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3rd Annual Gala-Tiki Show & Party at DvAGallery

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DaTiki posted on Thu, Mar 8, 2007 1:55 PM

Yes it's that time of year again! DvA Gallery is celebrating it's 3rd Anniversary Saturday, June 23rd from 4-11pm and we are celebrating with another tiki party and show! We have yet another great line-up of artist and some new one-of-a-kind collectable decanters by our friends at Tiki Farm which are going to be hand painted by your favorite artists such as Squid, Flounder, Thor, Kirsten Easthope, Tiki Tony, Sam Gambino, Moritz R., Mitch O’Connell, Drew Brophy,Derek Yaniger and Alan Forbes to name a few. YES- there will be a preview here on Tiki Central and will also do some presales. To make it fair for everyone, I will not hold or save any decanters. Once they are placed for sale on Tiki Central, it will be first come first served so keep checking back!

Also a special treat is that both Holden from Tiki Farm and Nick Camera are planning on flying up to Chicago for this event so come help me greet them!

Lastly, because of the huge response and success last year, I will be doing DaTiki's Challenge again where I give away freebies everyday during the last week leading to the event. I think I need to come up with harder questions this time though. One of the prizes will be a blank Rocketship Decanter so you can design it yourself!

As always, DvA Gallery events are free, open to the public and kid friendly. Food and appitizers will be provided Rum drinks coutesy of Voodoo Rum and LIVE music by The Cocktail Preachers.The Lovely gals at Mana-Pasifika will also be back for your entertainment! Hope to see you all there! http://www.dvagallery.com


I just got this image from the amazing Sam Gambino for the Tiki Show. Thanks Sam!


This was a lot of fun last year. I hope we have great warm weather again. I also hope that I remember to drink more water and maybe a bit less rum.

cant wait!


Today I received these two amazing decanters by Mr. G. and Derek Yaniger!

Mr. G.

Derek Yaniger

Those are both Too Much! This is gonna be great seeing 'em as they come down the chute! You need to take a shot of all of 'em at the show! Mind-Blowing!

Here's my decanter for the DvA Gala Tiki show complete with planets, satellites, galaxies and comets. I dug out all of my space age LPs for inspiration. Thanks for looking!


that's hot!! i'll bet that little bastard david snaps this one up for himself to go along with the painting you did for his gallery!!

..i gotta say, the graphics on the decanters this year are outstanding and far beyond the mugs they did last year...should be quite a show!! looks like everyone is going all out this year!!

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Just soeveryone know- Not only is there going to be decanters but lots of paintings too! Here are a couple that I just received. Enjoy!

Mike Maas

Jampur Fraize

Those two are sweet! Especially "Ritual of the Sausage" , that one is just frickin' hilarious!


Just wanted to share with you some more pics of some of the artwork for the show.

Mark "Atomos" Pilon

Nathan Ota

Jason Chalker

Hey!!! That's tonight! Have a Great Show Mr. van Alphen!

Hey Ruzik,
If you can sober up and edit this quickly no one will know you were off by a week. :lol:


HA! Way to call him out. Thank God it's not this week cause I'm definitly not ready.

Hey Ruzik,
If you can sober up and edit this quickly no one will know you were off by a week.

I would edit that post but then you're message is already on there...
Busted indeed...
Have a great show this UPCOMING weekend! :lol:
What were we talking about?


Thought we should post this here as well as the Exotica thread:

Starting this Saturday at the 3rd Annual Gala Tiki Show & Party there will be a limited number of tickets for Exotica 2007 available at the DvA gallery. Everyone who purchases their ticket at DvA will get a limited edition serigraph from Exotica 2005 featuring the art of Dr. Alderente. These are special prints with an experimental blue pearl base-coat instead of white stock background that was used for the edition. If you plan to attend Exotica this summer and have been waiting to get your ticket, here is a great opportunity to grab your ticket and pick up a rare print as well. There are less than 2 dozen of these pearlescent serigraphs and they will only be available at the DvA gallery.

The DvA Tiki show is looking extra fine this year. We are looking forward to the opening, see you there!



On 2007-06-22 08:54, teaKEY wrote:

Hey, how come you didn't make the show?!?!


On 2007-06-24 18:50, BambooLodge wrote:

On 2007-06-22 08:54, teaKEY wrote:

Hey, how come you didn't make the show?!?!

You didn't see the tall guy?

talk about awsome....so we went up to dva for this, as we've done each year, and i was especially excited to see the decanters all in person...they were all wonderful, but what rules is that today is my birthday, and it turns out , my wife got me my favorite decanter from the show (mark pilons decanter)....im so psyched to own this great piece!


Awesome. Glad to hear it arrived on time. You've got a great gal there. Happy birthday bro.

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