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Online Hawaiian/Polynesian dictionary?

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Anybody know of a good English/Hawaiin translation site? It sounds silly, but I want to give my new kitten a Hawaiian name that describes her personality. Suggestions?

This is a sidenote but: The Hawaiian word for cat is popoki. Legend has it that the first time Hawaiians saw a cat was after a British sailing ship began to sink. On it was a woman and her cat; the cat got soaked during the ordeal and upon setting foot ashore, she replied "poor poor kitty, poor poor kitty". Thus the name.


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I love Mo'o and Lolo's Hawaiian Dictionary: http://www.hisurf.com/hawaiian/dictionary.html

I had someone write this to me, "Mahalo! 'Ae. Kane, Wahine, kehahi Makuakane! Aloha" I realise it's gibberish (Thank you, man, woman, uncle, etc.), but I couldn't get a translation for Kahahi, except that it's a place on The Islands. Any one know if it has a translation?

Couldn't find a translation, either. Maybe a compound word, or a person's name? Or maybe just made up, as a "sounds like Hawaiian" word.
Check this, in Google Books:
A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language: To which is Appended an English-Hawaiian Vocabulary
It's from 1865, 559 pages, and you can look at it online, or download as a PDF file (39MB!).
If "kahahi" were in there (it's not), it'd be on page 231.

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I have a Hawaiian dictionary. PM me if you want me to look up some words :)

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