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Bongo's house sure to be fun
got there so early they weren't even done
drinks just startin as the food rolled in
that kick-ass Lapu Lapu was sure to make you sin
some time when you have 2 weeks to spare
you can walk around the bongo's and see artifacts with flare
back at the bar with the TIKI Central peeps
what no Mad-Tiki, that's right we kept out all the creeps
we did not want to leave as the time grew very near
but it was off to Kona lanes where the only true drink is beer
so we counted up the lanes, passed out all the shoes
that silly little Bongo, I think he snuck in some booze
five lanes a blazin, all filled balls-O-flingin
no one fealin pain except the pins that were a stingin
gutters to the left and gutters to the right
ten pin down the center, don't you put up any fight
with style from Lucky Designs and that big spaz Lapu Rocker
every time he thru the ball I just thought it was Joe Cocker
Shelly playin two games, the score kept getting higher
everybody's standard line, "haven't played in 10 years", LIAR
Then that Crazy Al was bowlin kinda gooney
but he did take home the trophy for being looney-tooney
I hope you can wade thru all the digital pics
and catch a glimpse of Sugar-Caddy he bowled a 146
a special thanks to Chiki, for bringing parting gifts
I was a little sad the King had no ukulele rifts
thinking of the next day, sore muscles and hurt bones
we took off to Azteka to see the TIKI Tones
when I walked in the door the tunes they were a blazing
Crazy Al again on the floor, could be some strange college hazing
dancin on the floor and Tina shakin it in the booth
I laughed so hard at Cary's knees, I almost chipped a tooth
parting was sweet sorrow, but it was really time to split
the next band up was some country western shit
I love my Tiki family and all that their about
and if it's more than 2 weeks to see them, it feels like a drought
-----------------the end-------------
Thanks to Bongo for keepin the TIKI alive
see you at the 6:22 boat parade

Bongo throw good time! T Cer's Good peoples in game of life!
(hope he has future events. there is way too much to see in one seating at the house o tiki bong e' hawaii-debbi-ana!)


me come home with trophy but not know me score??
However thanks to the Tikis for my first few rolls that surly had divine intervention
Bong-go and Go-good!
dang who’s idea to get those Blue M’fer drinks...
i blame anything i need too on the frik'n drink

Great shin-dig last night! Thanks to TikiBong and all co-conspirators. It was a pleasure to meet you all in person.

Sorry I couldn't make it to the Tiki Tones show. After that blue m-f-er, I thought it best to stay and bowl until I was able to accurately line my hood ornament up with the nice yellow lines on the road. :)

Predictably, I bowled poorly. But I had all five lanes to myself for the first 20 minutes! Continuous non-stop bowl-a-rama!

BTW, for those who asked about my website, it's at http://www.SpaceAgeCity.com.


Wow, what a ball!
Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo to the Tiki Bong tribe for their gracious hospitality. Lovely hut, Madame Bong.
Great seeing all the regulars and meeting new TC'ers. Missed the Tiki Tones... got sucked into the kareoke gig till 2 am....we're taking the act on the road when the bamboo business gets slow and/or Ben runs out of ideas. The audience was an interesting crowd. All held funny looking blue cocktails and kept falling off their chairs, yet clapped relentlessly. The bowling shoe police finally rushed into the bar, interrupted our number (yes, it was Bobby McGee, Lapu Rocker), and physically removed Kona Lanes' rightfully owned property. Whatta scene. Tough crowd; dedicated bowling alley employees, WOW.
Aloha! WOW!

Bobby Mcgee seemed to be the call last night.....what a blast......Adios' went straight to my brain..What a group.....I kept telling myself...settle down I don't know these people....for some reason it worked though......Mahalo....

What a freaking blast is right! Glad you all could make it to our shrine to tiki. I couldn't post till now cause I either caught that 1-day Nile Virus thing or had a massive hangover.

Hated to leave for Kona Lanes but there were balls to roll.

Speaking of which, Crazy Al was was throwing balls like something out of a Flintstone's show! After much disussion, it was decided Al rightfully won the tiki bowling trophy. The man truely is 'Crazy Al'.

I hope someone has some pictures to post (hopefully the 'non-incriminating ones) so I can remember what happened that night. Things got fuzzy after we drained the water cooler with 5 gallons of high octane Lapu Lapu.

I do remember catching hell from the Kona Bowl manager for throwing 2 balls at once. I told him I only did it because I was seeing double! I also have a hazy memory of syncronized bowling with, I think, Sugarcaddydaddy (?).

The Tiki Tones really topped the night off right. I hope everyone made it back to their respective huts safely.

Thank you Traderpup, Bamboo Ben, AlnShelly, and others for the gifts. Ben the namesake gift you made for me is something that in 50 years future TikiCentralites will immortalize.

