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First 4' hand carved tiki in the works............

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[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-01-09 12:21 ]

So if we are not a "seasoned carver" you won't value our opinion?

Well, right now your TIKI is really dark and has no detail to it, maybe you should lighten up the photo.

And yes, tons of money to be made.
Quit your job and start right away.

Have no brakes
Cannot stop
Mahalo to you

[ Edited by: thebaxdog on 2003-01-27 08:18 ]

Damn, Bax...Lighten up! Cool, TF- Post your pics on the thread titled "Carving Post"...Everybody's been kind of cataloging there.

[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-01-09 12:21 ]

Tikifreak & Basement,

You're talking trash Southern boys. Baxdog is a builder of custom homes, which would smoke anything you both could put out.

Tikifreak, if you a gonna use them thar fourin words, spell 'em right - Ciao!

You really have to know Bax to understand his sense of humor. He really is a smart-ass but if you knew him, you'd know it was all in good fun.

Damn, Freak, you're probably being a little tough on Bax. I don't think he meant it quite that harshly. Bong- Timberframes, Adirondacks, and stacked stone houses are everywhere up here in these beautiful mountains. Some might blow a California mind (Ted Turner's $28,000,000 house right up the road from me has 90 acres of rushing trout stream and looks like the lodge at Yellowstone!), but I'm sure Bax's stuff is very nice, too. When I go bi-coastal we'll talk turkey, Bax... (It'll be Washington or Oregon though....I like it cold and cozy! )

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2003-01-27 17:38 ]

By the way, (I) only said lighten up. No harm meant. I got an H-bomb explosion out of a snap and pop.

I'm always interested in seeing any carvings of tikis, let's see 'em. JT

[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-01-09 12:22 ]

I'm just a sad little hobbit that sits in the corner and waits for people to pounce on?
Well, because that is my only talent.
I can't carve, I can't sing, I can't dance.
When I'm asleep I am a really nice guy.
I really do like everyone, until I meet them.
It's kinda like a small dog
The more I love you the more I want to bark and hump your leg, but once in a while I will curl up and rest.
But don't make a sound, cause I'm a light sleeper and I'll be right back on your leg again.
If you prefer think of my postings like Charlie Browns teacher.
OH ya I foregot
I can throw a hell of a party (talent#2)
Bong and Pop I would take a bullit for you anyday.
I would have to have feelings to hurt them.

And my new favorite line (movie)
(you)= who's there
go FUCK yourself
stomach cramp

boxing gloves!! Or, tiki throwing! I'll bet 100 on Bax.

I bought a tiki from some alleged carver (it was a hack job) in Florida last year. When I called the guy he sounded like a complete red-neck moron, ala Gomer Pyle.

At that time I made a generalization about Floridians.

This thread needs to go away now. Make Mai Tais not war! "Catch Me If You Can" was a great movie. Anyone who digs vintage anything and a good shell game should see it!

[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-01-09 12:23 ]

Bax has incredible balance also. He was working the balance board thing like Richard Simmons at the BOOM BOOM ROOM.

[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-01-09 12:23 ]


Does Florida consistently get any decent surf? It's been breaking a consistent 4 to 6' here.

[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-01-09 12:23 ]


Weather in the 70's, water temp is 56. If you're out Cali way, let me know as we have a number of members that always looking to hook up and surf.

[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-01-09 12:24 ]


I'm sure you're cool also. Sorry about getting a bit defensive over my bud Baxdog. It's just that I raised the little shit since he first showed up one morning on my doorstep.

You should've seen him. A little fur ball stuffed into a basket. A few empty beer cans next to him. Some easy-reader porno mags in his knapsack. After I gave him a shave, me and the misses named him Baxdog.

The first 40 years of raising him were pretty rough though. Hell, it took that long just to train him to go potty in the box as he wasn't allowed to use the inside facilities.

He still has a problem drinking from his sippy tiki mug. But at 6'3" and 240 lbs he's kinda cute with his little bib and booties on.

Sometimes I forget that most, well essentially all, people think he's a real A-hole at first. I mean how many people do you know immediately sniff the crotch of women when they first meet 'em. I tried to teach him to wait to do that until at least the second introduction.

Anyway, Baxdog is the kinda guy that would give you the hair off his back if you needed it. And believe me, there's enough to weave a carpet!

Okole Maluna!

