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Tiki Personal Checks.

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Anyone know where I can find some cool personal checks that fit into our lifestyle?

I've seen the Hawaiian and sealife styles, but I am looking for a real, honest to goodness Tiki theme.


Hello...is this thing on?


Anxiously awaiting a reply.


thejab posted on Mon, Oct 7, 2002 7:20 PM

Shag checks! Suprised? I didn't think so.


Jab- Ah yes...why did I NOT see that one coming?

I think we all know that although I (somewhat) like Shag and respect his work & success, I DON'T like them enough to pay the $24 for $150 of them.

I admit that those are pretty cool, especially the "Mob Ties". But I'm just not ready to jump on the Shag Band Wagon - yet.

Thanks Jab. I appreciate it.
Any others?


DIg those Petty checks,man thos are cool. This is the spot I get mine from

click on MORE and then click on checks, I know they don't really fit in with the Tiki thing But I dig them none the less


sheez, I feel like a schlub I just got the Shag checks. I have the "Wives with Knives" and I even shelled out more cash and got the "Four Drummers" checkbook cover. I thought they looked cool. :( Maybe I'm not as cool as all of you elitestsss. Well anyway RoCK On!!

TikiMug- No, I think that is great that you got the Shag checks. I mean, for me, personally, although I like some of Shags work, I just don't see him as the 'originality God' that many others seem to.
And, believe me, I THOUGHT about getting those checks myself only because they are the closest thing to what I am looking for. But I am just not ready to part with that much money for checks.

I hope you enjoy them. (You are definately cooler than I am for having them). But don't think for a second that you're a schlub -whatever that is- for getting them. What matters is that you like them.

I did like the Four Drummers, but was not really impressed with the Wives with Knives.

Thanks for the replies.


I heard that it's perfectly legal to make your own cheques as long as they have all the relevant info on them. Is this true?


On 2002-10-08 19:42, tikifish wrote:
I heard that it's perfectly legal to make your own cheques as long as they have all the relevant info on them.

you could also rubberstamp or lino print plain checks... hey, maybe TikiChris should carve and print us checks!


Some time ago I got the "Mob Ties" checkbook cover. I was a bit disappointed because the cover is made of hemp fabric so the graphic is not very sharp. I use it anyway because "Mob Ties" is one of my favorite Shag works.

I don't really write a lot of checks, and usually they're sent to corporations, so I don't use Shag or other fancy checks.

tikifish asked:
"I heard that it's perfectly legal to make your own cheques as long as they have all the relevant info on them. Is this true?"

When I was in high school and took personal finance (an easy A course) they said it's legal to use anything to write a check. It's perfectly legal to carve a tiki check out of a block of wood! As long as you sign it!


Hey I'll be honest I don't know what a schlub is either... :wink:

I remember when I was searching for new checks, I found this site

checks your way

They'll make checks out of your photos or artwork. I was thinking of doing that, but I went with the Shag instead. They seemed alittle too pricey, even for me.

If you needed proof that the Mainstreaming of Tiki hasn't even begun to subside yet, you can now order these brand-new cutesy tiki check designs:

tiki checks link


:music: Girly Tiki, Girly Tiki, na naaaa! :music:

A little too cute for me, but if my name would be Dana Michaels and I would live in Anytown USA...

Man, Sabu, how do you even remember a thread that was as far back as 2002!?


I heard that it's perfectly legal to make your own cheques as long as they have all the relevant info on them. Is this true?

To answer a 3 year old question, yes, it's legal in the US, but not everyone will accept a check that doesn't have certain security markings or looks "home made."

I used to work for a check printer called Deluxe. There's something called a "wood-cut" or a "cut" which is a symbol, drawing or some kind of picture that goes to the left of the name and address area. Deluxe literally had thousands to choose from, and if they didn't have what you wanted you could submit a picture or drawing and they would make it for you (for a fee). Inquire at your bank next time you order checks.

Formerly known as "Juno"

[ Edited by: Kenike 2005-11-29 13:06 ]

Well, being a girly girl, I like the girly tikis!
(Ok, NOT as much as if one of our own had designed some cool checks.)

Did y'all check out the other ones that that company does?
Pantera checks?
ROB ZOMBIE checks!?!?
(HOW I miss my Elvis checks :( )


I ordered the Shag Mob Ties checks and cover a long time ago because I don't write checks very often so they last. I actually got compliments on them when I did use them in a store though...surprisingly people did notice the design.

When they ran out I ordered Vespa. When I moved I re-ordered MOB TIES because it's my favorite. They emailed me an offer on the labels but I was too busy to deal with it. I recently emailed them and said "could you please resend the label offer?" and they said "no". They did not redirect me to order them at the regular price either. Plus I had some difficulites with them when I moved and needed the new address printed and had to call them more than once. Basically their customer service SUCKS! If I have a bad experience with a company once, I can overlook it, but if it continues...no way. I'm done with them.

So I decided I'm no longer ordering Shag checks and the next time I need new ones on this account I'm going to go with a Tiki design. I even researched them and found the ones that Sabu posted as my solution. They are a bit cutsie, but until someone here does something cooler I think it's about the best we're going to find.


I've had checks made with a image I supplied to them, they came out pretty nice.
You could supply your own tiki image instead here is the url:



I still have all my unused Elvis checks from 20-25 years ago, I couldn't bear to throw them away.
I'm a horrible packrat. Thats why I am having such a terrible time now that I need to move.

Hi there Tiki fans!
My name is Dave Avanzino and I am a collectible artist for Disney. I'm not sure how old this thread is but I thought I would add to it and let you know that I have a new set of Tiki themed checks available through "Checks in the Mail." I have 2 previous check designs with this company and last year I suggested a Tiki theme since I knew that there was a large collection of fans out there. I created 5 designs and a checkbook cover and they also are available as address labels.

If you'd like to order them you can follow this link:


I hope you like them and, if you do, please pass the link along to your friends.
Dave Avanzino

I previously ordered the tki checks and really like them, plus got some cute business cards.

Welcome to TC Dave. Your tiki designs from "Checks in the Mail" are pretty neat (not so cutsie so the guys might like em better)...thanks for posting pics...and for recognizing the need for such a product. :)

I really liked these, I had to have them and the leather cover and the address stickers. Totally tiki is the way to go. Thank you for making this possible, Wendy and Dan

Can we get it right, please?

This is a check:

This is also a check:

This, on the other hand,

...is a CHEQUE.

Thank you, my American friends.

I love tiki and am planning a big tiki 50th Bday party. Anyone know of some good places to have it in the so. cali orange county area?????????


On 2008-06-11 17:18, Melissas70 wrote:
New Tiki Checks http://secure.checksinthemail.com/product.aspx?lineid=7&productid=2540

If you look just a few posts above yours, you'll see that the checks you link to are not so new. But thanks for sharing.

The only problem with a lot of custom checks is that the ink is susceptible to being bleached off by scoundrels who want to write checks on your account. Most banks issue checks that have non-removable magnetic ink (which costs more up front), but if you ever have checks stolen, it's likely to prove far less expensive.


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