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Anyone know of Tiki Places in Denver Area?

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Helz posted on Fri, Dec 3, 2004 5:35 PM

I'm new at this so please forgive any errors (like posting in the wrong group, messing up my links, etc.)

I’m returning home to Colorado for the holidays, and am hoping to further nourish my newfound obsession with Tiki while I was there, but after searching the TC archives, checking out Critiki and browsing the web, the only slightly Tiki thing I can locate is the Tabu Bar:


which looks kinda sad after all the great Tiki I have been exposed to in the Bay Area. So I just wanted to see if anyone out there know’s of something I’m missing…

…and, yes, I am planning on catching “The Sophisticated Savage” Art Show there at the DC Gallery.

Thanks for the help!

Just dipping my toes in the clear blue water...

[ Edited by: HelzTiki on 2004-12-03 17:36 ]

ZuluMagoo is our Tiki Agent in the Denver area, check out his posts, write him an e-mail/PM. Not much is left, but he has researched all there was.

Helz posted on Sat, Dec 4, 2004 11:52 AM

Thanks Big Bro!

Sophisticated Savage Art Show at DC Gallery in Denver


If I was going to Denver I'd definately check into Modern Drunkerd Magazine before I did any bar-hopping.


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Baron - Tabu closed almost two years ago. There wasn't much to it. It was a dance club, not a bar. I went in one time to check it out and left 10 mins later. They had a few Bosko fakes hanging in the club and a big fiberglass Bosko ripoff (12' tall) inside the front door, but that was it. It was in Lodo and was in business for less than a year. You didn't miss anything.


Aloha Helztiki, yes its true...Denvers lacking in the tiki world. Lots of people are starting to talk about opening a real tiki bar, just no ones done it yet, lacking capital. Whoever does, if they do it right, are gonna cash in. Denver's in need.
We have a lot of great bars, a lot of bad bars, and way too many lounges.
But definitely check out the sophisticated savage show. I'm biased cuz I'm in it. It really is a decent show.
Crown Mercantile down the street from the gallery has a decent selection of tiki stuff. But also lots of great vintage
Good luck, drink up............

Helz posted on Fri, Dec 10, 2004 1:18 PM

Thanks all for the info!

Mr. Dale, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your work (I read about it in the Creating Tiki thread). And thanks again for the tip on the Crown Mercantile. And I completely agree about there being a great opportunity for a Tiki Bar out there, especially if you keep it authentic and not let the sports/college bar crowd take it over. Believe me, I've been looking into it (Nothing better than being able to make a living at something you love).

Just out of curiosity, I'm also planning on hitting a few of the flea market/antique stores up in my former neck of the woods (Fort Collins), and I'm wondering how the pickings usually are out there. I'm not looking for anything ultra-rare or anything in particular really, just hoping for something to spice up my collection (14 mugs, 90+% of which are common Orchids) a bit.

Thanks again to everyone for all the info.

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