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anyone for Paris Combo?

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Hello everyone, how is it going? I'm new to the "tiki" scene, but I've always loved being immersed in polynesian culture. I think the best lounge experience comes with the best music. While searching for tunes for a cocktail party I was hosting, I came across this band called Paris Combo, a lovely French jazz, lounge, bossa nova-like band. Check it out yourself, http://www.pariscombo.com or this other link http://www.ark21.com/eCard/getcard.html . My friends were very pleased with the music of choice. I am looking for other albums that set the mood. I would like to know what everyone thinks about Paris Combo, and also give me some party-hosting tips, thanks!


This band played at a short lived swank martini bar here in Birmingham last year. Still can't get over the guy playing a trumpet into a bowl of water... I was jaw-dropping amazed at how good they were... have since downloaded all their tunes off the web, and today I heard a story about them on The World on NPR... they are top notch and deserve recognition... http://www.pariscombo.com

I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl.
They rocked the house.

Oooooh...I'll be iTuning tonight...very kewl...thanks. :)


Sounds like the French roaring 40's ...didn't hear any 'Bossa-nova' ...I'll take Lushy over these 'cats' !!!!!!

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