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Any remembrances of this Lake George, NY theme park? Seems to have had a Tiki theme...


See replies to this thread in the collecting area...

Oh, oh, me wanna, me wanna...cuz the carvings left and right of the couple are by: WITCO !

I want to use it for my book, can you possibly make me a color xerox blow up and send it to me?


Sven -
Those pix are from my friend Dan Goodsell's site - The Imaginary World
I can give you his number if you want - shoot me a private message!

What a beauty! But I wonder why they included the couple in the shot. If you can imagine the same photo without them, the entrance would look enormous. (The Kong figure helps)

Trader Woody

I visited Storytown and nearby Frontier Town as a child in the late 1960's. Honestly, I don't remember much except giant headed figures that frightened me. I have vague recollection of liking frontier town because you could shoot at people. I'll have to ask my older brothers if they remember more.

I think my Mom might have some picture but ya'll have to promise not to laugh...

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This site is great! Cool pictures of Lion Country safari!

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