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Any suggestions for Pu-pu Platter inclusions?

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My lovely wife, Princess Kukana, grabbed a really groovy Pu-pu tower (three tiers, space for a mini-hibachi on top) for $3 at a thrift store last weekend. It's a thing of beauty, of course, but I'm not exactly sure of what to do with it. Since it's made of wood I would be reluctant to put anything wet or saucy into any of it's 8 pu-pu bowls. Anybody got any suggestions?

I guess I would just line the bowls with aluminum foil to prevent any despoilment.
What's the story behind your wife's moniker?

[ Edited by: SlovakTiki on 2003-01-12 08:54 ]The Red Dragon in Minneapolis serves something called shrimp toast in their pu-pu platter and it's pretty tasty. It is a little greasy but not much.

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At the Bali Hai they serve "Pele's Nachos" They're exactly like Nachos only they're made with fried wonton skins instead of corn chips. MMMMMMMM Pele's Nachos. Also egg rolls, paper wrapped chiken, beef and chiken skewers, fried shrimp, shrimp toast and dumplings.


mmm. Shelley's post made me hungry!

my favorite on-line hawaiian recipies are:


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Pele's Nachos!?! MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!! Sounds terrific! I've been to the Suresave Recipe site a few times before. They have some Tremendous Ideas. Also visited a Tapas restaurant on Friday just to see what was what. Pu-pu and Tapas are, of course, the same thing in different languages. I thought the Coconut Encrusted Shrimp sounded doable.
Thanks, too, for mentioning Shrimp Toast, Al. Believe it or not... My mother used to make that for Cocktail parties back when I was a child (which, of course, could've been LAST WEEK according to my wife). That stuff is Yummy!
Great idea too, SlovakTiki, about the Aluminum Foil. Princess Kukana had already suggested using Banana Leaves to line the wooden bowls. As to her moniker... It was generated by the Coconut Boys on their website http://www.hisurf.com/hawaiian/names.html . There you can type in a name (in her case Susan) and it will spit out an Hawaiian Translation. I can't imagine why anyone in Hawaii would've ever wanted to say "Susan" before the evil white man got there and taught them how to play string instruments, but I guess they might have. Or, maybe, the Coconut Boys just made it all up. Anyhow, she is princess of our own little island up here on the hill in Blue Ridge, SC. She rules, with a velvet fist, her loyal subjects: Stella (a Plott Hound), Inez (a Mutt who's Mother is a Plott Hound) and Myself. AND, boy howdy, she is a GREAT SHOPPER when it comes to Pu-pu Platters!

What a COOL website, Traitor Vic (the Hawaiian name generator)! That's maybe even better than the Prison Bitch name generator. I musta wiled away quite a few minutes of should-have-been-grading-quizzes time there, popping in everyone's names!

signed, "Aleka", aka Alice (Oh! I didn't try Formica - back to the Hawaiian Name Generator! Somehow I kinda doubt it's gonna be Formikahini...)

Update: as I feared, Formica doesn't appear as an English name in their database. Gee, I wonder why...

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I know of a hawaiian appetizer that is delicious and wonderful but unfortunately do not know what they are called. I had them in a restaurant in Florida years ago.

You need: Water Chesnuts, Bacon & Pineapple. A broiler pan in best for them.

  1. First, wrap the water chesnuts in strips of bacon ( I cut bacon strips in half so that there's not too much ).

  2. Pierce a toothpick right through the middle. I try to get pointed and thicker toothpicks for this treat.

  3. Preheat the oven to about 400 and let them cook for about 20 minutes.

  4. Once they are almost finished I place a piece of fresh pineapple on the end of the toothpick and brush them with pre-prepared peanut oil/garlic/ & pineapple juice mixture. Bake them for 10 more minutes.

  5. The last 5 minutes they're in the oven I usually place them on the bottom oven rack and turn it to broil.

They're delicious!

This sounds like Rumaki (sp?). Very good indeed!

Wow! Thanks to you guys this is turning out to be one of the best questions I ever asked! Very cool recipes and suggestions so far. Thanks, guys (and gals)! Someday I'll have to invite everyone out for a Pu-Pu Extravaganza!!!

I say, Aleka? er, whereabouts can one find that Prison Bitch name generator?


Tikivixen, aka Lisa, aka Lika, which is almost as dull as Lisa...

but...when you put in Elizabeth, which Lisa is short for...

No dirty jokes, please, Mr. Smiley already made them ALL.

In case Aleka doesn't get back in here quickly enough ,The Prison Bitch Name Generator is at http://www.prisonbitchname.com/ . I gotta warn you, though... It can be mean and insensitive. It called me Fat Boy.

This is hilarious, I was looking for pu pu platter recipes elsewhere and the Tiki Room pops up.

Anyway, if you're not too concerned about the look of your set, I picked up a new "s'mores" set at a local thrift shop for a dollar or so, and it has the hibachi part ready to go, plus a tray, plates and forks like a fondue sets. They're still for sale all over the place, as Hersheys s'more sets.

While I wouldn't recommend the whole kit, it's not so great, the hibachi part is great.

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