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Hula Car

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When my girlfriend was in Bisbee, AZ, she came across a Hula Car. You can check out the pictures here in my yahoo briefcase:


In the picture of the front, the dashboard is all covered in shells.

Oh my word, that is unbelieveable! I am now condemned to go through the rest of my life discontented, because something tells me that that sort of custom job won't work with my 1980's Mazda 323.

BUT this gives me the incentive I need to save for the tiki custom job I have planned for my 1966 Vespa GT125 scooter (well, it'll be mine once I manage to pass the pesky Compulsory Basic Training -- crashed and burned this weekend...).

Would be great if they mounted a huge tiki on top! Love the figures on the hood.

Tiki Kiliki

They need one of Kentiki's custom lighted pufferfish lamps to hang from the rearview mirror. Only then would this wonderful project be complete.



This is off the subject, but HEY! what were you doing in Bisbee? I first met the world there in 1960 (ouch!). I haven't been back since before most of you were born (1973). What a great place it was. In AZ you used to be able to bring your children into bars. My grandfather used to take me to a row of saloons in Bisbee called "brewery gulch" to watch him shoot pool. I lived off coca cola and Slim Jims. I suppose it was there, at an early age, I developed my love for dark, stanky drinking establishments.

Aloha pardner!

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The car in question is another fabulous project by Kate Pearson. The Hula Girl is just one of several art cars she has done.

I lived with my father in Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca as a child, and remember the bars well. We always used to go in bars with my dad. Heck, I learned to shoot pool in the Elks lodge bar (which he still frequents). It always amazes me that my dad played pool better the more beer he had :wink:

We were in Bisbee to visit. My girlfriend is a trainer for Chili's and they were opening a store in Sieria Vista. I drove out there and made it a road trip back. Also one of my friends joined us, he grew up in Sireia Vista so he was able to show us all the sights.

That is in such bad taste that it is just incredibly cool!!!

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