I was going to stay clear away from this thread but since things have cooled down a little I think I will put my toes in the water. First, Aloha Tiki freak welcome to the oddball menagerie know as Tiki Central. Post up your pics when you get em and lets see what the Southern carvers are comin up with.Tiki_Bong, Florida = Gomer Pyle? I tot bruddah Gomer stay in Mayberry. I neva heard of no Mayberry Florida brah! After reading your description of Baxdog. He sounds more like Gollum than the hobbit he described himself as. Glad to here you are getting surf on a regular basis. I wanked my ankle and was out for a the last month. Finally got out yesterday into some crisp and peaky 3-5' rollers. Good clean, chilly fun! Baxdog, I am afraid to close my eyes for fear of the image of you humping a leg has been burned into my mind. How come you never roasted me when I was new (look over 100 posts of crapola) c'mon man, I am feeling left out.
Thanks for keeping it interesting, I wish I could take you all home with me. Wait a minute you all are here in my home. How do I turn this thing off.

[ Edited by: Chongolio on 2003-01-28 17:17 ]

[ Edited by: tikifreak on 2004-12-20 12:30 ]

Bongdaddy, remember the last time I gave you the hair off my back, I almost froze(sp) to death. And I want to know, after 40 years under your wing why can't I surf? I brought the ball back every time, I ate that Puka-new-ba food everyday. The only time I complained was that day with the peanut butter. And talk about surfbored, I had to sit and watch you dogpaddle around outside the waves.
OH Chiki, what were you doin' at the Boom Boom?
Come-on folks the only post I was ever angry on was the 2nd post I had ever written. The Author,Bong the subject matter was, How can anyone into TIKI not drink. Well after that it's been fun all the way. And Bong has become, well, More than a father let's say.
Chongolio-olio-O I don't know what wild hair makes me post, there are so many to choose from(hairs that is). And your name, I guess I figuered that was enough for you.(ok, not so funny)
So here is a little of my "vibe"
Anyway, I don't build log homes. I build mostly custom homes from the ground up. And only in the 1 to 10 mill range. As always, I never have enough time to work on my own house, but we are chipping away at it.

Remember the only thing in Bong's life that is a consistent 4" to 6" is in his night stand with 4 AA batteries and a kick start.

T-freak I left a link to faq's in your picture thread to help you post pic's not make fun.
type at ya la8r

Thanks Bax. Still seem to be having trouble, but I think it's getting there. Cool. Was much appreciated.


Aloha Dudes,
Not trying to be mean but how come most Florida tiki carvers lean towards Mai Tiki style?
As per giving out answers and ideas, I'm keeping quiet for now on cause there are a lot of newcomers invading the waters. You's have to figure it out on your own like I did many moons ago. Peace!

O.k. who's mai tiki????????? No, this is MYTIKI. I have many other different ideas for this dude and ones to come. It's my first.....give me a break. It's not even near finished. Believe me, it will have a style of it's own only to be copied by others I'm sure once it's seen.......it's a free world, I do not care. It's all about the "art" involved to me, not trying to mimick someone else for profit. I appreciate what you say Ben, seriously, but when I think of a tiki...this is what I think of....and most other people too I'm sure. I have been sculpting tikis out of clay for years before I decided to try this and they looked like that too.....it just the way I have always pictured them I guess. Don't know why ALL Florida carvers seem to carve alike....guess were just a little different I suppose. A good friend of mine who carves has a web site...check his stuff...it's different http://www.madcarves.com His name is Kres Baker. Maybe you have heard of him. Very good surfer.......

Thanks for your reply Ben. Any answer on wrapping the bamboo to tie it together? what do you use?


On 2003-01-29 08:52, tikifreak wrote:
O.k. who's mai tiki?????????

...seriously, but when I think of a tiki...this is what I think of....and most other people too I'm sure.

TF, your style is very Floridian. It shows what kind of an impact Wayne Coombs has on carvers in that area. Here's what Bamboo Ben was talking about:


BTW - The tiki looks great!

Thanks Pop for the compliment, but why the quote???? Was that meant to be funny? Not sure how you meant that exactly......

Yes, most tikis around here do look sorta like the Mai Tiki I guess you could say. It's what I have been accustomed to seeing therefore it's what I invision I guess and like. It's the style I groove on...."The Florida Style"! Now who's Wayne Coombs? Any website address for him.

Take it easy Pop. Thanks again!!!!


Ok. Pop I got ya now. Wayne is the Mai Tiki guy....I did not read into the website until now. I just did a quick view with the link you gave me.....AWESOME stuff. I like his style. It's similar to mine;) Imagine that. two great artistic minds that can think and carve alike!!! (laugh)....and both in Florida. I see other styles I just do not care for, flat , no detail, but I respect the person for doing what they are doing with the imagination they have. I'm sure there are lot of people who do not like my style as well. It's all good though. We ALL have our own taste and opinions. Everybodys different in one way or the other Pop. Mine will not look like his exactly when I am done with it...don't worry!

