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What's wrong with Miller Lite?

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Just Kidding!

They tried selling over here in the UK, but we just couldn't grasp the concept of 'Lite' beer. They then re-branded it and called it Miller Pilsner, but it still tasted like sh*te!

Trader Woody

Trader Woody,

I read an article in the Journal (I think) that said, although not light beer, mainstream American beer such as Bud and Coors are really big in the UK. Displacing such classics as Guiness and Harps etc...

Is this so? If it is, too bad.


Someone please tell me that's not true!

REminds me of an old English joke I heard once:

Why is American beer like making love in a canoe?

Because it's f*cking close to water!

I beleive that's an old Canadian joke (note it says "canoe", not "rowboat" or "dinghy".
Eric Idle just swiped it from us.

Credit where credit's due, eh?


I imagine you're right about that. And it was Eric Idle I heard tell it. Nice call!

Bud? Unfortunately, yes, it is pretty popular in the UK. But then we have had the very popular Caffrey's (NOT Boddingtons -- oops) beer recently relaunched with a lower alcohol content -- because, apparently, Englishmen couldn't hack it at its previous strength. A nation hangs its head in shame...

Can't say I've ever seen Coors, though. Or maybe I just averted my eyes... Actually, what has displaced ye old traditional English ale more than anything else is the dreaded alcopop -- you know, pretty bottle with a little bit of spirit plus toothrotting, neon-bright candy mixer to appeal to all those pre-teen alcoholics out there. And, of course, Vodka Red Bull.

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Don't get too worried, folks. If you go to an English pub, you won't have to drink American beer too often, if at all.

Lager-style beers are popular here, but the biggest sellers (by a long way) are Stella Artois & Kronenberg, which are European. You can get American beers on tap in the occasional pub....Bud/Miller usually. I've seen Coors once or twice, but didn't try it as I'm not a member of the KKK. Australian stuff like Fosters is also popular.
Tikifish, you'll be please to know Labatts makes an appearance in a few pubs too! Of course, virtually all these are actually brewed here under licence and bear little relation to what you'd get at home.

Proper British ale served at room temperature is actually starting to gain popularity again, and this will be boosted by a halving of tax on beer made by small breweries, announced a few weeks ago. When you see how much beer tax we pay, you'll realise this is incredibly good news for real beer lovers.

Guinness is in virtually every pub, of course.

Trader Woody

What's wrong with Miller Lite?

Well, I can never decide if it tastes great or if it's less filling!

On 2002-05-21 03:37, Tiki Chris wrote:
Well, I can never decide if it tastes great or if it's less filling!

Must be less filling...have you ever tasted it? :P

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