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Buzzy's Career Retrospective: 2005-2010

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Buzzy's Career Retrospective: 2005-2010

2010 New stuff, currently in progress

Tiki #172 Torso Moai 2-23-10

Tiki #171 Skinny arm Big eye guy 2-20-10

Tiki #170 Tatt Marq 2-8-10

Tiki #169 Kanaloa wall hanger 1-20-10

2009 new stuff currently in progress

Tiki #159 Mini Tahitian drum #8

Tiki #165 Tambora (drum #12)

Tiki #166 Pahu #3 (drum #13)

Tiki #167 Wall hanger Ku

Tiki #168 Wall hanger Hawaiian

Recently finished pieces

Tiki #152 Tikiyaki Orchestra drum 6-25-09 (Drum #6)

Tiki #160 Martini Kings Conga Drum (Drum #9)8-14-09

Tiki #155 Dark Tahitian (Drum #7) 8-12-09

Tiki #163 Mini Hawaiian Pahu (Drum #11) 8-20-09

Tiki #162 Hawaiian Pahu (Drum #10)currently in progress

Tiki #147 & 148 Chair set 4-09-09

Tiki #146 Mock drum table 4-09-09

Tiki #151 Drum looking table set 2 of 2 5-22-09

Tiki #150 Drum looking table set 1 of 2 5-22-09

Tiki #145 3-29-09 7' Maori #1

Tiki #149 7'4" Maori #2

Tiki #142 #143 #144 3-26-09

There are more tikis shown below the Mini Tikis and Ceramics galleries

Mini Tiki Gallery

The carvings in this mini tikis section are here because they were carved using hand tools as opposed to mallet tools. The majority of these were carved with a hook knife

Mini tiki 43 and 44 5-21-09

Mini tiki #42

Mini tiki #41

Mini tiki #38

Mini tiki #37

Mini tiki #36

Mini tiki #35

Mini tiki #34

Mini tiki #33

Mini tiki #32

Mini tiki #31

Mini tiki #30

Mini tiki #29

Mini tiki #28

Mini tiki #27

Mini tiki #26

Mini tiki #25 and 24

Mini tiki #25

Mini tiki #24

Mini tiki #23

Mini tiki #22

Mini tiki #21

Mini tiki #20

Mini tiki #19

Mini tiki # 18

Mini tikis # 17 & #16

Mini tiki #14 2-22-07 ficus

Mini tiki #13

Mini tiki #12 2-13-07 9" ficus

Mini tiki #11 1-31-07 17" Carrotwood

Mini tiki #10 1-18-07 10" ficus

Mini tiki #9 1-16-07 11" ficus

Mini tiki #8 1-6-07 10" ficus

Mini tiki #7 1-3-07 5" ficus

Mini tiki #6 1-1-07 10" ficus

Mini tiki #5 12-20-06 6" basswood

Mini tiki #4 12-16-06 5.5" basswood

Mini tiki #3 12-14-06 9" basswood

Mini Tiki #2

Mini tiki #1

Mug #7

Mug #6

Mug #5

Mug #4

Mug #3

Mug #2

Mug #1


Ceramic Pendants:

Custom napkin rings:

matching S + P shakers

ClayCo Joe's tribute lava plaques:

Mini #1




Tiki Carvings:
Tiki #161 O-A Moa-I! 8-14-09

Tiki #158 MugquicKU

Tiki #157 Waist high Moai 6-29-09

Tiki #156 bali hai broken marq tribute

Tikis #153 & #154 6-11-09

Tiki #141 Drum #5 The Big Fat Drum

Tiki #140 Drum #4 The Rarotonga Conga

Tiki #139 Drum #3

Tiki #138 Drum #2

September/October 2008
Frankie's Tiki Room chairs:

Tiki 136

Tiki 135

tiki 134

tiki 133

Tiki 132

tiki 127

Tiki 131

Tiki 130

Tiki #129

Tiki #128

Tiki #126

Tiki #125

Tiki #124 Drum #1

Tiki #123

Tiki #122

Tiki #120 121

Tiki #119 sold unfinished

Tiki #118

Tiki #117

Tiki #116

Tiki #115

Tiki #114

Tiki #113

Tiki #112

Tiki #111

Tiki #110

Tiki #109 currently in progress

Tiki #108

Tiki #107

Tiki #106 Swamp Fire Lounge sign tiki

Tiki #105

Tiki #104

Tiki #103 carved from concrete slab

Tiki #101 + 102 Porch entry way support poles

Tiki #100

tiki #99

Tiki #98

Tiki #97

Tiki #96

Tiki #95

Tiki #94

Tiki #93

Tiki # 90,91,92

Tiki # 89

Tiki #88

Tiki #87

Tiki #85

Tiki #84

Tiki #83

Tiki #82

Tiki #81

Tiki #80

Tiki #79 unfinished

Tiki #78

Tiki #77

Tiki #76

Tiki #75 unfinished

Tiki #74

Tiki #73

Tiki #72 left

Tikis #69-71 30" custom matching barstools

Tiki #68

Tiki #67

Tiki #66

Tiki #65

Tiki #64

Tiki #63

Tiki #62

Tiki #61

Tiki #60: 01-23-07 2' Mexican fan palm

Tiki #59:

