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An Idea for the Tiki Central Store

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Hey folks-

This came to me in a dream last night, so maybe it's a crap idea, but hear me out: You know those posters that people have in their kitchens with chiles:


and hot sauces:


and the like? Well... what if we made one, pooling our collective resources, with classic tiki mugs on it. There could be bowls in the center. Little captions under each one with the name of the bar it was from and the rough dates it was used. We could put images of all the rare and great ones on there. We've lot loads of great graphic designers in this group who could work on the layout. Maybe a nice thatch mat background and a bamboo border. You don't want it white if you're hanging it in the bar. Use some great fonts from House (if we can). CafePress has posters in 16x20 and 23x35 sizes, so we could let them do it, although this might generate interest in people outside of our circle. Plus, if you don't have a lot of mugs, slap this gem on your wall for decor instead. Mike's gallery could be the foundation to get started. But...how to choose which mugs? The debate will fill much bandwidth.

What do people think?



Terrifying tikis, BatMan! That's a work of genius!

I am a graphic designer. If I can be of help, just say the word!

Sounds like a brilliant idea! House are currently doing a book of Tiki mugs (see past posts). Perhaps they could be involved with the actual photographs as they already must have a vast collection of high definition Tiki mug photos.

How many mugs could you get on such a poster anyway? Like you said, the real question is how to whittle them down. Personally. I'd go for a straight forward popularity contest from people who have an idea of what makes a decent Tiki mug.

Trader Woody

That's an outstanding idea.

We could vote on it like we did Tiki Punch! :)

That's a great idea. I actually have the door-sized poster of about 100 beer different beer bottles. The mug idea is 100x better! Would be cool if each TC'er could provide a pic each!

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[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2002-11-23 00:20 ]


In theory it would be cool if we all provided a pic, but it would make for an unattractive poster, i think. In order for the poster to work, idealy all mugs should be shot under same lighting conditons with the same film or digital setting, and so on.

We would need someone with a halfway decent photography studio (or tabletop setup) to do it right!

Of course, the college dorm favorite 'pubs of london' or 'doors of ireland' or whatever the hell it is poster was shot all in different locations, but pains were taken to make them all uniform in size and lighting I think.

Maybe the poster should have a humorous title?


Fish is right about the photography and design...

Like the BOT, the more professional this poster is, the more attention it will bring to the cause.

If it's really well designed (and it would be uber-fantastic if the boys from House would pitch in on the photography and type) it will end up in many more places that our basements. It might even raise some good rum money for the next big bash!

Instead of one poster, we could have a series.
One, west coast
two, east coast
three, Europe
four, Bongs living room
five, Bongs den
six, Bongs hallway
seven, Bongs garage
eight, Bongs trunk
nine, under Bongs bed
ten, in Bongs bed (just have to move the midgets out of the way)
Why stop at one poster
I know you want me to stop posting



How did you ever know. One of my other "things" is hot sauces and chilies. On all of my travels throughout the U.S. and abroad, I make sure to pick up any local hot sauces, chilies, seeds and hot recipies. I have owned most of those posters at one time or another. I think that type of poster for tiki would be a great idea.



OK I want one, these sound great!

How much? Where do I send the money? Checks? Cash? Money Order? Can I buy two? What about gift wrapping?...... uh, am I getting carried away?

Really, I think this is a great idea!

Sounds FANTASTIC! As for the digital photography no way -gets grainy and I would love to see full detail on a poster. Tikifish is correct in the same lighting aspect. This is just a great idea. Maybe not a million dollar invention but in due time someone could make a great profit. Million dollar or not I want one. Don't know if I could be of much help but I'm a photographic artist.


Thanks for all the positive feedback on this one. Here's my thoughts:

  1. I think we should keep this in house. While the guys at House Ind. do some fantastic stuff, it might be easier and faster to do it all ourselves. This sadly means that we won't be able to use their fonts, but there's plenty of good fonts out there.

  2. I'm wary of having these professionaly printed, shelling out a bundle, and being stuck with loads of overstock. That's why CafePress would be the easier choice. Printed as you order so no leftovers. plus they offer 23x35, which is the size I thought would be good.

  3. Fish is right- we should take shots of these at the same time under the ame lighting circumstances. After we vote as a group, I have no doubt that every mug that people want to see on this poster can be found locally (SF Bay Area). Betwen Midnite, Smiley, TikiHula, perhaps Otto, and maybe me, we should have all the mugs that people want. So to all of the above people who I just volunteered: We could find a time and place to do the shots, and then, of course, the drinks are on me.

  4. We can use the proceeds to help out Hanford, or we could just take the money and use it for a party fund. Either way, I'm not looking to get rich off of this.

  5. Any thoughts or comments?


I'm in for some posters. I would say easily that every online retailer of tiki mercandise would want to stock these as well. It's a no-brainer of a hot item.


After the holidays, my tiki bar should be recovered from Hurricane Ugh. Maybe we could do it here?--you can still treat us with drinks ;]


Thanks for the kind offer- I think I'll definitely take you up on that. And of course, I'll still make drinks. I assume that we'll want to take them against a white background and superimpose them into a scene, but they could all be arranged in a setting like the Kon-Tiki Menu on the back of the BOT or like Bosko's covers for the Grog Log and Intoxica. We'll see. Things will probably be too busy for me until after the holidays anyway.


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