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KAHIKI Columbus, ohio tiki bar restaurant. Lee Henry, The catalog

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Tikiskip here tiki nutz.
I was thinking it would be nice to have a thread that showed tiki items from each restaurant. We have oooga mooga for the mugs, But need a place for the other stuff. Pictures, Napkins,lamps, ECT... Try not to dupilcate. Also give brief discriptions. Here goes.
The Kahiki Tiki bar,restaurant 3583 East Broad Street Columbus Ohio,43213 (614)237-5425 in Whitehall.
I am trying to update pictures in this thread.
Some of them I can't find.08/05/2008

New Sept 6 2012 here is a good timeline of Kahiki events, Will add to as new info arives.
Bottom of page, that's the links page.

Here are Lee Henry and Bill Sapp.
This may be opening day.
1961 |(Monday Feb 20th 1961 First day open)

This is bill sapp.(age unknown) Lee Henry and Bill Sapp started the kahiki. They had the little grass shack before the kahiki.Grass Shack burned down on Bill Sapp's birthday June 14th 1958 or 1959.
They also had The Top steakhouse before, The Kahiki, and The Wine Cellar at the end after both Kahiki and The Top steakhouse.
Bill also owned Duffs Smorgasbord some time after the Wine Cellar.
Lee Henry was not part of the Duffs Smorgasbord.

This is an ealry photo of the beachcomber gift shop. See the starboard mug on the far right? And I think that is a lamp just below it.
And a book of receipts from the Beachcomber gift shop at the Kahiki.
Gift shop sign, last photo.

Kahiki Timeline

Henry, Jr. Leland W ( Lee Henry Kahiki) was born on May 9, 1930

1961 |(Feb 20th 1961 First day open) Bill Sapp and Lee Henry open the Kahiki after their Tiki bar, (the Grass Shack, burns down.(On Bill Sapp's birthday June 14th 1959 a Sunday) Mr Sapps year of birth June 14, 1928
Kahiki means "a joyous voyage to Tahiti" Citizens Journal Thursday March 23 1961, "Splendor of the tropics is setting at Kahiki"(article name)

1970's | Moai out front are not lit from an order from the City of Columbus because of the 70's energy crisis.

1988 | After a slew of owners (Mitch Boyce), Michael Tsao buys out his partner and takes over the restaurant.

1995 | Tsao starts a frozen-food company next door to the restaurant.

1997 | The Kahiki is put on the National Register of Historic Places, And is the only tiki type place
on this list.

April 17, 2000 | Walgreens confirms that it wants to build a store where the Kahiki sits.

June 30, 2000 | Tsao says that he will sell the Kahiki to Walgreens but never reveals how much money it took.

July 2000 | Tikiskip hears on radio Kahiki is closing, calls Skip Davis at Kahiki, no employees know of this news. Michael Tsao is in Hawaii at this time.

Aug. 25, 2000 | The Kahiki closes its doors before a private farewell party put on by Otto von Stroheim And Tiki news, Tickets are $100.00 each, the event sells out.

July 22, 2005 | Michael Tsao unexpectedly dies 10 weeks after the realization of his dream of moving the company into a bigger factory. "The company is in debt and in mourning"

August Saturday 6th, 2005 [ Grand opening of the Kahiki eggroll factory.

Nov. 15, 2005 | The Kahiki outlet store starts selling off the rest of their stuff. Mostly lights. 11/15/05

Sept 28, 2006 | Kahiki items in a warehouse go on sale, One moai and fireplace go to Vermont. The other Moai is in Norwich township in Ohio. The rest and last of Kahiki items go to Vermont as well.

2006 | A group of former Kahiki employees (Theang&seong), With Francis Llacuna a Hawaiian born guitarist as entertainment ) opens a restaurant called Tropical Bistro, It closes on January 27 2008.

May 2007 | A Pittsburgh company buys Kahiki for $11.7 million, although the factory stays in Gahanna.

2010 | The company makes almost $50 million in sales a year and sells 70 products in groceries across the country. President Alan Hoover said it still makes many of the dishes from the Kahiki menu.