Tiki #58 4'6" 2-11-07 Mexican Fan Palm



55 (center)


53 unfinished



























24 (rt)

21-23 chairs

Footrest for chair





















Slash and Burns, log drawings, and face logs




6 (RT)






Custom Signs:

Construction and tropical decor:


with furniture

Match books:


by Buzzy

Benzart based stickers

Custom Logo designs:

Design Transfers and Sticker Manufacturing
Original Artwork and Designs by Cammo, manufactured by Buzzy


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Wuusssup with #51's crotch?

JTD posted on Fri, Nov 24, 2006 6:35 PM

Are those hands? Is he crapping somebody hands first?


What a great history. You have gotten a year older and wiser. Keep it up zzzzzzzzzzzzzy!

What's the addy for that live carving you do????!!!!


man thats a lot of Add Images To Your Post

Holy SHNIKEYS Batman!
I bow to your greatness!
I don't know whether to bookmark this under "awesome" or "amazing"


Hey Buzzy, who is the lucky one to get the 3 in-process pieces, #142, #143,#144? I'm really loving that #144, it looks like the cannibal piece I picked up this past summer. I posted pictures of it in the collecting tiki forum. Nice work..

NOTCH posted on Mon, Mar 2, 2009 8:07 AM

Holy sheep shit!!! Thats allot of work man! Awesome..


Dig your work Buzzy.How about selling me that old rotting rattan bar in your backyard?

hey buzzy, this is my new favorite thread. i get to see all your work without all the rambling. k'den, brah! i love your ramblings! and sunset pics!


And just think, THAT was just Last month's work, Wait till you see This Months stuff! :o :) :D


Amazing master Buzz...keep rocking the house!


Awesome body of work Buzzy !

Thanks for letting us all gaze at Pure Buzzy Artwork
and not those stupid sunsets! :)
What an output.....
what a range...
what a MAN!
Hail the Buzzman!


Wow, that's quite a portfolio! So, what do you do in your spare time?

kirby posted on Thu, Feb 25, 2010 8:56 AM

awsome buzzy!!thats alot of great stuff!! Is there any way you could post the stuff you carved with a screwdriver and a hacksaw,back in the day?? or was that scissors and pruning shears? Anyway great stuff,, keep on goin!!

i've been through this thread many times, but it still boggles the mind! i'm lucky to have a few of these. and hopefully more in the future. bravo buzzy!

TikiG posted on Thu, Feb 25, 2010 9:28 AM


Your family, this dynasty - one hell of a testament to your artistic and creative fertility.

My hats-off for you my friend...dare I say the brightest poly-pop fireball carver found in our universe? Okay I just did!! Drum-on :)

Buzzy what an impressive body of work, tiki bodies. Bravo. Wendy

PHENOMENAL . (period!)
Just incredible what you've done, pally.
BIG congrats!

Holy freaking crap thats a huge body of work. Buzzy you've only been doing this for five years? Wow.
I missed you at Monkeyman's chop last year but hope to meet you someday.


dang Buzz, what fun to see the body of work! really impressed by the range too.
you really instill a lot of joy into your tikis.
i particularly love the drums! lookin forward to the next 5 years!

Mad Alohas, Mr Toe

GROG posted on Thu, Feb 25, 2010 11:10 AM

Buzzy, you slacker.

a great body of work.......
its cool to see your progression over the years

Im proud to say i own a few of those great pieces

:o :o GOOD LORD MAN! :o :o


DAYUUMMM Buzzy..........

I think you must be the Hardest working tiki carver in town.

You Really Really make me proud, with your work ethics, your never ending inspiration,, your constant giving of your time and effort to impart all your knowledge to anyone wanting to learn,, your willingness to help out your fellow carvers anytime they need help,, and mostly with your Mountains of tiki carvings.

The Awesome Drums,

The Chairs

The Posters
The ceramics,
The stickers
and the list goes on and on and on
nd on

and on some more.

Just one request? edit the "Edited by's" from the end of your short post.

And the long one too?? :P :o

Awesome stuff from an Awesome guy!


What a phenomenal body of incredible, mind blowing work!!! I am in awe of your talents, Buzzy!

Keep 'em comin'!

Fantastic tikis- please hit me up as Torso Moai -172 comes along - thanks alot - later brian

Wow! All these comments to answer...
And one thread on TC was hard enogh for me to handle

Thanks all you guys, for all your support in so many different ways.

