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Who will go to Hukilau 2006? I will!

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Yup, that's it. I've had it. All you guys' messages and photos are killin' me, my heart is bleeding that I again could not be there and missed seeing all my old friends and new ones and the tours and bands and and and...

So this is my official statement that I will attend next year, come hell or high water OR European movie jobs.

Kiliki had invited me, but being stuck in Bavaria seemed to make it impossible to attend. But if she can put together such an incredible event, and deal with all the labor and stress involved, I can hop on a plane if even only for a weekend.

I want to congratulate and thank everyone, Christie, James, Casey, Pia, Kern and all who made this year's event such an example of Tiki Ohana!

See you at the Mai Kai's 50th!


Allow me to promise to you that It Will Be Worth Whatever It Takes!!!

This was our first trip and we both found it to be Absolutely Amazing!!! Of course... Meeting You and Shaking Your Hand would make it all Even Better!

Please Come See This!!!

Otto posted on Wed, Oct 12, 2005 11:57 PM

I am rallying the family and saving the pennies to launch another visit to Hukilau for the Mai Kai 50th Anniversary.

Christie has done such a stellar job with that event and really poured her heart into it and it shows

Congratulations on the great event Christie and James, et al

See you there next year


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Jawa posted on Thu, Oct 13, 2005 5:53 AM

Nereia and I will be there for sure, especially after missing most everything except for the Drasnin performance...

Maybe Traitor Vic will get lucky again and I'll slip him another red ticket :drink:

Oh ABSOLUTELY I will be there! Its going to be the Hukilau of ALL HUKILAUS! I just KNOW it! The 50th anniversary of the MAI KAI? I wouldnt miss it for a zillion dollars! :D Everyone who works at the Mai Kai is talking about it, and has been talking about it for MONTHS now. Going on and on and on about how its bound to be the best Hukilau EVER! On Saturday night, somebody exclaimed "How in the WORLD is she going to top this NEXT YEAR?" And I heard a group of Mai Kai employees laugh, and say "I dont know, but knowing Christie, she WILL! She WILL!" lol!

Steve and I will be there, with front row seats if I have anything to say about it! :D And we plan to create The Official Hukilau Coloring Book Volume TWO!

By the way Sven, if you email me your address, I will send you the copy of volume 1 I saved for you. It has a whole page dedicated especially to you... :wink:


You can Count on me and Sherry being there again and you can also count on all my carvings for decorations again.
This one with the MaiKai's 50th year anniversary AND BigBroTiki being there is Sure to be THE Event of the decade.

we will be there.

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Wouldn't miss it for anything.


I will DEFINITELY be there...and this time with WAY more cash. Maybe i'll rent another Lincoln Towncar to cruise out there in also.

I'm in. :)

I'm there for sure!


Of course we'll be there! We're actually getting married at the Mai Kai next year too :wink:

tikicleen and i are determined to be there next year! we'll have to keep our fingers crossed and see!

Chris and I will definitely be there! I Belli di Waikiki!! Yay!


I'm definitely going!!!

I was too late to convince the wife we could afford it this year (financially of course, she was right), but after reading all about it here, and seeing what fun it is, we are there next year! And after this thread, and knowing what company we'll be in, I've never wanted a year to go by quicker than I do right now!



Death will be my only excuse for not attending! My wife and I are already talking it up with friends. We hope to have a whole group of us down next year. I'm definitely taking more money and my spare liver next year!

You can definately expect me to be lurking around somewhere with the video camera... and believe me, it will be INCREDIBLE!

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south sea scotty and i will be there! it's going to be our hukihoneymoon!

Mai Kai's 50th is an event not to be missed, and I will definitely be there to enjoy it.

There's no way I'm going to miss this one! The Mai Kai's 50th in itself is a landmark not to mention the ultimate Tiki event "East of the Rockies"! I'm very glad to hear that you're going to make it Sven - I'm going to buy you your first Mai Tai! Thanks to the organizers for all of their hard work and continuing on this awesome tradition and thanks to the great folks at the Mai Kai for putting up with all of the usual Tiki shinannigans!


