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ANOTHER New England Gathering (New Tiki-4/14)

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Spring is springing up all around, and its time for the 1st annual New Tiki Spring Fling.

New Tiki
Westford, MA
April 14th, 2007
7:00pm (coktails in the lounge with anyone who wants to show up early)

If the date doesnt work for the majority, we can move it.

Who's in?


I'm in!

It might just work for me.


Can't say no... & as it's only 10 miles from home I might even get to taste a Mai Tai! I'm in...



Make sure someone reminds me, a couple of days before the 14th & I'll see what I have in the archives, for old Tiki mugs or whatever else I can find.

Make sure you say hi, when you arrive. I'm not usually there that early on a Saturday, but our new Bar Manager "Sonny", will make sure you're welcomed.

Anyone want to come up with a Poster for the Lobby, announcing a visit from the World's Most Active Tiki Club?

Any special requests, you'd like added to our Juke Box for the occassion? I can add most any song ever recorded, unless it's on Sony Records.

Do you want to use one of our function rooms or is having the lounge pretty much to yourself, more appropriate?

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Thanks for "Red Carpet" treatment!!

In answer to some of your questions, I think most of us prefer the lounge to the back room. We kind of like to bask in the glow of a place. Explore it a bit, see what ancient treasures are hung on the walls, behind the bar, etc, and take lots of pictures (if thats ok with you)

As far as music is concerned, I think most of us appreciate good exotica....Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, and of course, the Voodoo album by Drasnin (my personal favorite). You get any of that stuff on the juke, and you'll have one happy TC crowd!

Alot of us are mug freaks, so if you unearth anything outback that you're willing to part with, that'll make everyones day as well.

In the end though, none if it is neccesary. The fact that you're keeping the Tiki spirit alive in New England makes you aces with us.

Good food, good drink, and atmosphere is what drew most of us in to this whole scene (the drinks especially!), and we look forward to sampling yours! Should be a good time, and we'll try not to get too rowdy.


Thanks pappy!! Right link (movies of the HuKeLau show are at the bottom of that link) but the wrong thread. Anyway, whoever wants to come to the HuKeLau show next sat (3/24) let me know by monday and I'll get us seats together.



gotta get outta' this snow and tikify wid ya all .....we'll get directions and do something besides tapping maple trees!.....looking forward to some classic surf music too (in addition to exotica)..at least "Pipeline"..gotta dance a little .....see you soon


I'm making sure this trip is a go for us. I need the fix man:)

New Tiki - Thanks for the hospitality! Don't go to out of the way for us. But at the same time don't let me stop you.

To the usual crew - I can't wait to see you guys again. The 14th it is!


This space for rent.

Double posted - sorry!

[ Edited by: johnman 2007-03-18 10:05 ]

Just bumping this one up.

Only a couple of weeks away. w00t!!


For those of you that have myspace: New Tiki

For those of you that don't: New Tiki Web address



Hi Guys--I'm new here.
Is this the Tiki Lau???
I'm in Chelmsford, MA


Yes, this is the old Tiki Lau, now under new management and getting repairs (the eyes glow now!!) and fresh paint and a new interest in proper tiki drinks and such.

I've marked 04/14 on my calendar for the New Tiki.
I hope nothing comes up that will put a kink in
the plans. This will be my first outing and I'm looking forward
to meeting you all and making some new friends!
I hope to see you in Westford.

I might have to come alone this time. :(
I don't want to miss this event, but Traci might have to stay behind for work.



I'm planning on making an effort to get to this shindig. Solidarity! Maybe we can get Waitiki to show up and make a pitch for the band! A tiki lounge needs a tiki band!


Well I can't help but laugh... We here in Tiki starved Mass are all a buzz about the makeover of a centrally located Tiki Bar. I count 3 threads running about New Tiki! Just in case you didn't see the website map with the big arrow pointing to where it is, New Tiki is right off of 495 and really easy to find. Can't wait to see everyone I've already met and some new faces too.

I think that we might want to skip the Karaoke though?


P.S. in case New Tiki is reading Mugs soon?


Skipping the Karaoke will be easy enough by staying in the tiki-less dining room. We may wish to meet a little early (6:30?) to give us time to enjoy the lounge before the karaoke starts. I don't see much reason to stay in the dining round - it's aged, faded, and has no tiki ornamentation of any kind.

But I'll be staying for the Karaoke - well, my wife will be, and I'll be staying for her.


leaving before Karaoke?!?!?!?!