I'll go back and answer all your comments individually shortly. I starte dthis thread in Test a long while ago and couldn;t answer any post or it would be deleted. I have a few years worth of replys to catch up on.

In the meantime, I have a few updates to add of some finished pieces that I've done recently. I'll be posting them over the next little while.

Buzzy Out!

Tiki #159 Tahitian Back to Back Tiki Drum (Drum #8)

It's drum #8 when I started, but I finished it after I did drum # 13
This was a really challenging carve. I did the rough out of the drum many months before I finished the detail carving. It was the nicest piece of wood I've used for a drum that I've found. I wanted to really push the limits of it for this one, and it took me a while to come up with something different than the other Tahitian drums I did. In a flash of inspiration, I thought i'd give the back to back tikis on the legs a try...
I think that he finished product is the overall best drum I've done so far.

The three designs on the bell are "hidden" tiki faces. i made them as full bodied tikis as well. they're hard to see, but the designs under the faces are attempts at abstracted tiki bodies. I didn't want them to be too obvious, but to be just a little subtle:

And as a bonus, it sounds really good. Kind of like the loudest bongo drum you've ever heard.

Buzzy Out!

Mug #8-ClayCo Joe's Hapawood Lava Tiki Mug-Glazed by Babalu

This is my tribute the greatest company in the history of all companies: Coco Joe's

It's a one of one hand built slab mug, which sat on the kiln shelf since I sculpted it in January. Babalu got sick of looking at it, so he glazed it for me last week:

Wood grained background

ClayCo Joe's logo:

Luxurious red interior:

It features a short headress KU:

Another fine San Diego Tiki Factory product:

Buzzy Out!

Mini Tiki # Fortysomething- "Log Bob" Tiki Bob Tribute

I carved this tribute to a classic tiki icon from a piece of a coral tree (Erythrina) that grows in my yard:

Buzzy Out!

ur Tiki Bob very Rad .

Tiki #173 Tahitian tall Leg Tiki Drum (Drum #14)

This one started out as a prototype for barstool and it didn't quite work, so I hollowed out the seat and turned it into this drum:

I found a great piece of goat head for it:

It's actually a piece grade "B" hide, but I think it works much better than the "A" grade stuff. The b pieces come all natural looking and are moldy and discolored. They feel and sound better too..

The feet were reinforced with wood dowels so they will not snap off

Mini tiki #fortysomething else- Front Facing Moai Pendant

Carved from a scrap of Mexican fan palm with a hookknife:

Buzzy Out!

Tiki #167 Round head KU

This one was carved on a split log of Mexican Fan Palm. Although it can stand unsupported,it was made to be hung on a wall.

Buzzy Out!

Tiki #169 Kanaloa wall hanger

Another fan palm split log made to hang. This one stands unsupported as well:

Buzzy Out!

Tiki #168 Kaneloano

Another freestanding wall hanging split log Hawaiian Tiki carved from Mexican Fan palm

Buzzy Out!

Tiki #172 Torso Moai

I tried a different style of Moai for this one. It's done on a split log of Mexican Fan Palm.

Buzzy Out!

Wonnaful, wonnaful, wonnaful! As in "full of wonder"! If there ever was a an example for the Horn of Plenty that lies in Polynesian pop in terms of the variety of designs, and the infinite possible variations on them, your work is it. It is proof that copying and repeating stuff over and over is just not necessary. Tiki IS creativity, and you got it.


damn, thats a whole lotta tiki! loving your work, some really inspirational pieces here, especially love the porch support pole tikis :D they're fab, keep it up :D

Buzzy! Your latest installment of pieces- amazing! As some clown :wink: from TikiMag said, your diversity is your instant ace in the hole. Been watching the progress of #173 Tahitian Tiki Drum and it turned out beautifully. Smart call on the reinforcement should somebody go totally bongo-nuts on it. The "natural" Bob & Moai pendant are awesome. The #169 Kanaloa is stoically cool and the #167 Ku pretty much makes me tear up. The personality in that guy is huge.


get back to work...


Tiki #174 Bak2Bak Mark Hidden Face 35"t x 10.5"w x 5"d Carved out of Mexican Fan Palm

Buzzy Out!

Finally got to see the chairs you carved for Frankie's. If I were only a tad more unscrupulous I would have run out with a couple, though I probably would have tripped cause it's so damn dark in there. Good stuff!

Tiki #171 Big Eye Skinny Armed Guy- 42"tall x 6.5 diameter- Mexican fan palm

I wanted to see if I could do arm cut throughs on a real skinny log. I also made the head rather large.

Buzzy out!

:tiki: VOTE for BUZZY :tiki:

Tiki #164 Rounded Features Moai- Mexican Fan Palm 33"t x 9"w

I thought my stuff was looking a little too linear at the time so I tried to carve something that looked more rounded or "organic":

Buzzy Out!

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