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Now Recruiting for OKONKULUKU U...

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Waitiki is now recruiting for the freshman class at Okonkuluku U.

Check out our recruitment commercials, to be aired during the Sept. 27 Waitiki Webcast at 9pm Eastern time!

We are looking, in particular, for stand-outs in the following subject areas:

  • Cocktailology (taught by mascot and Distinguished Professor Brother Cleve),
  • Watermelon Husbandry (lecturer: The Mayor of Exotica),
  • Okonkulukuian Ethics & Pronounciation (taught by Laughing Boy Mike Connors),
  • Bird Calls & Sock Monkey Wrestling (coached by the Okonkulukuian All-Star himself, Mr. Ho),
  • **The Poetry of the Okonkulukuian Opposite Clause ** (with Professah Humming Flowah),
  • Hangover Biology & Remedies (demonstrations by the Space Kadet)

For application requirements and a FREE tutorial on the Handshake of Okonkuluku, please visit: www.WAITIKI.com

Priority enrollment given to TikiCentral members and Hukilau 2006 attendees!

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I'm going for a Doctorate!


Man, I miss you guys.
I've told at least a hundred and thirty-eight people about your incredible performance at the Mai Kai last year.

I was there a few weeks ago and one of the shrunken heads asked me if you were coming back this year.
(I think he's got a crush on the monkey)
I told him I didn't know and he started shrieking... oddly it sounded just like King Kukulele singing the War Chant.

No... for real.

Put my name on the list for the Hukilau DVD!
I think I have burned out, "Put my name on the list"


On 2006-09-19 19:05, pablus wrote:

I'm going for a Doctorate!

Man, I miss you guys.

The Council of Elders tells me no application's needed for you ... you're in! Yeah, tune into the Webcast. Also see you at the Hukilau! Wait till ya see/hear our new material!


On 2006-09-20 07:10, professahhummingflowah wrote:
Also see you at the Hukilau! Wait till ya see/hear our new material!

Say what?! You're coming to Hukilau and playing? When did that happen? Where/when are you playing? This is news!


Whoops. Nevermind. Just found your thread in the music forum. That's excellent! Woo hoo!

Tonight we'll be airing a once-in-a-lifetime LIVE WEBCAST for all of you out there who haven't had the chance to see us live in your home village. 9pm, Eastern time, just tune in to http://www.WAITIKI.com.

Many surprises will also be aired as "commercials" (so to speak) during the webcast.

To whet your appetite, check out these:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P9k9nhJfJs - The Way to Okonkuluku

http://waitiki.com/media/flowerhumming.mov - Flower Humming

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSO4WAV46Yc - The Watermelon Husbandry Program at Okonkuluku U.

I'm pleased to announce that course offerings have been, or are about to be, recently or very soon, updated!

Please welcome Dr. Pablus De Rhumbarrel, our new featured faculty member!

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