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Savage Renewal: Archaeology

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As part of our Savage Renewal Project, we're proposing a tiki exercise I think you'll all enjoy -- Savage Renewal: Archaeology.

Here's how it works:

Pick something relating to tiki that intrigues you. Post about it.

Well, duh. That's what we do all the time. So let's go a little deeper...

Don't let all the words in this post scare you -- this is super easy, and anyone can do it. In fact, the more people do it, the better it will be.

Instructions for Savage Renewal: Archaeology
For the next week, starting tomorrow, each day we'll ask another batch of TCers to post something special -- by the end of the week, every TCer will have been asked to join Savage Renewal: Archaeology. Your day is based on your username, but if that day doesn't work for you (you'll be busy that day, you didn't see this until your day had passed, you have a fear of Tuesdays, whatever), no sweat, do it on the day that works best for you. We just want to give a little incentive to spread the posts out a bit.

A-C - Saturday, 9/3
D-H - Sunday, 9/4
I-L - Monday, 9/5
M-P - Tuesday, 9/6
Q-S - Wednesday, 9/7
T --- Thursday, 9/8
U-Z & numbers - Friday, 9/9

First, pick something specific, and from midcentury Polynesian Pop. Look through your collection, and find an item that intrigues you. Maybe it's something you want to know a little more about, maybe it's just something you like a lot and want to share. Not a collector? Pick a tropical cocktail, album, an old restaurant. Pick something you saw in the Book of Tiki, or in Tiki Road Trip, or Tiki Quest.

Now, take that item, and do a search on Tiki Central to see if it's been discussed before. If it has -- don't pick a different item! Find an old thread, and post on it. If you learned something new by looking at that old thread, it's probably something that other people would learn from, too--so let's bring it back to the surface. Add whatever you know, or your thoughts on what others have discussed, or questions that haven't been addressed. If it hasn't been discussed on Tiki Central before, start a new thread. Tell us what you know, invite others to chime in with what they know.

Try to pick something specific, and try to pick something that hearkens back to Tiki's midcentury roots.
Posts that are about more modern Polynesian Pop, or general topics, like covering an entire artist, or about a whole class of collectibles, or asking a philosophical question, are definitely worthwhile -- please don't hesitate to continue posting those! They just fall outside the scope of Savage Renewal: Archaeology.

What if you really, honestly can't think of something you'd like to post? What if you're new?
Think you don't have anything to contribute? Pish tosh! If you were interested enough in tiki to find Tiki Central, then you can participate in Savage Renewal: Archaeology. Look through old posts, pick a random page way back in a section and start reading -- if you find something that is of interest to you, it'll be of interest to someone else, too. Bring it back up to the surface by sharing your questions, or your thoughts.

Your participation in Savage Renewal: Archaeology doesn't stop with kick-starting discussion about tiki.
Be ready to see these new Savage Renewal posts, and participate in them. If you've got knowledge, share it. If you've got ideas on where to turn for more information, share them. Please lend special care and attention to those posts by people who are burgeoning tikiphiles!

Ready... set... dig!

Great! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


On 2005-09-02 22:47, ookoo lady wrote:
Great! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

I agree! I've already heard some teasers of what a few people are planning for their Savage Renewal: Archaeology post, and I think there's some really exciting stuff coming.

So... it's Saturday! If your username falls between A and C in the alphabet, please consider how you can contribute to the Savage Renewal: Archaeology project.

Again, if you miss your day, or the day your username falls into doesn't work for you, don't let it hold you back, post when it works for you.

To kick things off, I've posted a Savage Renewal post here:


I'll do another one on "H" day, but I wanted to demo it for folks. I picked the Trader Vic's seahorse, which I must admit I initially thought was kinda boring -- it'd been covered, I wasn't that interested in it -- I almost switched to a different item. But then, I realized I had questions, and when I started trying to find the answers, I had more questions... and now I don't think that mug is quite so boring anymore. My post sounds a little like when my brother was four years old and would decide it was Curious Day. I learned something new by going through the exercise, and it'd be neat if someone might have the answers to my questions.

Give Savage Renewal a whirl!


Wow, this is like tiki homework! :)


Somebody had to screw it up........most guys don't read the instructions anyway. I will repost my assignment, but I may need help getting the link here.....my MAC is user friendly......I'm not....


Sheeeesh......figured it out. There's the link to mine......

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Those are beauts! However, please make your Savage Renewal: Archaeology post either in an existing thread (that brings great old discussions back to the surface), or in a new thread if it hasn't been discussed before (that'll let discussion stay on the topic of your item). I'm afraid that if they get posted here in this thread, we'll end up with umpteen conversations stepping all over each other. Plus, that'll make future searches for information relating to your item much easier.


It's Sunday now, D through H -- today's your day!


Here's my Savage Renewal: Archaeology post:


I learned that there are Orchids of Hawaii Korea mugs out there!


this was fun! not sure my contribution is very "tiki" ~ but it is about Hawaiian Hospitality ~ how to create a bit of island living, no matter where you are...

here's mine


Welcome to Monday, a.k.a. I, J, K & L day -- stimulate our tiki lovin' brains!

