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I have been reading the post on Tiki Central for alittle over six months now and I looked up how many members there are on here (473). For some reason not many people that are signed up are posting anything. I think I know why. If you read any of the post on here you may notice that most of the reply's are from the same people with a few new ones mixed in here and there, but that is only on post that there is no real hard debate. I think that people are intimidated by some of the people on T. C., why you may ask. Well, it seems to me if someone writes a post that every one likes then there really is no problem. But when someone post a reply that is there true opinion, everyone gangs up on that person and does not let up. Then that's when you get four to five pages of just the dumbest crap & all they are really doing is getting off the topic and bullying, they don't seem to know when to let up. They just can't understand other peoples points and of course never admit they are wrong. Then you have the little group that seem to follow the leader. They can't seem to speak for themselves, if they do then they get bashed and made fun of. I would just like people to stand up and not let this group of T. C. bully's let you not write a post you really want to write. Who cares what they have say, I sure don't. There are other people on here that are really nice. I was told that I do not write any positive post, well if that group would stop going on ebay and finding artwork to make fun of then I would leave a positive, I don't like picking on people that can't even defend themselves and have no idea there art is being made fun of. So why don't you use all that spare time you have on your hands and find good art work to talk about. I thought that was what T. C. was about, getting on and talking to your fellow tiki friends and sharing the great finds or tiki bar you just went to. That is why I joined, was to learn about new things and meet some interesting peeps. When I found this site I thought it was kool at first, to find a group of people into the same things I am. There are some good discussions on here, but reading one that gets out of control and starts making farting noises are just annoying, you guys just bash people with NO point at all, it isn't even a debate, you aren't saying anything that makes any sense. I don't think everyone should agree, but can't we have a debate without going off on someone and getting off the subject. I think some of the new interesting people that probably have some good things to share are scared to post and don't want to have someone go off on them. Just alittle something I thought. And it is just my opinion, so don't get your panties in a bundle. Love your Brotha's and ya Sista's

Rain posted on Fri, Oct 4, 2002 1:01 PM

I don't post often because I don't have time to keep up with all of this on a daily basis.
I personally enjoy making fun of crappy, derivative artwork on ebay. Hell, I put plenty of crappy, derivative work up there myself -- if you're going to put your work in the public eye, you've got to understand that people might very well trash it.


The BAD artwork was just one discussion I was giving as an example. That seems to get brought up every week. There are others that have gotten ugly just for someone posting a thought or there opinion.
Any Deists here ?
Both topics about Tiki Gardens LP.
I could go on. As I said BEFORE Having an opinion is of course not the problem it is just getting mean and bitchy about it ! Instead of just saying fine you don't agree whatever but this is my point. Instead it turns into name calling. ............and the discussion dies because of a few jerks, because everyone is scared to say anything else, except the ones that are on here constantly talking. MY POINT IS WHY AREN"T ANY NEW MEMBERS TALKING ! Why do the interesting debates turn into fart sounds ????????? And the same 5 people bashing everyone !!!!!!!! Can't we all give our opinions and understand others !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITHOUT BEING MEAN!

I wish to apologize for contributing a farting sound but this also happens to be a hobby of mine and when i saw a chance i took it. When i realized the post was about religion i confess i was a bit embarassed.I hope no one was offended and i will try to repress my urge next time. Farts are only funny in the right setting. MY sincere apology to Kahukini . I actually did look up the deist forum and was interested in what the religion was about.

Louise :oops:


I believe, for the most part mind you, the reason there is a large number of 'members, but few frequent 'posters' is because the vast majority of people in society don't try to do anything.

They don't know how to contruct and articulate their thoughts or ideas because they never tried to.

I was almost killed in a traffic accident in 1985; after that I made an even greater committment TO DO THINGS, ANYTHING.

I like to jump feet first in to life (come on in the water's warm:)

One's idea's do not have to be brilliant or novel. Just try. You would be suprised at what you CAN DO!

Also, not everyone is as passionate about TIKI as others are. Maybe some people don't post frequently on TikiCentral but the do on Tropical Fish Central or some other site of their greater interest.

