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You've got the tiki blues when...

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your sweetie is in Atlanta having drinks at Trader Vics, and you're stuck at home with the kids.

And those drinks are the nectar of the gods...albeit at 9 bucks apiece! Well worth it. It's a treat I drool for.


Hehe... story of my life brother. I can never get away, but my wife and so many friends travel to all the exotic spots where Tiki still remains, and I have to practically beg them to go and have a drink for me... take some pics... bring me back a mug...


.......your table saw's motor brushes wear out and nobody stocks them (anywhere!)and you have to split 400 poles of Bamboo for a very important job! Is everything disposable now days? Damn!

....when you see a 2 foot tall handcarved antique tiki at the thrift store in northeastern Penna (a pure tiki wasteland) and they won't sell it to you no matter how much you cry, beg, plead and grovel, telling you "window decorations are not for sale." Then they told me it will probably never be for sale. Tiki nightmare!

....you see a Bosko original you want to pick up but the mortgage is due...

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