2010 Nov,27 | Vermont Moai is sold on ebay, Now the Moai will be living on the beach in Hampton, Mass.

2012 Sept, | The DVD of Tiki - Vol. 1 // Finally for sale, DIRECTED BY JOCHEN HIRSCHFELD & SCHLANGO With scenes taken by Tikiskip of the destruction of the Kahiki.

2013 Oct, The authors David Myers, Elise Myers, Jeff Chenault and Doug Motz release a book on the history of the Kahiki Supper Club being published by History Press.

2015 Sept 22, Lee Henry passes away.

2021 F. William Sapp, age 92 died February 11th, 2021 / Birth: June 14, 1928
Laid to rest February 17th Tikiskips birthday.

2020 or 2021? Walgrens goes out of business at the location where they tore down the Kahiki to put the Walgrens store in.

2022: 6/23/22 The Moai in Dublin Ohio has the concrete taken off of the rebar in an effort to fix and repair the statue.

2022: 12/8/2022 The Moai from the Kahiki after 16 years at a home in Dublin Ohio is moved to Huli Huli a Powell Ohio tiki bar and restaurant.

Source: Dispatch archives And other.

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Maybe they could go with the specific locations in the tiki locations section?


Yes that would work too. But I would like to be able to search trader vic the catalog and see every item they had. Or kon tiki, And so on. Lots of photos. Then if you get an item, you would have a reference guide. Much like BOT or Tiki quest. Just the on line version. So who wants to start trader vic's?

TIKISKIP lights worldwide, "over 200 made" next one to you.

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Here are some swizzle sticks from the Kahiki.


Hey good post. Look at the photo below. all are different. and none are made by the mfg you posted. The lt green one is the last ones they made (ie newer) It has "cpl contl c. 45257 " on back. The dark green large one has." mi-ko usa " on back. The small one with thin face has. " mi-ko usa " on back. The other small pick has no mark on back.
(Update 2/23/2012 The swizzle on the far right is from The Top restaurant Bill and Lees other restaurant
at that time)

"Roses are red, these floats are blue, Send me some money and they belong to you"..."TIKISKIP"

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Here is an old photo showing the backgammon bar in the background. Don't know when they took it out, But I never saw it. Does anyone know when they took down the backgammon bar?
And in the second photo you can see the same bar on the right.

Heres one of the kahikis cloth napkins. 18"x18" unfolded.

this is a card from the menu. I got this on the last night of the kahiki. 8/26/2000.
And a bill holder thingy. (Update 2/23/2012)

TIKISKIP lights worldwide, "over 200 made" next one to you.

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Not sure when they took the backgammon room out but the date that picture was taken was 1979. So it had to be in the 80's sometime. I don't remember it either and I have been here since 1983. Nice pics Tikiskip!!

Cheers and Mahalo,


How ya giong to light that cigarette? Here's how. The kahiki matches and zippo style lighter by howard. This just in. There is one other style of Zippo by Dundee. The click top matches(left) I think are the coolest matches ever.
The matches are wood! Book on right has no markings inside, and I think they are the oldest. there is another box of matches that I don't have.

The box matches on right are the newest style of matches the kahiki used.

Maker of TIKI bar lighting, Let me make one for you.

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Hey Skip,

Do you happen to have a photo of Lee Joseph, Bill Sapp's business partner?



No I don't. But I will work on getting one. The rumor is one of his family members invented the yellow pages. Ching! So when he inherited some money he no longer needed the kahiki. I think he is in colorado now.

"Roses are red, these floats are blue, Send me some money and they belong to you"..."TIKISKIP"

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WOW! Thanks for the update. I always wondered what happened to Lee. If you happen to come accross a picture of him please let me know.

In the meantime, I will try to get some pictures on this thread as well.

Cheers and Mahalo,


Welcome to the kahiki, May I show you to your seat? these are just a few of the seats from the kahiki. The first one is a bar stool Chair #1. (I got 4 for $80.00)) The second one is a dinning room chair, At the auction they could not give the second chair away. they sold for two dollars each! One guy got 40 of these Chair#2. The next one is a dinning room chair as well Chair #3. (six for $70.00) I think there were at least one more style of chairs used at the kahiki.
The last chair #4 is from the home of Bob Karr, Bob was one of the first bartenders at the Kahiki.
When the Kahiki was built the Karrs bought the same furniture from the same place as the Kahiki did.
So when they sold it all in 2011 it was all in great condition!!!
You see these Peacock chairs all of the time, but who knows, was that a Kahiki chair?
This one was.
Chair #1 Bar Stool.

