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What's your porn name?

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thejab posted on Fri, Aug 6, 2004 5:48 PM

Mine is Buck Wild.



Chad Pike


Fucking rad! You may call me "Hands Hardcore".


'autumn day' or 'busty dial'
(depending on which last name i use)

i like the old way of figuring out your porn name. mine then is megan gagen



Lord Strong

Man, how stupid can mine be... "Jake Ray".

Once, during a heavy round of drinking, discuss how you could construct your porno name by using your first pet's name as the first and the street you grew up on as the last name.

Mine was just as stupid, "Boxy Hillside"

One of us came up with a good one, "Sparky Margarita"!!

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Cool, just call me "Christian Jammer"
I also heard you use you first pets name and your middle name.
So I guess I could also be "Ruben Ray"
Both great names if I ever quit carving and get into the porn industry.

BaronV posted on Fri, Aug 6, 2004 6:49 PM

On 2004-08-06 18:03, tikicleen wrote:
i like the old way of figuring out your porn name. mine then is megan gagen

That method is "first pet name" + "street you grew up on" right?

thejab posted on Fri, Aug 6, 2004 7:01 PM

On 2004-08-06 18:49, BaronV wrote:

On 2004-08-06 18:03, tikicleen wrote:
i like the old way of figuring out your porn name. mine then is megan gagen

That method is "first pet name" + "street you grew up on" right?

Then mine is Sourpuss Fairway. It just doesn't sound right for a guy!

What is the new formula? My computer won't let me access the site.

I thought the first pet's name and first street's name were your Drag Queen Name (mine would be Lee Lee Sunflower).

As for porn star names, I've always been partial to "Glory Hull."

TNTiki posted on Fri, Aug 6, 2004 7:03 PM

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Kono posted on Fri, Aug 6, 2004 7:15 PM

Website porn name = lame: "Brett Ray"

Pet + street porn name = "Billy Redwood"

Much better!


Pet and street name bunny Alexander Porno name Mondo buns


Hey - it gives you a different name, depending on how you use caps:

Doctor Z = Chad Playah
doctor z = Corey Jammer
Doctor z = Ron Manetti
doctor Z = Ron Manetti (again)
DOCTOR Z = Jake Rhodes

Or parts of names:

Doctor = Brick Coxx
Z = Corey Montana

Hmmm... Which one to use...

(These are all better than my 'old-method' name = "Daisy Pacific Coast Highway")

Web Site version: Angel Treats
Pet/Street name version: Zaza DeSoto


Pet/Street name version: Bunga Unga

Rod Stone - hmmm
Pet/street - Rama Independence - hmmm

I think, either way I'd be a starving porn star.

As far as the drag queen name thing, I believe that is first pet + MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME, which is complicated by the fact that so many banks use maiden names for security purposes.

That said, I've always liked my porn name using the pet/street combo:


It always sounded like a 70's lounge singer to me and I thought it might be a cool alias for songwriting or as a side project. Can you see it in lights?



Website: Brick Stallion
Pet/Street: Felix Kelly

Pet/Street =

Harry Broadway


Buster Hyman

Website Porn Name: Tenacious Coconuts

I lied. It's "Hands Savage"

Pet/Street name: Pepsi Farrell

Soap-Opera Name (your own middle name, and a street you've lived on): Gordon Farrell


Internet = Christian Daniels

Pet/Street = Ruff Bellflower


Pet + street porn name = "Wolfer Oakhaven"

Vintage Girl, I think your "old method" name (Zaza DeSoto) is even funnier than the random-generator one!

Random generator:
Morgan Swallows (if I give 'em "Formica"
Krysti Bound (if I give 'em "Alice")
Ginger Cheeks (If it's "Formikahini")

Really weird/bad pet names, so this is problematic -

  • Guineau pigs: "Guinea" and "King Hussein" (the latter had the litter),
  • the cat "White Paw" (who, um, ate the above-mentioned litter),
  • the German Shepherd "Wolfgang"
    But the streets work great, so:

I'm sticking with "Soap Opera Name" (Middle name and street-you-grew-up-on): Jester Brentwood or Jester Olympia.

I don't think anyone wants to see a female porn star named Guineau or King Hussein Olympia, or White Paw or Wolfgang Brentwood.

Regarding Drag Queen name: hell, I already go by " Miss Formica Dinette."

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[ Edited by: TNTiki on 2004-11-06 15:11 ]


Brock Rock!


All right, so when are we going to film this thing? I need at least a week notice (for personal reasons).
And what are we going to name the movie?

Tiki Centrality
Tiki Centrifugal
Tiki Centre’

OK Unga, no more mai tais.


Pet/Street name

Butts Burgess

I am.....

Bambi Gutentight!


Horace Dickson! Que 70's porn music now, waka wa waka wa waka wa

Vic Strong! I'll take the name Vic anyday! Right on!

As "Bamboo Dude" - Wilhelm Longhorn

As "bamboo dude" - Buck Rock

Uhhhmmmm......this is tough.....legitimate theater, or porn??? Gotta go with marquee value, so Buck Rock it is!

virani posted on Sun, Aug 8, 2004 2:23 AM

Ron Wild
Old way : Nougat Les Princes (ouh I love that one)

JTD posted on Sun, Aug 8, 2004 3:58 PM

Clay Longfella

Well, no truth in advertising there.


Brave White Bull...was my stage name.....

webite real = Troy Lofton (yawn.. more like my prep name :wink: )

website j$ = Aaron Surewood (yawn)

pet + street = Peppy Renita... ka-ching!


Lucas Vigor!

On 2004-08-06 22:14, johntiki wrote:
Website: Brick Stallion
Pet/Street: Felix Kelly

Hey, I'm Brick Stallion, too!

Pet/Street is Lucy Kendal. Hmmmm, I'm not overly convinced by either...

Trader Woody



We did the pet name/mother's maiden name trick for our porn name at a party once.
I was Fluff Boyle.

I'm still reminded of it to this day.

Johnny Meatbag

Hey, using the first pet's name plus street name method, I'm Tiger Connor...I can live with that...unlike my friend, Flopsy Hydraulic.

Smurf name? "Fidel Smurf"

Methinks there's mischief involved. Did anybody get "Vladimir Smurf" or "Che Smurf"?

Smurfily yours,

Yep, I'm Tibby Haultain, but I've always been partial to Chesty La Rue. Or Busty St. Claire.

pet/street= Shadow Nine :)

Web: Salvador Rage
Pet, Street: Twinkie Franklin or Ding Dong Franklin

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