I would like to ask the Mad Tiki why he thinks he should defend all artist pictures by bashing the Tiki Central Members that think the paintings are crap. He bashed tikifish and all she done was put up the Lime in the Coconut picture. She didnt say if she liked it or not, she just posted the picture. Well then here comes "Mad Tiki" all pissed and hostile. I think tikifish also later said she liked the painting. We dont gang up on anyone. We have fun. I myself have time to post more replys because I am hooked up to the internet all the time. I dont think anyone is afraid to post messages here. Mad Tiki assumes we are the Mafia or Communist Party. It sounds like we are sending out messages that say "WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, SO DONT POST ANYTHING WE WONT LIKE!" I think you can go back to my posts and see the only bashing I have done is on the one track minded Mad Tiki who has declared hisself the Controller of Peoples Opinions. I never bashed the artist, just the painting. So if you dont like the insults Mad Tiki, dont start the name calling. You are rude to tikifish on every posts she makes and have an agenda to post all negitives thoughts on her paintings. I myself feel like she is very talented. You are a sad individual. I am not going to feel sorry for you after your sobby little Just a thought post. Puppy Moai Penis Ear BOY!

[ Edited by: KokomoTikiBar&Grill on 2002-10-04 14:35 ]

That was mean of me to call you the puppy moai penis ear boy. I am sorry.


Well, just put that in your pipe and smoke it!


Hey MaD-TiKi,

Where is TiKi HeLL?

Just a thought.

[ Edited by: stentiki on 2002-10-04 15:01 ]


The number of people who post to a message board is almost always just a small fraction of the people who read a board or register at a website. It's not something peculiar to Tiki Central.

I also think it's perfectly okay for people to visit here, maybe register, maybe post, and then decide that TC isn't a community they want to be a part of. To each their own, I don't really mind. I'm happy to be here.

The best tiki bar is the one that's within stumbling distance of your bed
The Humuhumu Room

[ Edited by: Humuhumu on 2002-10-04 15:04 ]


KokomoTikiBar&Grill if you really read my post and your own then you know that you are making no sence at all. I have only been rude to Tikifish 3 whole times, that sure is alot. If you really read them then you would understand, but you don't understand any post that are on here. You sure didn't even read the post I just wrote the way you go on with the name calling, what are you still in high school. I'm sorry but you didn't only bash my post there have been other post you have bashed on without me even being in the forum. So like I said you didn't understand one word I said and you never will, thats the sad thing. T.C. will never be what it was made up to be with people like you.

Kokomo, that was very funny what you said, and i laughed so hard my dogs (not puppies) looked very concerned and confused.

Mad-tiki...please bring back the puppy dog moai...at least i didn't have to look at breasts!!


Are those pecs or breasts?


My God! Milk just flew out of my nose!!!

Tiki Breasts - No wait, tiki breasts have tiki nipples and those CLEARLY don't have nipples. So then, they can't be breasts. Maybe they're big Polynesian mosquito bites...

Could he be up to his neck in scrotum?

I think it is human nature to be a little shy about posting.

a month or two ago I added a link to the the "introductions... new members post here" thread DIRECTLY into the Welcome email you get when you sign up for Tiki Central. I figured this would helppeople to go in and post at least one message. I think it works a little bit, but people are still a little shy.

The other thing is that, well, my guess is a lot of the lurkers are novices and don't have a lot to contribute on the board. They read, but don't have a lot to add, esp. when so many people here who do post are so knowledgeable.

I think if there's no name-calling then no one should be offended or intimidated by replies. I mean, people's opinions are BOUND to be different than yours.

I also think it's human nature to feel your first few posts to be of the utmost importance, accurate with a lot of good, unheard info. So that makes a lot of people shy away.

We have a LOT more lurkers who don't even have a membership. They love reading the info here.

Thanks to everyone for making Tiki Central worth reading without needing to reply!




[ Edited by: bigbadtikidaddy on 2002-10-04 16:52 ]

I believe that it ain't cool to act like a jive turkey, so close to thanksgiving.

