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Chin Tiki on 8-mile.com

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Warning #1: This site is Flash-intensive, for those of you who had rid your life of the Flash player

Warning #2: There's precious little to see (although it claims to have more coming soon)

Having said all that, I just went to 8-mile.com and clicked on the "Navigate 8 Mile" bar at the top right of the interface... #3 shows the front of Chin Tiki.

Th-th-th-that's all for now, folks!


Not much to see...

First eyewitness reports of the opening night screening relay these sightings:

A.) Exterior of Chin Tiki
B.) Interior of Chin Tiki, but, (unlike visible on vintage postcard), no Witco or other Tikis
C.) Use of Tiki mugs for imbibing

All in all impression is: higly unlikely that Tiki will be embraced by the Eminem crowd in the wake of this flic.


On 2002-11-09 19:06, bigbrotiki wrote:
All in all impression is: highly unlikely that Tiki will be embraced by the Eminem crowd in the wake of this flic.


Hey, I actually liked the movie! That M&M guy is one stoic face. The Chin Tiki was kinda wasted, but very promising looking for what one could see.
Made me worry about what was plundered from it while or before they were shooting inside...
I had heard that it was rented for club
nights before that.

It might be in a war zone now, but it would make one sweet nightspot if the right people would get it.

I have the tiki mug they showed at Chin-Tiki in the movie...the angry green Kahona God mug...used to be made by Orchids of Hawaii...


I just found this article from the Detroit Free Press. It highlights the shooting locations from the movie, and it has some info on Chin Tiki. Sounds slightly hopeful, until you get to the point where the kitchen equipment got stolen/lost. But, who knows?



Here's the relevant part of the article. Very interesting!

Chin Tiki 2121 Cass, Detroit

Twenty years ago, Marvin Chin turned the key at his Polynesian-themed Chin Tiki restaurant and lounge and hasn't reopened since. The building, a couple of blocks behind the Fox Theatre, is a Detroit time capsule. Meal orders still hang in the kitchen and opened bottles of liquor sit behind the bar. So when the script called for Jimmy and his friends to go to a Chinese restaurant late one night, Chin Tiki was the spot filmed both inside and out. "They used my upstairs banquet room," says Chin. "They moved the 5-foot tikis, anything of an art nature up there."

For local rigging electrician Spike Simms, lighting the place proved a challenge because electrical wires had to snake through crumbling vents and ceilings. Chin, who first opened Chin Tiki in 1967 and still plans to reopen someday, says he was paid $20,000 for the use of the building over two weeks. Now he is seeking additional money because stainless steel kitchen fixtures disappeared from his alley. "Anything removed from the building was supposed to be stored in a trailer," Chin contends, "but then the guard said someone from the city hauled it all away."

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