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The LUAU 400 menu and scorpion bowl

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Recently I lucked onto a Luau 400 restaurant menu on e-bay with a Buy-it-now price of $8.50, so of course, I Bought It Now. The seller then e-mailed me that he had the drink menu as well, and would I like to add it into the deal for another $8.00. I said that yes, I would.

They both arrived a few weeks ago and they are absolute in mint, new condition. I really lucked out. I've photographed them both and posted the photos to Mike's gallery here:


Here are some closeups of the drink menu. First is the signature Luau 400 mug that goes for such high prices on e-bay. It was served with the Penang Luau 400 cocktail:

Then there's this amazing scorpion-bowl. Has anyone in this group ever found one of these bowls?

And check out the words at the bottom of this page. Don't you wish you could go back in time?

Finally, here's another piece of ephemera I'd like to find: The Luau 400 take-out box:

So again, my main reason for posting this (besides wanting to show off my latest find), is to know if anyone has seen or owns that cool scorpion bowl.


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Wow, great score! I never knew there was a matching bowl to that Luau 400 mug! I've never actually seen one before.


All I can say is... thank the gods that the Ebay greed has not taken over all pricing of memorabilia...

Great find! Even greater price!


Stellar score on those menus, and very educational. I have never seen the "insides" of a Luau 400 menu, great to see them here. I enjoy seeing the menus that list the mugs with the drinks. Now I know what was served in a couple of mugs I have from this restaurant. The Penang Luau 400 mug is one of my faves.

That scorpion bowl must be pretty interesting, have never seen it...never. Goes to show you, there's always something else out there. New and waiting to be "discovered".

Thanks for the pics,
midnite :drink:

Beee-ooo-tiii-full! The Luau 400 menu/mug was one of the items I always regretted not having enough room for in the BOT....
But those menus are much more elaborate than the one I quoted. Great score.

I wonder if they ever MADE that Scorpion bowl, sometimes those kind of things were projected to be made (like the Kahiki making a rip-off of the Mai Kai straw thru Ku-mouth Mystery bowl), and only some samples were made. Cuzz I've never seen or even just heard of this one (which off course does NOT mean that it does not exist).


Chop Chop! Har. What a classic find. What always gets me are the pearl drinks- Vic's used to have one. But this goes the next level and will set the pearl in a necklace or earrings for you. All that for only $2.50. Such a deal. How many people do you think ended up sucking those pearls right through the straw like a tapioca drink?


Sucking pearls through a straw? I knew a gal once that could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!

Bong, when you call her again get the chrome back from my trailer hitch.

For all of those people out there looking for the extremely rare Luau 400 menu, I found it on Ebay. I have it on my watch list and plan on putting in a last minute hit on it. Anyone want to challenge me? :wink:
I just love good old fashion competition!!!


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