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Tiki Barber

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Now, I know we all skip over this guy's autographed jersey, collector's cards and whatnot when we search on Ebay...but, how jealous you can get when you think about this guy's name..Tiki Bar(ber)...damn...makes you wonder what he thinks about tiki bars...if he's ever been to one...if he even has one in his house...and make me wonder if any of you has the guts to name you kid Tiki...just wondering...Grey


What I've fantasized about is gettting Tiki Barber to pose for a photo in front of a barber shop holding a Tiki.
I've also thought that a Tiki Barber trading card might be good for the Tiki collection as an inside joke to other eBay hunters.

Or what would be cool would be a picture of a life-sized Ku (ala Oceanic Arts) holding a comb and scissors. With "Tiki Barber" carved as his name on the base!

or what about ku done up to look like a football player . . . or tiki barber done up to look like ku?

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Pages: 1 3 replies