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I oredered this 2-3 weeks ago from Amazon, and it still hasn't shipped. Is there a place I can get it sooner? Anyone know what their hold-up is on this book?


I do not know where you live. But there is on the shelf stock in LA. Specifically the valley. Pottery Barn Topanga Plaza Woodland Hills, CA.


Joe's Aloha in Cypress keeps the book in stock. They are good at shipping things out pretty quick too. you can contact them thru their web site:



I ordered it off Amazon myself a few weeks ago, at which point it was supposedly shipping within two to three weeks. First they put that back by two more weeks, then they admitted that they couldn't get hold of it at all and would have to cancel the order. I tried again a week ago -- same story. That's .com, by the way -- no luck whatever, obviously, with .co.uk.

So I'm feeling deprived!

So sorry folks, I had been laying in on Taschen for months to get the reprint going to avoid this kind of gap, but they were slow, and now there is a hole.
I am eagerly awaiting the confirmation that the next 5000 have arrived from Italy. I know they are on their way, but they first go to the distributor, and than to the outlets. Thanks for you patience, it should be available soon. (I hope they fixed all the typos!)

I've ordered the book from Barnes and Noble...they said a couple of weeks. I ordered it this week....I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the replies, especially from the author of the book (!)
I canceled my order from Amazon, and am now looking elsewhere. I can't find it in Bakersfield, so I'm looking on the Internet. Sven, do you sell them direct?


I think I got the last copy in the wild in Portland, by accidently walking into a tiny alt bookstore called Reading Frenzy. Don't forget to check those little alternative bookstores, friends!


Try here:
it's where I finally found Taboo


Hey Biotron/Patrick-

Are there any tiki places in Ol' Bakersfield? I'm down there from time to time, and I've never found a place. I'd be curious.

The closest thing we have is the Getaway Cafe, hawaiian-themed place that sells tri-tip and chicken (?!?) but the decor is pretty cool. The owners also operate Coconut Joe's, a rental-only place that looks cool but is not open to the public. There are some pictures at http://www.coconutjoes.com .

Yeah, no, I don't sell. But thanks for the Coconut Joe's info, I have been in love with that "Island Girl" poster ever since the first day I saw it at Oceanic Arts. What a sultry look. I wonder where they swiped that image from... Strange to invest in all of that expensive stuff from O.A. and then open only for special events. Maybe they are truly Polynesian in spirit and don't want the work...
I don't know of anything else in Bakersfield, but if you enjoy urban archeology, up the road in FRESNO is the Tropicana Lodge (4062 N. Blackstone, B.o.T. page 27) It's now de-tikied, but last time I checked one could still make out the Tiki faces on the rockwall pylons that seperate the pool from the parking lot, (facing the parking lot, so you can't see them in the photo). The Armet and Davis architecture of the place is still cool.
There also used to be The Leilani on 3425 Blackstone, and The Luau at 1663 Fulton had a cool sign until recently.
Further up the highway MODESTO off course has
Minnies, with the best collection of Black Velvet nudes anywhere, and the Tropics Motel, with it's Tiki Lounge, part of the Ken Kimes chain.

Just a note - if you go to the Tropics Motel, for god's sake, DON'T STAY. My guy and I were on our way to Yosemite, stopped to check out the cute little tiki bar and decided to stay the night at the adjoining hotel. Let me just say that the multiple species of mold were enough to scare off even the most dedicated of tiki hunters... Do check out the giant tikis in their parking lot, but head for another hostelry that doesn't offer 'weekly rates' and bacteria. Ugh.


Thanks for the update on Bakersfield, Patrick. Yes, the Tropics is Modesto is now mostly used as temporary low income housing, and has really gone to seed. The Tiki Lounge out front is in great shape, though. My parents grew up in Fresno and Bakersfield so I have family out there. The Leilani in Fresno still has a great sign out front, but is now a horrible Chinese buffet. So is the Luau. The Luau used to have a sign that said "Tiki Bar" on the side, which led to a locked door and now a storage room. I tried to buy it off them, but to no avail. It's gone now. I will check out that motel when I'm in Fresno next week- thanks for the tip Sven.



We stayed at a motel across the street from Minnie's (another tiki bar and restaurant in Modesto). I think it had "chalet" in the name. It is the only motel across from Minnie's and it is next to a Denny's. This motel was fine. No mold noticed!!

This was definitely a different one... The 'Tropics Motel,' it has a tiny little A-frame tiki bar in the middle of its parking lot. Shudder :wink:


We have 3 copies of The Book Of Tiki left at http://www.TikiFreaks.com/
We also just launched our first contest today and we'll be giving away 3 cool prizes to 3 lucky Tiki Freaks.
Details at http://www.TikiFreaks.com/contest/
Good Luck!


Thanks, bamzeno, for letting me know that you had a copy of The Book. I called (nearly) every bookstore in Tulsa today looking for it. Looks like I got the last copy. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Also, this is my first post at Tiki Central. Imagine my surprise at finding an active forum of people who share my interest in urban archeology. I look forward to getting to know you all.


"We also just launched our first contest today and we'll be giving away 3 cool prizes"

Hey, I went there and your graphic/animation on the site are great. Hope ya succeed, the site is a joy to look.

All the pretty colors!

Good luck,

I ordered The Book of Tiki from Barnes and Noble a couple of days ago and just got an e-mail message saying it has shipped, so it will probably end up taking less than a week ordering it from them.