Damn I'm angry,
Alright you drunkin louts, I'm Angry!!!!, I couldn't be madder. Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!. My rage is boiling over

The first thing I'm mad about is all these crazy partys.

The next thing I'm mad about is this white tux My mom made me wear in the 60s. it was before Travolta "made it cool" and all the hippies at the church thought I was one of "the establishment"

The next thing I'm mad about is drunks at my bar. CAN'T THESE PEOPLE SOBER UP.

The next thing I'm mad about is tuxedos made of flash bulbs.

The next thing I'm mad about is exotic hangover cures

The next thing I'm mad about is GIANT TIKIS.

THEN THERE'S BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The LAST thing I'm mad about is every night Shelley kisses her picture of Hanford Goodnight.

I believe thats all I'm angry about. Thank you.
Mad Al

No more tiki 4u


All of a sudden I want a hotdog? Wierd?


Everyone calm down! As MaD-TiKi says herself, she was only insulting, nasty and rude to me "three times" so what's the problem? Ha ha!

Now, if it was five times, I could see why everyone was so upset.

It occurs to me: All the topics you find so offensive involved humor or satire of some kind.
Are you an extremely sensitve person with absolutely no sense of humor, or just plain 'ol angry?

You have gone back & deleted or edited almost all your old posts to clean them up, but some us remember your original posts & the rude smack that you were talking.
Now you are trying to make yourself (& some non posting mass of people) sound like victims. You preach that everyone is "bashing" or "bullying", nobody understands, everyone is so mean, people are afraid to post, the list goes on...

You forget you started the whole damn thing to begin with:

You read some posts about ebay artists that really seem to bother you.
You hold your anger in for quite a while, single out tikifish as the 'ringleader', then come out of the blue with all your anger & insults as revenge?
You feel justified that you did the right thing & cant understand why everyone doesnt see it your way?
um, why is that ok?
If you act like a jerk & hang around for the aftermath, you better expect some fallout.

Regarding the "Deist" thread:
My opinion is this is absolutely not the place to discuss religion. Please try to remember this is TIKI CENTRAL, you know, where you go to discuss things of that nature?
I just tried to infuse some humor into a pointless discussion that I felt didnt belong here without hurting anyones feelings.

BTW: Technically, I should be insulted for kakuhini to imply my head is in the sand when it comes to religion or politics & try to foist his religious propaganda on me.
The fact is, I wasnt insulted.
I just decided to respond with a nice juicy wet fart instead.

Ah, what's a little name-calling among friends?

Personally, I kinda enjoyed the Tiki Gardens LP posts...to an extent.

I'll shut up now. Don't wanna offend anyone.
Oh, and I don't want to intimidate anyone.

Cardcheat, I'm sorry for the terrible, horrible things I've said to you in the past.

Hanford, I'm sorry I sent a picture of you to Shely and said it was me. (Glad Al didn't find that OTHER picture I sent).

Al...if you (or Shely) get any more letters in the mail and they are postmarked from Ohio...uh, those are NOT from me...

Good night JohnBoy.


Did someone say....................sassy?

On 2002-10-04 18:39, Mad-alnshely wrote:
Damn I'm angry,
The first thing I'm mad about is all these crazy parties....

I'm just mad about Saffron.

Soap Opra!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 2002-10-04 13:39, MaD-TiKi wrote:
The BAD artwork was just one discussion I was giving as an example. That seems to get brought up every week. There are others that have gotten ugly just for someone posting a thought or there opinion.
Any Deists here ?
Both topics about Tiki Gardens LP

Umm I think there were opinions from both sides that for whatever reason really pushed the other posters buttons. It happens. I think , although maybe in the less than perfect medium of text only communication, it may not have come across as such, that in my two centsing of the Tiki Gardens lp thread I actually saw both sides reasoning, and asked some questions that were out there for the general tiki central to feel free to comment on and offer opinions on.

