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Bahooka webpage and $5 COUPON!

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I just got home from Bahooka. I was told of their new webpage, http://www.bahooka.com Its an ok page, but the best is the $5 coupon. It is good for one party. They told me to print one out everytime I come in, and to pass along the word too. The folks there seem to be into the whole tiki resurgence(why wouldn't they be?).

Bahooka really is a great place to go for a quick Jet Pilot or Zombie. Stop in and have a drink. The folks there seem to love talking about the old days.


Maui Matt,

Thanks for the webpage. Yes, the Bahooka is the place of Tiki yesterday. Had a great time the last time I was there (well, what I remember of it).


I dunno, I think a good mark of a true Tiki joint is having some sorta outrageous BS story about the stuff they serve and this snippet certainly qualifies:

That night. The historical night. The King had a feast in honor of his daughter's hero. While sitting across from the King, at the very moment just after the past and before the future, Rufus bit into a pork rib that would become the second most famous rib to mankind. Ahhh, the spectacular conception…
While Salsa dancing with the King's cousin's husband's niece he was secretly told that Googie and Gau Gau were the ones who had the secret recipe for the preparation of the pork ribs. By this time all the native girls were referring to Rufus as Don Juan Hercules and he had no problem convincing Googie and Gau Gau to set sail with him the following morning.

Now if the website just let you login and kept track of your progress drinking your way through the menu, that would rock.

Ya ready to get to the bottom 1/3 of the menu next weekend? :)


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