Bigbro, I hope your 'volcano' erupted with great fury that night, as we toasted in your honor!

The Southern Cali TC contingent is THE HOTBED OF TIKI HAPPENINGS!

P.S. Shelly, I believe you left your aloha shirt in my tiki bar (wink, wink).


It sounds like you all had a blast! Did anyone happen to find out what the life expectancy might be of the Kona Lanes?


I think I heard March '03

Yes indeed, Kona Lanes tiki night was a blast. Also enjoyed Museum de Bullat - quite a hut ya got there Bong. Can't believe we finished the whole 5 gallon Sparklets bottle of Lapu Lapu!

Caddy Daddy, Sabu - post your pics! My battery died and I didn't get pics of the soiree at Kona.

I think I got a touch of Bong's Nile Virus too, but I'm up and moving now. I had such a good time meeting all of you and experiencing Bong's tiki museum. While we didn't make It to the Tiki Tones, we did have a great time at the kareoke bar. I had so much fun, I will be damned if I ever miss another So Cal TC event. Nice poem Bax, you have such a way with words.

By the way, I hate bowling.
I suck.


[ Edited by: Luckydesigns on 2002-11-18 13:15 ]

Sorry we couldn't make it. Coming back from Havasu took us almost 7 hours! We got in at 9:00 and we just didnt have the energy to go.

We'll be there for the next one.

Here are my pictures from the event. Please note - My photos are not blurry. They are "artistic". They objectively capture the event as seen through the eyes of any of us who had too many of those Adios MF'ers that the Kona Lanes bar was serving.

Here is Bong presiding over his garage-side Tiki Bar, which was truly an astounding creation. I didn't get any pictures of the museum inside his house, unfortunately. I was too busy drinking lapu-lapu and eating appetizers, trying to catch up to everyone who had gotten there ahead of me.

Futura Girl and Kukuinut and more of TikiBong's garage bar.

Crazy Al and Bong, trying on their shoes, balls, and beverages.

Crazy Al's "Fred Flinstone" windup. He would then glide down the lane on his bare tippy-toes, hover in the air for a full two seconds, then release the ball with a sonic BOOM! He rolled many strikes until the alcohol took effect.

Futura Girl and C.B. Howlie

Lapu-Rocker with his deceptively sober wind-up.

King Kukulele and Shell-In-The-Pacific

Big Al prepares to lob his tiny coconut at some offending pins.

Spike (Luckydesigns) and Sabu The Coconut Boy.

CB Howlie and Crazy Al release in tandem, Al using the patented "bounce it off my shin" technique.

The usual result of Crazy Al's "bounce it off my shin" technique.


The indomitable Doctor Z ignores the blatant interference from Polynesian Pop and CB Howlie.

Crazy Al and Floratina.

Lapu-Rocker and SugarCaddyDaddy keeping score.

TikiBong giving us just a little too much information.

Yes, Bong. You da' man. Now please tuck your shirt back in.

King Kukulele and Bamboo Ben.

Spike imitates the young Elvis in the karaoke bar. (If he would only imitate the 40-year-old Elvis, I might get a decent non-blurry photo)

Please note Crazy Al's well-deserved trophy.


[ Edited by: Sabu The Coconut Boy on 2002-11-18 14:46 ]

Great pics Sabu!

Well I knew the karaoke would come back to haunt me. Maybe next time we can get some more people out there for a karaoke night.

[ Edited by: Luckydesigns on 2002-11-18 18:02 ]

Doin't let my sober face fool you, I was half way to Pukee island. Luckily, never got there, got wrapped up in the fun on the way.......


Bong and Ms. Bong,

Many mahalos for great hospitality!

Ono food and lovely lapus!

Your hut is amazing and I can't stop thinking about your koa furniture! You gotta put me in touch with your dealer.

Ti and I had a blast riding with Bong and C'Al -- didn't expect to be the DD but I think that Windex drink sobered me up ("the power of blue)! I'll be making a batch 'o that stuff at the Stentiki Hut 'cuz I know everyone liked it so much! :wink:

Kidding, kidding!

Great seeing everyone again. Looking forward to seeing you on December 14.


thanks for the ride!!!!UncleArto'mas!! could not have done it with out you!!
Although the severe head pounding, and stomach wrenching of the 7AM wake-up, i blame on your "blue drink" lead. Why did i drink the BlueBastard! May be my Mom's... "you can't leave the Bowling Alley till you finish your drink...' came into play

karaoke? i'm in, but only if we
Central-o'nians covertly take over a place.

So next time it's
BOZOZ in the bar bash

I am very bummed about having missed this. I have been trouble with my car recently and just had to send it in for a complete engine rebuild. Well it looks like you guys had fun. Hope to catch you all at the next one.

Here are some photos.

A bunch of guys at the bowling alley

Cary and Crazy Al

Bong and remnants of his Lapu Lapu:


Shelley concentrates on her form in one of the two games she was playing at once.

