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Tiki Farm in the UK

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Sorry if this post is somewhat self-serving but I've been approached by a lot of our UK centralites about a store that carries our stuff in the UK. Flying Duck Enterprises in London on 320-322 Creek Road just brought in a huge assortment of our mugs.

woo hoo, that'll make my wife buying me cristmas presents easier.

Flying Duck? Who they?

That's the news I've been waiting years for.... Apart from Mark Pawson selling 'Trader Dutch' mugs thru his disinfotainment site, Tiki mugs have just not been available in the UK. It's all coming together!!!

Trader Woody

Flying Duck Enterprises (Vintage kitsch, collectibles and cocktail culture etc.)
320 - 322 Creek Road Greenwich London SE10 9SW
Tel: 020 8858 1964 Fax: 020 8852 3215

alot closer than some shop in amsterdamn which used to be the nearest stockist of tiki farm mugs.
Also this week I managed to pick up in glasgow a four pack of tiki mugs in a studenty fashion clothing store

Flying Duck is lovely, Woody! (not cheap, though, but then these places never are). Surrounded by record exchanges and vintage clothes stores, too -- time for a little trip to Greenwich for you, me lad. Most of it is tourist hell, but there are rhinestones 'midst the dross. And there are some good pubs. All this and tiki mugs too...

Well that's settled. I'll have to walk through the tunnel under the Thames to visit Greenwich in the next few weeks. Nice place, and always a bit of fun jumping over the international time line. It'll be interesting to see what the mark up is on the mugs.

Atomictonytiki, if you're up in Scotland, isn't Amsterdam still the nearer outlet as the crow flies? The shop in the 'Dam ('Independent Outlet' - not sure if they were being ironic with the name or woefully unimaginative) had a decent range of mugs, along with more punk records and skateboards than you could shake a stick at.

BTW, if there's anyone who's still too far away from any of these outlets, I know a Tiki Farm retailer who sends them cheaply & well packed from the US. I'll forward the details if anyone's interested.

Trader Woody

Amsterdamn eh!, well the wife wanted to go there for the drugs and porn, so I guess while she's up the red light zone, off her face on goof balls and uppers i could entertain my self buying tiki mugs :wink:

Do you think we should do a Tiki Central trip to Amsterdamage?!!

There's, errr, a shop that sells Tiki Farm mugs and errrrrr...well....it's a decent enough excuse!

Trader Woody

if we go to amsterdam for queens day the whole of the city becomes a huge flea market which would increase or tiki hunting greatly

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