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Any gardeners out there?

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I'm new here, so sorry if this is too off-topic.
I'm growing several bird of paradise plants, both standard and giant, all recently planted. One has three flowers, which have "faded". Where do I cut them off, at the base of the flower of at the base of the stalk?
To help bring this on topic, they look great from my tropical-themed patio (where I'm eventually going to build a tiki bar) :wink:


I've bought fresh bird of paradise flowers from the florist before and they always have long stalks, so I'm assuming cutting a lot of stalk doesn't kill the plant...

Let's just say I have experience growing some things. Yes indeedy, cut them off at the base. Same as with other tropicals.

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I just came on board, but I saw your question about Birds of Paradise while I was browsing one day and I have a tip for you. My daughter was in the floral business for a while and she showed me how to keep the plants blooming longer. When the blooms fad pinch them off and then reach down inside and gently pull out the next set of blooms.


I'm not sure about bird of paradise, but with most flowers you'll want to cut them at a 45 degree angle. Apparently it helps the flower with water absorption. If you have a chance, submerge the stalk in water and trim it again (while submerged). This will assist in prolonging the bloom as well.

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