More Al:

Bong interviews Al Evans, Bowling Pro.

Bax and...why that's Al in the foreground, isn't it?

Bong, SpaceAgeCity and the back of Traderpup

LuckyDesigns (Spike?) and LapuRocker

Uncle Arty

Big Al and Bamboo Ben

Bax and Mrs. Bamboo

Crazy Al decides to edit the photo - live, because he wasn't in the picture! There weren't enough pictures of Al, you see...

Al savors his victory

[ Edited by: floratina on 2002-11-19 17:42 ]


Great pics, Floratina!

You always manage to capture the insanity of our Tiki Events!

Let this be a warning to you kids out there -- don't drink blue drinks! You kids, stay in school!!!

Thank you, Arty :)

Speaking of which, here is one I missed:


That's a keeper!


Great job Tina!
Did I change shirts?

Hey Bax, is that one of those groovy "mood shirts?"

No it's one of those ultra shirts. Hello all we had a ball. You folks is crazy, maybe that why we all get along?

Sorry for the delay in posting. There are 15 pictures, so for those that have only dial-up...GET CABLE!

At TikiBong & MadamBongs. In case you are unable to read the names. From left to right:
UncleArty, PolynesianPop, BambooBen, MrsBambooBen, SugarMama(Mrs.SugarCaddyDaddy), Baxdog, Tina, Al, SpaceAgeCity, CrazyAl, Traderpup, TikiBong, MadamBong, LapuRocker, KukuiNut, LuckyDesigns, ChikiTiki and Shelly.

Baxdog. Can you say "Yaba Daba Doo!"?

Crazy Al studying the pins with the help of Baxdog's laser pointer on his butt.

No CB! Wrong way CB! CB! Nooooooooo...!

King KuKulele doing his happy dance.

Crazy Al: "Maybe if we move the whole bowing alley this way more your ball will go straight!"
LapuRocker: "No way! This alleywax DOES taste like Coconut!"

PolynesianPop: "I am Dick Weber. I am Dick Weber. I am Dick Weber. I am....

Ssshhh! Don't tell MadamBong that one pin actually stayed up...

Mrs.Boo giving a little Hula wiggle after getting a strike.

Shelly showing her unique Maori-style bowling technique

UncleArty & King KuKulele working the lanes.

The trophy. Custom-made by TikiBong. Complete with bowling shoes and brass plaque.

CrazyAl loving up his win. He's got some balls!

My Kona Pencil from the night. I figured that I saved it from future danger, and not bringing bad mojo onto myself since the pencil would either be ground down to nothing or eventually be buried under the future site of Kohl's Department Store.

Sadly, last but not least, the slowly dying Kona Lanes sign. No further repairs planned as the owners let each bit of neon fade to black...(sniff)

Hope you enjoyed it.

This Daddy's Caddy & The Tiki Transporter

[ Edited by: SugarCaddyDaddy on 2003-04-10 16:34 ]

Who da man? You da man! ( my 4 year old Bonzai Blake taught me that today) SugarCaddyDaddy, cool pics too!! We should plan 1 more before it's leveled. Next time I won't be so tired. Watch out!!


Suger-Caddy - How Did you Bowl 146 and take such great pics?

All the while we contemplated, "If I steal this pencil, am I stealing a tiki artifact from a tiki temple?"

To play it safe, Caddy took a picture instead!


Cool pic, Daddyo!

I especially love the picture of the Kona Lanes Trophy (oh, how I coveted that trophy!) and Crazy Al and his big red balls!

Let's do it again!

Oops...almost forgot this picture. I knew Sabu was in one of the pictures I took.

PolynesianPop: I did take my Kona Lanes pencil home. I took the picture when I got home.


I just got contacted by a reporter - Brian Martinez from OC Register about the demise of Kona Lanes.
Anyone OC folks want to write him a note and maybe get quoted in the paper?
[email protected]


What is "Sabu" holding in his hand?

What is Sabu holding in his hand you say? The ever-popular 9" eggroll!


Is that what you wacky kids are calling them these days!

and it only takes 6 "D" batteries!


All I know is that I was going to give it to Lady Velour as a present if she ever showed up. Unfortunately, she and Johnny were no-shows and I ended up using it so much that evening that I broke it. I guess I'll have to buy her another one if I can ever find one with just the right action again. They're pretty rare.



I know where you can get one that's gas-powered with 12 bolt-on attachments.

David Lee Roth once said, " Where Have All The Good Times Gone???"

We need a reuion of this fantasic night!!!. Maybe we all meet at that Go Cart 6 Track place in Carson soon!!?? Looking back is good!

Man, I really miss that place. I live within walking distance from the old Kona Lanes site now and it bums me out everytime I see the still empty lot. So lame...

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