Critiki - Ooga-Mooga - Humu Kon Tiki

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Mine's posted! Easter Islanders raising a Moai into place I had a lot of fun putting this together!

hewey posted on Mon, Sep 5, 2005 6:04 AM

Cool idea.

Um, miss? My dog ate my TC homework...

But that cannibal fork on the wall sure is interesting.

I'm a day late, but Sunday scares me :)

Chin Tiki Tour


Thomas posted on Mon, Sep 5, 2005 7:43 PM

I think Savage Renewal: Archaeology is a good idea. Sometimes I need a gentle kick in the butt to get moving. I think if it weren't for deadlines I never would have finished a paper in college.

I might not reach a PC on Thursday, so I did my Savage Renewal project today, in "Tiki Music." It's not all that long on detail, but I'll keep poking away at it and maybe someone can contribute more. Much is known about the famous figures in mid-century Exotica, Hawaiian, etc. music, but I was only able to find "outlines" on Eddie Lund. But very interesting outlines they were! It seems he lived a very fascinating life, very much the stuff of real-life Poly-Pop fantasy. It's a bit superficial, for now at least, but here it is:


I've really enjoyed what people have pulled out for this so far, thanks for taking a moment to do this, it's been great viewing and reading.

It's Tuesday -- :right:** MNOP** :left:, you're up!


I missed my day :(
So next week do we start all over again?


Nope! The days aren't a hard & fast rule, just a guide, a "kick in the butt", as Thomas said. If you missed your day, or if your day doesn't work with your schedule, feel free to post on a different day.

We have more Savage Renewal projects waiting in the wings, but we'll space them out further than one a week. If you've got ideas for future Savage Renewal projects, feel free to post them on the Savage Renewal thread!

I started mine on Sunday, but I need to get pictures developed. I took pictures of my swizzles, the Tiki Garage in San Diego & the Florida Tiki Bar at the Hotel Del Coronado.

I just posted my Savage Renewal project here: http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=12522&forum=2&start=last&
It is on "Exotical" a Hawaiian shop in Downey California that has been around since 1964. I know mine wasn't due until Thursday but I needed to get it done cause once I start something I like to finish it!! I hope you enjoy!!!


Q - R - S -- Today is your Savage Renewal: Archaeology day!


Krustiki and I spent a long afternoon at the Bahooka restaurant last Saturday. We had a great meal, a few drinks, took pictures, and listened to stories about the Bahooka from Stacy the bartender.

(Hey it was a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it).

We added the story and our pictures to the Bahooka thread in the Locating Tiki forum here

(edit to add link)

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I didn't read the instructions either but here it is anyway. Great band by the way.



Today is for T -- T gets its own day, cause we got so durned many of 'em. Today's the day we'll get to see what all the "Tiki"s and "Trader"s have got for us!

hey don't forget the the's too!

thejab posted on Thu, Sep 8, 2005 1:23 PM

On 2005-09-08 13:05, the drunken hat wrote:
hey don't forget the the's too!

I think this is a great idea Humuhumu. I've been wanting to share an exiting purchase I recently made at an estate sale, but was out of town a lot lately and too busy to scan it. I can't post it today but I hope to get around to it this weekend.


I decided to take a trip to The Tiki Apartments in Upland, CA for my project.

I want to participate, I really do, but I have been swamped at work lately. Perhaps this weekend. The good news is that I recently actually had a tiki find in Bangor Maine of all places! I will post about it soon.



Today's the day for U - V - W - X - Y - Z and numbers!


Here's one of my favorites for "Z" day!

Tiki mail!



I think another round of Savage Renewal would do wonders for morale around here.

On 2008-08-01 13:19, pappythesailor wrote:

I think another round of Savage Renewal would do wonders for morale around here.

I agree!

And it sounds like fun. So much so that I have already bumped a couple of 'ancient' threads.

Or..... if you don't want to dig through the ancient posts, then please go back through your own posts and re-link your photos. I know many of my photo links have died.... and I'm gonna do something about it.

twitch posted on Fri, Aug 1, 2008 8:32 PM

How about an in-house photo-library, not out-linked to Photobucket-type sites? Hell, I'd buy an extra grand membership to help defray costs!

But yeah - great idea! I'm in.
Where's Humuhumu!?


On 2008-08-01 20:32, twitch wrote:
How about an in-house photo-library, not out-linked to Photobucket-type sites? Hell, I'd buy an extra grand membership to help defray costs!

But yeah - great idea! I'm in.
Where's Humuhumu!?

Hanford made an in-house image service ages ago! (Well, "ages" in internet time, for the rest of the world the time would be measured in months, I think.) The next time you're making a post, check out the snazzy, oh-so-handy "Add Images To Your Post" link below the big ol' text box. Hanford created that exactly because of this other-sites-are-lame-and-unreliable issue.

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