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Saddest Theme Park in the World

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At least there aren't any long lines!



Wow simply amazing! Thanks for posting that.

A couple of pages in there's more photos including this gem:

This amusement park really knows how to keep the kids entertained!

hewey posted on Sat, May 20, 2006 9:42 PM

Id go there cause its so dodgey

The ruins of Heritage USA are in better shape than that!!

As if time stood still.
Great photos. Thanks for the insight.


And to think I complain when I go to Six Flags NE. Though I wish really they had a Mr. Gun - it would make those over capacity days so much more exciting!


i was hoping for pictures of Egyptian Carnies.

It's funny to see places like that actually exist...I thought they were only the Hide-out HQ of villans in Scooby Doo episodes.

On 2006-05-20 15:25, Hakalugi wrote:

"Mr. Gun, that's my name/My name again is Mr. Gun"

Well ya gotta admit, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Cleopatra and the Cradle of Modern Technology is a pretty tough act to follow.


That was AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing that - decrepit or ruined amusement parks are a source of endless fascination for me....

Here is a link to a photoset on Flickr of what has beed described as "Rotting Jettson Houses" in Taiwan The Photos were taken by Flickr user CanikPhotos. Here is the LINK


Here's some pictures of the Cubano version.


Not the saddest theme park, but certainly one of the worst rip-offs of Disneyland ever built:


Multiple pages so be sure to click on the "next page" links at the bottom for the whole tour. The commentary is pretty funny too.

I have been to Nara twice, but I heard that they just recently closed for good. Disneyland in Anaheim is expecting a huge increase in attendance as a result.


Try Bedrock Arizona in October...No problem parking, no people, snow, wind, cold.

It appears it was once a great place to go to for a Flintstones fix at one time.


Bon Bon Land

[ Edited by: filslash 2008-09-20 15:27 ]


:lol: It's hilarious how all the 'animals' have terrified looks on their faces. That one tortoise ride with the seats hanging below looks downright disturbing.

On 2007-05-31 13:18, filslash wrote:

Another brilliant one! Couldn't stop laffing! Bon Bon Land

OMG....those places are sad. :lol:

I've renamed it.....


These people built the pyramids?
...oh wait a second..I guess that was the Jewish Slaves.

A good website of Heritage USA

Heritage USA

oh, it's sad, and yet, not....



On 2007-12-03 19:31, procinema29 wrote:

I'd fly all the way to Germany to have a dog fart on me!

...that didn't sound right.

On 2007-12-04 06:53, Unkle John wrote:

I'd fly all the way to Germany to have a dog fart on me!

...that didn't sound right.

It would have sounded righter had you said Denmark.

Here's the official map of the park. It's interesting that the drawings don't show any of the nasty stuff that is actually in the park with one exception. On the map, their original ride (the Dog Fart Switchback) coaster that goes through the farting dog house shows a drawing of dog poop on the ground and an ominous fart cloud. That's the only place on the whole map (I think) where anything like that appears. No cow boobs, no puking rats, etc. It's curious that they build the nasty stuff into all of the park features, but their marketing materials do not reflect that at all.

Here's the official site (http://bonbonland.dk/). Click on a flag at the bottom for the language you want.

Just came across this thread --

WOW, Chongolio, thanks for that cool link -- it's like a "Jupiter II Junkyard"...!

(Also, posted about other sad amusement parks elsewhere today...)

eh, Denmark... Germany.... it's all Bon Bon.

I loved the sharpened logs by the water slide. Couldn't tell if that was to keep Injuns outta the fort or stop Chillins when they over shoot the Lagoon, either way it works for me.


I just added "Get crapped out of an ant's ass at Bon Bon Land" to my THINGS I MUST DO BEFORE I DIE list. I'm sorry, but Disneyland is no longer the Happiest Place on Earth. It has been dethroned!

On 2007-12-20 09:20, GatorRob wrote:
I'm sorry, but Disneyland is no longer the Happiest Place on Earth. It has been dethroned!

You might be right, but sometimes I can find a ride that really makes me happy. 8)


OMG these pictures are funny. Can you imagine if we had theme parks like these? Bon Bon land is funny. You know the amuricans have to be so PC about everything. To the point of annoyance. Bon Bon land would last about a day here. Oh my virgin eyes. blah blah blah. What happened to the good old days?

Bon Bon Land is a real shocker to me...I still have trouble believing the place is real. Seems more like something out of a fever dream!

I'm glad I read this and spent some time on that theme park site.

I have been to and performed at a few crappy theme parks around the world in China, Japan, and Korea, all which were on that site.

I've got tons of pics of dumb stuff from these parks, like the statue of a tiger in the bushes next to a ride, but on further examination it has a gold saddle and at one time was on the merry-go-round.

The New Orleans amusement park, Jazzland, opened in 2000, and the lease was purchased by Six Flags in 2002. The park was upgraded a year later and renamed Six Flags New Orleans, with a Mardi Gras-themed area and a respectable collection of rides and coasters. In 2005, Katrina struck the area and the wreck of this once merry place has sat deserted for many, many years since.

Time: Six Flags New Orleans

10 Creepy Abandoned Places

A Christmas themed town that popped up in a stretch of Arizona desert in the late 1930s is now a wasteland of fake snow-topped buildings melting away in the Mojave.

Daily Mail: Santa Claus Arizona

On 2007-03-01 17:35, Psycho Tiki D wrote:
Try Bedrock Arizona in October...No problem parking, no people, snow, wind, cold.

It appears it was once a great place to go to for a Flintstones fix at one time.


The Ghostly Flintstones Amusement Park

You Can Buy A Berlin Abandoned Amusement Park on eBay

Ebay: Spreepark - Berlin

This thread is looking like an abandoned amusement park!

Bedrock in Arizona is for sale!

ABC News: Bedrock in Arizona is for sale

There seems to be lots of these lists

Los Angeles Times:21 creepiest abandoned amusement parks

Probably because there are lots of abandoned amusement parks!

I am not sure what the story is on this...

YouTube: It's a Small World knockoff in China?

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