Yes, judging by the fact that Tiki Farm has the book on sale for 25 bucks now, the next printing must have arrived, finally. Everybody who gets a new one, help check if they corrected all the typos that I found in the first issue, i.e. if you find any typos in the second printing, let me know.

I finally got (and read) the BOT from Joe's Aloha Collectibles http://www.tikitoys.com
and thoroughly enjoyed it. Must have been the first printing, as typos abound. That didn't detract from the book, though. Nice job, I feel more Tiki-knowledgeable now :wink:

in the may/june 2002 issue of Juxtapoz, on page 87 there is an advert for the Outre gallery ans in small print just above the credit card logo's it says " and comming in 2002:
Tiki Modern, the new book from Sven Kirsten (author of Book of Tiki).

anybody know more about what its like or a release date?:)

The full title will be "TIKI MODERN- The Witco World of the Contemporary Idol" and it will be, as announced on the last page of the Book of Tiki, about the amazing output of William Westenhaver in the 60s and 70. I can safely say that it will live up to the B.o.T., maybe not in quantity, but in quality of eye candy.
Release date will be....when it's ready. Hopefully later this summer.
I will do a preview of the material at Tiki Oasis 2002, which unfortunately seems to be sold out already...

Well, the 2nd printing of the BOT is definitely out now, cause on Amazon they are selling it for 21.- bucks! Amazin'!
Now other places than the Purple Orchid can afford to wallpaper their restrooms with it.

and Amazon are even telling the truth this time, because it just turned up on my dorstep. YEEEYYYYY!!! I look forward to many hours of happy swotting for my Tiki exams.

On 2002-05-08 01:00, bamzeno wrote:
We have 3 copies of The Book Of Tiki left at http://www.TikiFreaks.com/

I'll take one, please.


Zeta posted on Mon, Feb 23, 2009 10:04 AM

Have anyone wondered where are all those 20000 copies of the sold out, out of print, sought after, precious, collector value ebay-expensive ubber cool masterpiece book of tiki went to?

Twenty of them are collecting dust in a public library in Mexico City of course! Only in Mexico... Now I will let you drool...

great pic!

Ha! You know that is how Moritz R.'s book shelf in Berlin looks (well, maybe he has closer to 10 copies). He was smart, as the cover artist he stockpiled it in time, and now I am jealous whenever I visit.
Me, I thought it would be around forever. I would have gotten boxes had I been informed of it A.) going to soft cover, and B.) going out of print. I used to keep about 5 at hand at all times, for hand outs, but those are long gone...

Now I am even running out of Tiki Style. Come to think of it, I should order a couple of boxes of Tiki Modern!


You have to order your own book?! I do hope you at least get an "I wrote this book" discount. :D

You know, Zeta, we on TC would never advocate stealing anything from a public institution...

...or would we? :wink:

Zeta posted on Mon, Feb 23, 2009 5:44 PM

On 2009-02-23 16:04, Brandomoai wrote:
You know, Zeta, we on TC would never advocate stealing anything from a public institution...

...or would we? :wink:

I thought about it, believe me, but... Who knows? maybe one day after a few Mai Tais :roll:

On 2009-02-23 11:03, tiki1963 wrote:
great pic!

Great pic in a funny. However, kinda sad in a funny way.

KuKu posted on Mon, Feb 23, 2009 7:00 PM

I love how all of these are sitting next to a book entitled " Crafting Identity"... :D

Most of those look like they've never been touched. Personally, I have 2 copies & I'm keeping them both dadgumit. One in the lounge & one in the "library".

One of them looks like it's fixed with blue tape...I think those are all soft covers. I have several theories about the curious amount for a non-Spanish book there:
A.) They mistakenly put a "0" behind their intended order of 2 copies
B.) Some pop culture book store in town went out of business and they took over its inventory
C.) There is a Tiki fan among the librarians at that branch...perhaps an ex-customer of the Mauna Loa?

Zeta posted on Tue, Feb 24, 2009 7:51 AM

Bigbrotiki, your babies are soft cover...
The interesting thing is that most of the library books are donations.

It looks to me like the Encyclopedia of Tiki.

I would buy a set, so get to work. :)

It's ironic that I found this thread today especially with the recent posts. Just today, I was flipping through my beloved Book of Tiki and much to my dismay, as I placed it on the messy stack of magazines on my nightstand, the stack gave way and the book fell. It landed at an awkward angle and now the cover's torn half way up the binding. Ugh, so bummed!

It's still a great book though and I love it, ripped cover and all. I am telling myself that it adds "character" to the book...but it's not working, I'm still SO bummed!

[ Edited by: Tikimommy 2009-02-24 19:48 ]

Arrgh. I am sorry. Only one thing left to do:

8:20 am Depart Newark (EWR)
Arrive Mexico City (MEX) 1:00 pm Thu 26-Feb
Duration: 5hr 40mn Continental 1736 Nonstop flight

I'm packing my bags and brushing up on my Spanish. "Donde esta El Libro de Tiki, por favor?"

hewey posted on Wed, Feb 25, 2009 6:50 AM

The essential guide for all urban archaeologists :D

:) :) :)

I finally got a copy last week!


TK, where did you get your copy?


Just found out a new neighbor has starting getting more into tiki (has a long standing love of the bars and restaurants)so i will be lending him a copy of the Book Of Tiki and pointing him to 8 Ball for a copy of Modern and the Smaller Taschen Book of Tiki


FYI, there are a couple used copies of the hardcover "Book of Tiki" for $35 on Amazon right now.


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