You dont wanna do that. You'll miss the Bargoyle's Tribute to Tom Jones! :wink:

Make sure you all bring underwear to throw at Bargoyle!!!


Hey can you believe it? Spring is right around the corner and only a few people had a foot of snow yesterday! My turn to bump this post up. Only a week away! Hope to see lots of people next Saturday!


We shall be there. Traci even rescheduled a work thing so we could be there.


Rain posted on Sat, Apr 7, 2007 5:20 AM

we're in... johnman is coming by to kidnap us :)


Dang, we're going to have a dozen people coming to this... Cool.


Our burlap sacks are ready to transport Rain and Leila. I'll bring the clubs as well in case they give us a hard time getting in the bags.

One week to go!


tikicat and I are going to give it a go (even thou she flies to N.C. from Ct. at 6 am the next morning!) .....guess I'll be driving and she'll be" flying"(nonstop!).....we still have to figure out dog sitters (3 shepherds).....so now to get a map!

Wow, this one may be the biggest gettogether yet!


Wow....I've loved watching this restaurant change around ALOT! I live like 10 miles from the place! If I was older than 19 and not at college I'd totally hit that up.

RIP Tiki Lau......Aloha New Tiki!

Woo Hooooo!!!

Get this, my gig for that night is from 7:00 - 9:00 in Bolton, MA!!!!

Which means, if I hightail it out of there right after our performance ("All Summer Long" a Beach Boy tribute band I play bass in)I can make it to the New Tiki easily since it's literally on my way home!!!!!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing so many of you!

This just in, my wife is free too! So expect us after 9:00.

You never know, we might have some other members of the band with us too, since they'll already be wearing Hawaiian shirts.

[ Edited by: The Granite Tiki 2007-04-09 12:16 ]


A momentous occasion! Getting excited to see everyone... Now did anyone remember to remind New Tiki that we are descending on them?



I pm'd new tiki but no response....yet

If anyone has a myspace acct, you may wanna remind them via a message thru there as well.

[ Edited by: Bargoyle 2007-04-09 19:18 ]

Please post lots of pix, as I will have to participate vicariously, and in the past tense.

Bargoyle, I alerted him via myspace today.



Sent Brian (New Tiki's real name) an e-mail he is ready for us and is planning on being there. On a sad note Jukebox guy has not downloaded exotica yet... 4 days there might be enough time!



There will be NO Karaoke on Saturday night. The only Karaoke we now have, is a Karaoke contest on Wednesday night. Thursday night is a DJ & there are live bands on Friday & Saturday nights. This week, the "Big Time Trio" will be playing.

I hope the Juke Box will be loaded with the appropriate music by Saturday. If not, the music is still available via instant download.

I have new Scorpian Bowls ... no Volcano.

I found a couple of boxes of old Coconut Mugs, which are now at the bar.

So far, I've only found 1 original Tiki Mug, that looks like it's from the 60's or 70's. I'm sure there are more hidden somewhere, but I haven't found them yet.

I've been fighting with my Bar Manager & Beer Distributor, to get rid of the neon "Bud Light" sign that's now behind the Beer Taps ... we'll see if I win that battle by Saturday. I did bring in one Chinese Beer, but their promotional material is limited.

The Moai has had the red "eye" lights replaced, but I haven't taken it off the building for refinishing, yet ... waiting for warmer weather for that task.

Just so no one is surprised & disappointed, the sculpture we affectionately refer to as the "Virgin Budda" has been moved from behind the bar, to the front wall and a big screen TV has been mounted on the bar wall. With the Red Sox's recently popularity, it's become a necessary evil ... especially with Opening Day coming this week.

I should be there on Saturday night.

See you all then.


major refurbishment going at the New Tiki I see! Awesome!


let not winter's memory
nor spring's weak shove
detour our noble purpose
with mirth and ferment milk
this transport toward the sun
will come from tiki eye !

......lets' give em' something to talk about !


Everything sounds great to me.

But no more weekend Karaoke? My wife will be bummed out.

Whew! No Karaoke! :)

Can we throw underwear at Bargoyle anyway?


Sure!! Why not!

I wear boxers...size Large, so throw plenty of them!!

heh heh :wink:

I just haven't said anything for awhile....



3 more days!


let's make sure to remind the weather gods! I'm setting my fans on high and pointing North ! .....sandals NOT snowshoes!

Just as long as the snow gods stay away, we'll be all set. But I'm ready to make a few sacrifices to the god of Mai Tais!


Just checked out the local weather... the Tiki Gods must be smiling: Partly cloudy with a high of 52 on Saturday! Sounds perfect!


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