The art of conversation is at times a messy one even with all the visual and auditory clues of being in person. Add on top of that for people to be strongly attatched to their point of view, and it gets even potentually messier. ( Messier, hmmmmm wasn't he the guy who came up with the star magnitude chart? )

My advise to those silent, chime in, you joined, but feel free to not feel pressured to talk all the time. ( To many uses of the word "feel in that one I think )

Look at it this way, I have friends who have views on some subjects diametriacally opposed to mine, and we have heated discussions, but they remain, and will remain my friends. Lifes like that, at least for me.


My editing turned "Start magntdue" To "Star Magnitude", damn Kahona-Bong-o-Matic, it makes my horrid spelling and sentence structure damn near indecipherable.


[ Edited by: TikiGardener on 2002-10-05 00:02 ]

On 2002-10-04 16:09, tikimug wrote:
My God! Milk just flew out of my nose!!!

If I had read that while drinking milk, there would have been a milk chain

I would like to thank mad-tiki for going back to the sad puppy look...much cuter!!

Louise :D


I'm gonna open myself up to a royal flaming (ouch - that sounds nasty...)

Mad-Tiki needs to lighten up - sarcasm can be funny!

Few people who join forums actually post - most are lurkers, or sign up & rarely come back.

Tikifish is he-frickin-sterical! Don't "be mean" to her.

I could see both sides of the Tiki Gardens war. I thought Fatuhiva was a little sensitive about some of it - but I sure am glad he went through the effort to put the CD out there! It sounds great! Definitely worth my $20 bucks....

I am sorry I missed the Deist fight - oh well - I gotta spend some time away from this board.....

And Hanford rules for putting this all together - I've never been interested enough to contribute to a forum before - mainly because the ones that feature my other hobbies are BORING!!!!

Sure can't say that about this place....

"You could end up dead!!!"
"Yeah, but that's better than being bored...."
-misquote from The Dangerous Lives Of Altarboys

I think you all should just have an ol' fashioned fistfight to solve yer differences and let all the tikicentral people who dont ever post up any kind of shit, place bets on who will do the most ass kickin' I will make a giant "ultimate fighting" type tiki carved for the winner and hey the last man standing can pay for shipping and we can all be happy again........bling bling since "97



TWO MEN IN!!!.... ONE MAN OUT!!!!!.... TWO MEN IN!!!..... ONE MAN OUT!!!!

cool I feel just like Tina Turner!


First Tikifish I am a guy, and I am not the only one who has made a comment back to one of your posts.
And for everyone else, I am sick of posting and no one is getting it.
Oh except for the people who have sent me private messages saying I am right, good post, keep up the good work, we love see these people get all pissed off, they really are bully's. Those people must see my point, but are to scared to post it. Post what you want to say instead of sending me a private message, I apprecaite it but it is just prove my point even more.

No more TIKI 4 U!!!!

[ Edited by: MaD-TiKi on 2002-10-05 12:17 ]

I hereby plant the first "Do Not Feed The Troll" sign on Tiki Central.

If you don't feed Mad-Tiki, he'll get bored and go away.

Mad-Tiki, with all due respect, who's a bully? Who's bullying anyone around here?

Please include a link to the topic, page,
and a specific example of what you consider "bullying".

How can anyone bully anyone else with a MESSAGE? Like I said, unless it's name-calling (which it has come to before) I don't think it's possible to bully anyone else in a message board.

I'm just wondering.


PS... if anyone thinks Mad-Tiki is right (or not), please email me privately with your thoughts. I won't share them with anyone, and I'd love to hear people's thoughts. My email is [email protected]

Feel free to post too if you want...


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2002-10-05 15:40 ]

GECKO posted on Sat, Oct 5, 2002 2:48 PM

Aloha friends who post and don't post,

What is happening to the Aloha spirit on this board? I told myself I wouldn't get in these type of keyboard fights anymore! no need fo stress!Everyone here is going to be judged by what they say wetha we likes or not, ya. We will also be misunderstood. If they don't talk about ya on da board, dey will in private emails...who cares.

