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testing the siggy


[ Edited by: VampiressRN 2007-02-08 20:50 ]


[ Edited by: VampiressRN 2007-02-08 20:53 ]

OK.....maybe not success....hmmm. Testing the siggy and not being successful. Tets are so much fun....:)

Yeah....not I just need to build myself a VampTiki picture.

had to put the Bond back in my siggy

sometimes a test is very revealing

From the Lagoon of Liquidspaceman...

Ok, Vamp... From one Sacramentain to another, how did you post a picture in your sig area? I haven't found anyway to do that in the edit profile page.

:tiki: Liquidspaceman, over and out :tiki:

Gheeez...I don't make it over here very often...sorry for answering so late. I put a link to the image...but it has to be a small pic....more on the size of a avatar. I will try to post some more pics in my siggy as I am not very good at this. :)

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