviki.)


Reviving this thread to post a picture of the two side by side.

The taller wooden Elviki is mine that I found at a vintage shop here in Portland for $30. The shorter is Liza's Elviki.

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