WWJD? Be at the Hukilau for the Mai-Kai's 50th. anniversary!

Remember, the new website for The Hukilau 2006 is
http://www.thehukilau.net/ and the date is October 5-8 , 2006!!! Zazz-a-licious!!!

Oh, I don't know.

I mean, this year was ok and all, I guess. :roll:

The special guests were pretty run of the mill. Yawn. The world's greatest exotica singer of all time, one of the most famous pin-up photographers ever, perhaps the greatest exotica orchestrator alive today....and I got to sing with him at an historical concert. Ho hum.

And I guess next year will be sort of fun, maybe....

So yeah, I guess I'll be there. Maybe I'll enjoy myself a bit this next time.

2006 WILL also be Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour's 50th anniversary in South Ft. Lauderdale/Dania Beach. (five minutes away from the airport).


The Jab pointed this out to me!


The von Stroheim gang will be making it in 2006!

Otto, Baby Doe, Vander and Baby 'X' (he will almost be 1 at that time!) will be there fer sure!

I know it is going to be LEGENDARY!! Thanks Mai Kai and Tiki Kaliki for making this event happen.

XOXO Baby Doe

On 2005-10-13 10:23, Formikahini wrote:
....and I got to sing with him at an historical concert.

hey formikahini, you're "curvy"


We're definitely going (hey, we're local! We'd be crazy not to)

And the Jacksons! Kewl beans - must go back there and visit them next year. Oh yeah, and get the kitchen sink!

On 2005-10-13 09:54, Chip and Andy wrote:
if you need anyone for 'quality control' for the bar, we will gladly sacrifice our livers to the task!


...because after my adventure on the Wednesday prior to Hukilau - sampling the bartender's evolving experimental versions of 10 mai tais, 10 zombies, 10 singapore slings, and 10 blue hawaiians (well, just a sip of each - but it adds up) and then going to your house for more, and THEN going to Mai Kai - I am not sure I can repeat the feat in 2006!

Hope you all got hip to get your drinks from the bartenders named Addy and Bryant - they were the two with the clue!

I am going to maention to the bar manager to try to get those two back on the event next year.

Oh, yeah, and by the way -

COUNT ME IN for 2006!

[ Edited by: tikibars 2005-10-13 12:16 ]

I say yes count me in as of right now!

  • 50 mystery drinks and dances - thats gonna cost a lot.....

Just booked the "Penthouse" suite on Friday night for another Bunga party!
Stephanie promised me the Hungarian psycho painting will be there.

Photo compliments/stolen of KuKuAhu

*On 2005-10-13 10:53, Johnny Dollar wrote:
*hey formikahini, you're "curvy"

Wow, J$, thanks for the tip on the article!

I just wrote him to thank him for NOT titling it "Tacky Tiki"!!

On 2005-10-13 10:23, Formikahini wrote:
Maybe I'll enjoy myself a bit this next time.

Is this somehow converse to the rest of us "enjoying" you this time?

...no matter how many ways I type this sentence it ALWAYS sounds a bit, well... odd!?!

I've inked it in my calendar.


On 2005-10-13 15:30, Raffertiki wrote:
I've inked it in my calendar.

I don't have a calendar yet, so Ispray painted the dates on the wall on the building facing my work AND scratched it into the paint on some neighbors car I always see.



read my lips "I will NOT be renting A RENT-A-WRECK next year!! Dizzguzzting. A total RAZZ!


On 2005-10-13 15:50, mrsmiley wrote:
read my lips "I will NOT be renting A RENT-A-WRECK next year!! Dizzguzzting. A total RAZZ!

Let me book it next year. I got a Saturn Vue from National for $32/day with one free day, so I only had to pay $24/day! It's a great car - much better then the Malibu I drove from Nashville. I'm an Emerald Club member so I choose whatever car I want from the Emerald Aisle. It's usually $50 to join but right now you can join for free. Also, right now you get a free day for every 2 rentals. And you can stack discounts (like a coupon plus a AAA or Emerald Club discount). http://www.nationalcar.com

I often use this excellent site to find good car deals:


It's geared towards Disneyland visitors but the info is useful for general car renting as well. I've found links to online coupons (like the free weekend day VISA promotion I used in Fort Lauderdale) through this website.


