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Bali-Hai Motel, Yakima, WA (motel)

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Name:Bali-Hai Motel
Street:710 N 1st St

Older single level "court" style motel.


I found this motel a couple years ago when looking over Yakima for anything Tiki. As it turned out the only thing Tiki in Yakima seemed to be the Bali-Hai Motel, and the only thing outwardly Tiki about the Bali-Hai was it's very cool neon sign. The postage stamp sized lobby had some remnants of former low key Tiki decor. The then manager was very friendly, and gave me one of the reproduction postcards he had on hand of the Bali-Hai in it's early days.


That's a great sign! Do you have any way to post the postcard?


Someday...But it's not as interesting as the above link to Seth Gaine's photo of the sign.

(PS: After seeing your post on the amzing Safari Restaurant sign I was looking up info and came across the Bali-Hai photo.)


Woofmutt is on the ball.

I have included this place in TRT 2, and was bummed that the photos I have of the lovely colorful sign would not be reproduced in color. Thought I'd post the color version here, and viola - I find that the 'mutt beat me to it.

Well - here's another pic of the place, in color, and look for the b/w version in TRT 2 this spring...

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Wow...seems a little pricey (if I am reading the sign right) $2700/person/week with discount? The sign is fabulous in neon. :D


its Yakima for heaven's sake.. $27 / night. thats just a little over a dollar an hour! wonder if they DO rent hourly.. woof?

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