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Lost job-Need the tiki gods on my side...

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Well sort of waiting and seeing but the owner said he was 99% sure that it would close. I'm a photographic artist for this huge photo lab and is contracted out by them. They just sold to Kodak for 62 million smackers(other labs included) but it doesn't look promising so I'm in the glum. Someone else is buying the labs from Kodak anytime and the owner believes they'll close the doors-UGH!!!!!Worse Monday ever, where's a mai-tai when u need one.

Check your private messages on this site.

Damn! That's sortuva sucky birthday present! May it lead to better things, Divychic!


Don't dispair! I've always found better things after being 'asked to leave the building' accompanied by the security guard.

After the last 'incident' with the chainsaw at Weenie Barn, I thought my career as chief fry cook was over. I thought I would not be able to enjoy another job that didn't entail rancid grease and moldy fries. I was wrong. All wrong.

I went back to school and finished up the ol' GED and now I'm a highly paid goberment worker! It's easy. See, when you work for the government, there ain't no boss or owner of the company to see if anyone's really working. As a matter of fact, how do you think I became the number one (numero uno in Espanol) poster here at TC. Huh?

Anyway, I want you to know we're always here for you. You know what? There's a position open right now here at the City I work for. It's an accountant postition. Don't know accounting, as we say in government - NO PROBLEMO!

Hang in there! Good things happen to good people (and Goberment workers).


Thanks everyone, I needed that little boost. I've done this job for 13 years and there's nothing like it here in town so I'm in a real limbo to say the least. I know something better is out there. But my main priority is having extra cash to make some of these trips to meet ya'll:) Thanks again...

Bong, THANK YOU. You cheered ME up too. Jeez, mebbe we all need to work fer the guvmint...
Divychic, I wish you tons of luck. And...don't know much about Florida...but Bradenton isn't far from the Mai Kai, right? Comparatively anyway? I'll buy you a drink in June, no matter what! :)

Sorry to here the bad news Divychic,
I lost two, yes count them two jobs last year. One @ Lucent Tech. that I loved and paid great, the other was more of a rebound job after Lucent. Trust me you will get sick of here people say "Well everything happens for a reason" but after six months of being laid-off I believe their were right for I have found the perfect place for me. And I know you will too, just keep your head about you and enjoy the employment line.
Later Days, TikiJones

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