Chair #2 Dinning room chair

Chair #3 Dinning room chair the cool one.

Chair #4 woven Peacock or princess chair.

Maker of TIKI bar lighting, Let me make one for you.

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This is the best I could do on the bill and lee picture. it came from a dispatch newspaper insert. They got it wrong in the paper bill sapp is on the left, and lee henry is on the right.

TIKISKIP: MakeLight&SellLight&MakeLight&SellLight:Repeat:

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Cool thread! Mahalo! OMG! Kahiki Zippo! Drool, drool....


Heres Arthur godfrey with a lovely wahine. But wait.. why is her face blocked out? Rumor is they had a fling. So her face was blocked out by hand, by our own umeone. bill sapps daughter Linda Sapp. Mr. Sapp said that Arthur G asked if she could take a week off to come to California. They said yes. From that day on Mr. Godfrey talked on and on about how great the Kahiki was!
Some thought Mr. Godfrey was being paid by the Kahiki to do so.

"Roses are red, these floats are blue, Send me some money and they belong to you"..."TIKISKIP"

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Heres milton berle. One of the bartenders told me he once came when they were closed and barged in, Went to the kitchen and started to whip up a late night snak! I know he is rumored to have a huge wanger, It seems like he had huge balls too!

This is a rendering of a huge billboard that used to advertise the kahiki. The eye of the girl would wink! Does anyone have a picture of that billboard?

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Cool pictures TS,
I love to see photos of old mugs and bowls in use.

On 2006-02-10 09:16, tikiskip wrote:
Heres Arthur godfrey with a lovely wahine. But wait.. why is her face blocked out? Rumor is they had a fling. So her face was blocked out by hand, by our own umeone. bill sapps daughter.

Luckily you can still see her in that photo in the BOT,(and in a bigger reproduction of it on page 32 of TIKI STYLE), in the "People you are apt to meet at the Kahiki" ad, which I always LOVED. It was used as a newspaper insert, and the original photo display hung in the entrance of the restaurant. I always thought she looked like Annette Funnicello.
It is also the only real source of photos of that rare Mai Kai imitiation straw-thru-the-mouth Ku Tiki bowl, which can be seen in the photos of Milton Berle above, Andy Williams, and Gig Young, and I only saw once in Lee Henry's/Bill Sapp's upstairs offices (behind the big Moai fireplace). Any info on how many of those were made? I suspect only a few samples, which were used for the photos.


Just got a great question from junglehunt82, Who made those chairs? I looked on the bottom and there it was! The first lable is from the bar stool. The second lable states 70% Cotton felt/30% hog and horse hair. The second lable is from the small brown chairs. Who knew that kentucky was makin all that rattan! No other lables, for other chairs. Now can someone come bail me out! They locked me up for taking that lable off.


Thanks for posting the pic of Lee Henry. Much appreciated. Damn, I miss the Kahiki.

Cheers and Mahalo,


I have found yet another style of kahiki chair. I think it is one of the oldest styles they used. It too looks like a vogue rattan mfg. co. chair. But it has no markings so I am not positive. This chair was recovered.

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How many lights were at the kahiki sale? This many. You can imagine my eyes went booiinnggg!!!!! When I saw this. Chisel slinger, Swanky, Your lights are seen here.

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Here is the double monkey head lamp from the kahiki.
There were about 12 of these at the first Kahiki sale.
They sold for $40.00 dollars.
I have since made 4 replicas of this light.

This is the style of shade that was on the first table light at the Kahiki.

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Hot crap! Look at all those babies!!


This is a mask I got from the Kahiki. It has a chip on the right side. And is made of plaster.

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Skip, thanks for the pics. That is not a monkey head, but a New Guinea carving on that lamp base. And the mask would be of O.A. manufacture, like quite a few wall hangings at the Kahiki were, but it's curious that it is plaster. Maybe they remade a couple themselves using the wooden original as a mold.

