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Happy Birthday Don the Beachcomber

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Today (Feb 22, 1907) is Don (Donn?) the Beachcomber's birthday! Go get a zombie and raise your glass, and repeat after me:

Hail the king of Zombies - Long Live the King!

Repeat until your glass is empty.


He would have been 99 Years old--younger than Trader Vic!


To Daddy. The only birthday that matters around here.

It is with special sadness I note his birthday this year. We use the term "ohana" a little loosely around here, but there is a handful of people that are the ohana to me. The ones that put a fire in my belly and whose totally happy faces and charming company made me go through the hell of putting on Hukilau year after year. I did it for you and Kiliki still does. From Tiki News the magazine and the closing of the Kahiki to here. I miss those people. I hope to see you again at Hukilau this year. We've come to a strange place.

Okole maluna! To Daddy! A tear in my 1934 Zombie...

Happy Birthday Donn!

Zombie's all around!

Not sure if this thread should be moved to the Ohana Thread??? ...but, Happy Birthday Don the Beachcomber !! and thanks for all the amazing creations !!

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