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Tiki sighting on CD cover...

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I found a Brian Setzer Orchestra Cd entitled "The Dirty Boogie" and the cover image features two tiki mugs and a tiki swizzle stick in a retro scene...check it out...


[ Edited by: TikiManiac on 2002-11-11 05:49 ]


Yes it does. Been a fan since the stray cats days. You'll also enjoy the cover of "Vavoom"

[ Edited by: SullTiki on 2002-11-10 16:23 ]


Is the pic above old Shag or rip-off Shag?

That Vavoom! CD cover does appear to have a Shag-style Tiki totem...if somebody has the CD, can they look on the booklet to find out who designed the cover?!?

Yes, SHAG did the artwork for Vavoom.


Good to hear! His style has streamlined greatly... It's sometimes tough to recognize his older characters...

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