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Actualy all of the masks/wall hangings that I saw at the sale were plaster. And some of the small tikis were too. Thanks for the info big bro. 5/17/06 I was told by Kahiki Outlet workers that they did make copies of allot of the Kahiki stuff. This must be one of those copies. I am also told that they have more stuff in the Kahiki offices.

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The most important aspect of any business is its people. So I give you Jim bartender of the kahiki for 18? years. He now works at the Tropical Bistro in Columbus, Ohio. Skip the other bartender said Jim tasted every drink to make sure they were right.

Tikiskip / Jim the bartender / Jeff central

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These next pictures are amazing. The first one shows the bar. I think it is the backgammon lounge. (look at the chairs, It is a sunken bar!) See the way you step up into the lounge. And I have never seen these chairs. Chisel slinger that is your lamp in this picture.(drum with wings)

Now look at this one. The trees are so small. This may have been right after they opened. Plus they are packed! I have no dates for these pictures.

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Ok now look at this one. Look at all the masks/shields/warclubs/gongs/ lamps. I never saw these in the entry way. I have one lamp and one sheild from this picture.
Thats Hugh Downs Far right.

The next one is Bill sapp and lee henry. I would bet this is right when they opened. I will try to ask mr sapp when I see him next.
Mr Sapp said this was the first day picture.
Thank you umeone for giving me these photos!

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I just took a magnifying glass to the first photo. The shelf has stacks of hoffman pottery mugs, tons of the tiki stem glasses, rows of those rare pottery sleeve type mugs. And on the bar about five of the hitiki ashtrays.

I know this is different, but is there any information on the non-ceramic drinkware of the kahiki. I was wondering because the menu in the BoT shows a few different glasses(like for the fogcutter).


That's a good question. I have never seen one. But if I did how would I know? They are clear glass and that means they would not be marked Kahiki.

I also think the fact that they are not marked might be the reason they were not collected or sold as souvienirs. So I guess the only way to know one of these unmarked glasses was indeed from the Kahiki. Is if the owner has some, or if someone can say I personally got this glass there. Otherwise we will never know.

I have been told that the original owners of the Kahiki kept nothing!
Plus these glasses were only used in the early years of the Kahiki.

That being said we may never see these glasses.

My small but cool shield from that little place in ohio.


Here is a Kahiki ashtray I just found. Also pictured is a postcard with mugs and Sandro Conti bar manager, And cerator of all the Kahiki drinks. If you look close you can see two colors of the sleeve type mugs brown/ and green. Plus the big pineapple looks like a mug. Also on the Idols cast mug the feet go half way up the mug and they are black.

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Here is a rare light from the Kahiki. It is made of woven wood strips.

TIKISKIP: MakeLight&SellLight&MakeLight&SellLight:Repeat:

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Great finds. I love to see mugs I've never laid eyes on before, are samples of all of these in people's collections?

That's a very cool lamp! Have you got it wired and lit? It must look spectacular in the dark too.


I'd bet that is an actual pineapple. It's still fairly common to find drinks served in pineapples.


We have all of the items from the Kahiki that have been in our storage for a proposed new Kahiki. The present Kahiki Co. has ordered us to dispose of these items, which include the large Tiki God from the fireplace, the 2 smaller Tiki Gods which flanked the front door, the bar, the booth separators, the 7' diameter ships steering wheel, the metal sculpture from the top of the building, etc.

If anyone is interested in purchasing items, please contact us, as they will be available in about 2 weeks, when we finish sorting and have them ready for viewing, by appointment.

Kapac Co.
email: [email protected]

These are pictues from the Kahiki factory Offices, Kahiki Foods, Inc.
These items were in the Kahiki restaurant.

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A few more

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This is a cool carving I got at the last sale.

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Other items from the Kahiki sale.

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very nice skip....really cool!


Nice pictures skip! What a great time.

Should I post the picture of what skip did with the Kahiki monkey? :)

Cheers and Mahalo,


Very cool.
Tikiskip, are you gonna sell some of the great lamps you got ?
And yes Jeff, post the pictures with the Kahiki monkey !


Hey, Virani. You ever get that velvet?
I do sell stuff here and there.

This ones for you Trader Jeff.

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This is Lee Henry. Next to him is Melissa,
And His Wife. (Pic 2006)

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