I got a private email like 2 months ago saying " Gecko, what you said about beating up a Haole was not cool" I asked him his race and he said "Haole...white". I called him sir threw the whole emails because no need fo bad feelings cuz I know he misunderstood me as well as a few others on this board.

Haole was used so much in Hollywood for refering to whites and now that's what people think Haole means. Haole is used for people not from Hawaii, black,white or brown skin.

I said "brah, This happend in high school and I'm 32 now!The Haole was a BLACK guy! He dissed my Island, the way we talked, the way we dressed...everytime I seen him he would give locals stink eye (a bad look) because he was from da mainland and he was kewl!

So, I defended what I love, my culture and my friends!If I was wrong for that, It's up to the man upstairs not TC Members.

If someone from California went to Alabama and started to diss them about how they talk, dress or whatevas! I bet there will be someone from Alabama to put him in his place and vice-versa.

The TC member told me sorry and that he did not know that haole was used like that. He thought I just went around slapping white people in the back of the head....No Aloha in that! Plus my step dad of 28 years is white and he would beat my a$$ if did something like that. I was raised betta. SO if anyone was offended (sp?) by that post I understand and my appolo...you know what the hell I'm tryin to spell but cannot.

So MadTiki & Tikifish we will all be judged. Sometimes people don't understand something and they judge us. You just respond back with respect instead of dissin' and good may come out of it. Lets stop beating up this poor dead horse, and pointing fingers. Lets get back to tiki.

I joined because I was told how kewl the site was and I love Tiki. So lets make this fun again....you know, Aloha!

we cannot make ppl post if they no like! but I like to see new names pop up whenevas I get a chance to read. No need to be scared or shy. Some make like your post some may not, no worries! If they don't like it and they diss u, try to keep your cool and reply back with respect. I know it's hard to bite your tounge sometimes. Just try. It makes you a better person.

I wish I could send all of you a ticket to da islands so we could all chill out and get this off of our backs. But I cannot so you guys have to do this on your own. let it go.

If the Tikifish or Madtiki comes here to visit, I will treat you both with the same respect. If any member of TC comes to da islands wetha you post or not give me an email and I will take you to La Mariana the Geckos favorite Tiki Bar. where we can talk story.

This culture is to take you away from the stress. Lets take it back to the culture.


Fine words of wisdom from Gecko there.

But what I really wanted to say was how much I appreciate the TC group as a well-oiled comedic machine. Everytime a discussion starts to get really heated up, someone invariably posts something such as milk flying out of one's nose. I also definitely enjoyed Mad-Alnshely's rant. Nicely executed, Al. We, collectively, seem to have a very well timed sense of comic relief.

And for those that don't feel the need to post all the time, well I can relate. Sometimes it's just more entertaining to sit back and watch the drama unfold.

Ultimately, I like this board for the social experiment that it is. The world will never be completely equal or fair and certain individuals become leaders while others tend to follow. It's the nature of human behavior. But it is nice to have a place where generally intelligent people are attempting to debate what is or is not appropriate in various situations just as long as we still remember to tell each other about the last cool tiki bar we visited.

Mahalo and Namaste (the divine/tiki spirit in me bows to the divine/tiki spirit in you.)


I think it should be around here in the thread where we should get all sobby and declare in drunken glory "I love you guys!" and have another Mai-Tai.


All right now lads and lassies. Every so often the Bongster needs to make this statement:

How's about a big tiki-group hug and kiss (no tongues)

Thank you

[ Edited by: Tiki_Bong on 2002-10-05 18:11 ]


Finally....some common sense! Thanks Gecko and Vintagegirl...Being fairly new to Tiki Central and I don't post very often, I feel very fortunate to have found a place where I can go to for a quick fix for my drug of choice. Tiki. Tiki Central has become a place that has been provided for others with the same addiction, to come and share their ideas, thoughts and experiences free of charge. Be it positive or negative. I have read posts that were pretty blatant about how important they thought their contributions were to the Tiki World. I honestly wish I had that sort of confidence. Even though I find those posts boring and tedious to read.(Kinda like this one)! I hope we haven't gotten to a point where we have to police every word we type,out of fear of offending others. How boring is that! I love reading posts where there are several different points of the view. There is NO WAY you can control what a person walks away with after reading what you have posted. TikiGardner is so right about the visual cues we give to help convey the emotions that go along with our words we choose to use. Leaving plenty of room for being misinterpreted by the reader. Smiley faces just don't cut it. Sorry Mr.Smiley. Bottom line if you can't take it, maybe you should put it in your, a'hem (water pipe) king okolele mug, and smoke it! - toodles!