On 2005-10-13 16:47, thejab wrote:

On 2005-10-13 15:50, mrsmiley wrote:
read my lips "I will NOT be renting A RENT-A-WRECK next year!! Dizzguzzting. A total RAZZ!

Let me book it next year. I'm an Emerald Club member so I choose whatever car I want from the Emerald Aisle.

SO...let me get this right...you picked YOUR car from the Emerald Aisle??? I think mine came from the Hershey Highway!!! Seriously folks, it was pretty nasty!

Last year , I rented "The EGG" a little white Geo for $11 a day from Sunshine? Rent-a-Car and it was fine.

Have a nice Tiki Day!
If you like it,it is ZAZZ! If you don't, give it a RAZZ.

[ Edited by: mrsmiley 2005-10-13 17:20 ]

Sven.....we missed you this year. You missed a great party, sorry to rub it in.

Neptune and I will be attending Hukilau 2006. I am sick about the fact that we have to miss the Mai Kai's 50th on Saturday night due to Neptune having to fly to a meeting in Arizona on Sunday. With any luck......his meeting will get cancelled (I doubt it though.....) We had to bail at 5am this year due to a meeting. As we were leaving to head up north .......some people were just getting in....why do his meetings begin on a Sunday? That is just not right..... We are going to a Hukilau....a Hukilau....a Hukilau........

[ Edited by: Neptune Wahine 2005-10-16 09:07 ]


Tiki Kiliki + Mai Kai = Magic! To be honest, if I lived on the east coast I wouldn't miss ANY of Kiliki's Tiki Torch Night events, so OF COURSE it's a no-brainer to make the effort to be there when the Mai Kai asks her to plan their 50th Anniversary event!


It's time to finally make it to Hukilau! 2006 here i come...

Mai Kai = 50
Hukilau = 5
10xs the fun...
No brainer!
Anybody want to jet-pool?
Pearly Shell
(It's no mystery, girl, it's just me!)

On 2005-10-13 10:53, Johnny Dollar wrote:

hey formikahini, you're "curvy"


I've got to say that being referred to as "curvy" is much better than being referred to as an "aging boomer"... geeze is that what I am? And further more..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"The Hukilau horde was dominated by white 30-somethings and aging boomers -- no surprises there." - New Times

Utopiandreem & I cant wait to go to our 1st Hukilau next year, & being the 50 Ann. Its marked on my calendar!


""The Hukilau horde was dominated by white 30-somethings and aging boomers -- no surprises there." - New Times"

What? No mention of the pallid, oft-vintage-spectacled, frequently tattooed and/or interestingly hair-dyed Gen-Xers?!? I am insulted!!! :D

In other news, I too noticed the amazing upcoming COSMIC CONJUNCTION...50 years of the MaiKai AND Jaxson's Ice Cream!!! Dang!!!

We'll have to arrange a mini-Hukilau side trip to Jaxson's, no doubt. We can gift them with a special license plate or something, maybe? Needless to say, a monstrously huge and mind-blowingly delicious TROUGH of Jaxson's unforgettable dairy goodness was our last-night-in-Florida splurge...oof. I am STILL full. ZAZZ-O-RAMA!!!

And by the way, ZAZZ-O-RAMA!!! is also exactly how I feel about Sven making Hukilau next year AND another Unga party at the hilarious 70's-bachelor-pad Bahia cabana penthouse (think of VERY low-rent Hugh Hefner or something....straight out of "Boogie Nights". With terrifying artwork. And a stunning set of chocolate-brown bathroom appliances...including a bidet. Really. I am still not sure I wasn't seeing things.)

Looking forward to it already,

mr and mrs tikivixen

I expect to see all my villagers of Okonkuluku there, and there will be multiple watermelons sacrificed in honor of the 50th of the Mai Kai!

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