[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2002-10-05 20:04 ]

GECKO posted on Sat, Oct 5, 2002 7:56 PM

Dam Bong...u so dam crazy! Between you and Al I dont know whos the most LOCO!
Nice words from my new nurse "Vintage Girl" as well. I to like to sit back, laugh and see what ppl say and then I see TC ohana(family) members start getting really sensitive and hurt an that sucks.

Okole Maluna (bottoms up) Fonduie to you, I love u to. That's that Aloha spirit I'm talkin about! It kinda makes u tingle inside ya...Madtiki & Tikifish TRY to email each other personally and just type... "Sorry"!
No have to type noting else! I bet when you press send on the screen u feel that Aloha tingle feeling I'm talkin about. Who cares who started it! It's up 2 u 2 for this to end.

Some may not agree with my coments and I respect that. Some may think this is corny or mushy, that's ok too. I'm not tryin to please all, just 2 TC Ohana members that are upset.

Lets get ready to Aloooooha!
k back to my carvings.

I'm not one to instagate, but what is an active message board without a little controversy? Hu? No, I'm serious!

I'm involved with many other such boards (most work related) and I must say that TC is, by far, one of the most active I've ever seen.

I like a good fight once in a while. Tikijaksin, I love the fist fight idea personally! My money is on the Fish! (You gotta what those Canadians, they're tough!)

And Mad-Tiki, if you get any bullies picking on you, send 'em to me or Jaksin...I think we are pretty qualified to handle them for you.

I honestly don't know what all of this is about, but I am enjoying the posts!

So, keep the mud a-slingin' baby! It keeps interest in the board!
It keeps everyone from getting bored!
It keeps us young and active...
...Just like one big freakin' tiki family!

....You talkin' to me?
You! Yes, you! ...You talkin' to me?

I don't see anyone else here, so you must be talkin' to me.


I just want to say how much I appreciate everyone on this list... look out, here comes the love-fest

I echo the sentiments of the Honorable Gecko and the Uber-Fabulous vintagegirl! What I would like to say is that I am sorry if anyone has taken offence to my smart-ass quips, I mean no harm. I have no ill feelings towards anyone on this list, in fact, I would love to buy a round of mai tais for EVERYONE on this list! :D


Now let's make a big human tiki sandwich... Mad-Tiki you can be the meat!!!!! :wink:

I agree witcha stingray ,I dig the fights the name callin', the stuff which has made me look forward to sitting in front of this techno box which I barely know how to use .To all you that make this shit more entertaining than beatin' my dick on a saturday night before going out, and gettin mad drunk I say well .....thanks , tikijaksin...sinnin' since '75 .oh and fuck all the peace talkin ,a little fightin' every once inawhile is good for all of us.


I dont post very often. I just sit back and laugh at the jokes and arguments that go on on TC. It is hard for me to get mad at a person who I dont even know. I dont hate people because they like spinach even though I hate it, I cant help it if they want to eat somthing that taste like shit to me. Opinionians are like ass holes every body has one and if they think it dosent stink well that is just because they cant bend over and smell it it themselves. I guess what im saying is if you get mad at someone you dont even know or who you have never met at least they post on tiki central and appreciate the oceanic arts as do all of us or we would not even post on "tiki" central. Or maybe they have had to many mai tais and just want to start shit at 12.30 or 1.00 am like my self.

no no keigs you got the quote wrong...it goes like this

Opinions are like farts..
Yours is ok...
Everyone elses stinks!!!

[ Edited by: fartsatune on 2002-10-06 03:12 ]

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