T. Freak

GECKO posted on Wed, Jan 29, 2003 4:10 PM

Howzit braddahz,

eh how come I cannot see da tiki carving?
I like see em.... da pictcure wen neva come up?


eh how come I cannot see da tiki carving?

It's on this thread:

GECKO posted on Wed, Jan 29, 2003 5:21 PM

Tanks bradda SuggaCane Caddy you da man!!!

Eh Tikifreak howzit dude? I see u wen get da official welcome from da TC old timer local boys, Bong, Bax, Pop an dem. (F U and da Aloha spirit all on da same tread)funny. those guys wen been here fo eva.

Good job on da tiki. Is it sitting on anudda log o'dats how u wen carved em? cannot tell ya. Ok, I like go merinate on da couch now,
shoooooootz peopo!

Welcome to Tiki Central!!! One day we'll be your best friend, the next your worst enemy. The next, your worst enemy, the next your best friend. And, so on and so on........Now get carvin!! Try it blind folded next time!! Ahhhhhhh just kidding. (see, enemy. Best friend!) Art is in the eye of the beholder! Aloha'ssssss!

Hey thanks Sugardaddy for the link to Gecko. You rock.

And thanks Gecko for the cool vibe. No it's not on another log, but it's going to be. Think I might try to make it a full body like was mentioned to me by another member. I have enough room on it I think. I really dig the art your doing. It's very cool. Is this a hobby or a sole business for you? Hey by the way, how have the waves been lately there. It just totally sucks here.....always. Have some friends who just got back from the North Shore...said it was ragin'. What Island are you on? Never been over just yet. Always seem to end up in Costa Rica. Costa's very mellow...and cheap! I hear some of the heavy locals do not take too kindly to Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Howlie Boy's out in the line-up there where you are unless you charge it and prove your no puss;) True eh?.....Mahalo.


Hey Ben, I dig what you say. It's like that with my bro's here. We rag, get serious, rag, get serious.....and so forth. Next tiki will be totally different. Going to have to try the blindfold thing. Sounds interesting!

Anybody......I know they usually have gatherings or shows for people who carve stuff, but are there any just for tiki carvers. I would like to check out some work if they do. Any in Florida ever?

As far as I know, there's no specific show for carvers only. There is however, a Tiki Central gathering at the Mai Kai this summer. It's being organized by Swanky and Tiki Kiliki and sponsored by Tiki Farm. Here's a link for more info:


There's also a few threads here on TC regarding this event. Here's one:


Thanks Pop! Going to see what it's all about...


Eh tikifreak,
Tanks fo da props, right now I do it as a part time buisness. I will be selling at da Aloha stadium in about a month or two. It's hard to build invintory[sp] wen you do it part time.

Oh, an da swell at da north shore and sunset is to huge fo me! 17 to 20+ ft. NO TANKS CUZ!!

What tool(s) are you using to carve with? I've been thinking about carving some tikis about the size of yours. I've done some smaller ones using a wood chisel and hammer.

On 2003-01-28 07:47, thebaxdog wrote:

It's kinda like a small dog
The more I love you the more I want to bark and hump your leg, but once in a while I will curl up and rest.
But don't make a sound, cause I'm a light sleeper and I'll be right back on your leg again.

I did a little research into this behavior and this is what the experts at Petsmart have to say:

"Between this behavior and eating their own feces, it seems that dogs have cornered the market on disgusting behavior. You may be surprised to learn that this behavior isn't necessarily sexual. Puppies of both sexes do it to each other as away of testing their relationships. But it's still disturbing. Take heart: Unless your dog's leg humping is a sign of dominant behavior -- a more serious overall behavioral problem than leg humping in and of itself -- you can probably break yourpet of the habit. (If the real issue is dominance, you'll need to watch your own behavior, making sure you give your pet the firm message that you're the one in charge.)

One quick way to get the message across to your dog that leg humping isn't going to win him any friends is to give him a blast of clean water from a spray bottle when you see that he's about to start in. Repeat the correction each time he repeats the action, and he'll give it up.

A loud noise is one way to distract your dog from what he's doing. Clap your hands, slap your hand on a table, or use an air horn. At the same time, tell the dog "No" in a stern voice.

For adults, leg humping is a slightly embarrassing experience. But for a small child confronted with a large dog, it can be truly frightening. If your dog is a habitual humper, you need always to supervise his interactions with people, especially
children, and correct him firmly each time he attempts it.

One easy way to lessen the likelihood that your male dog will become a chronic leg humper -- and to avoid all sorts of other problems -- is to have him neutered by the time he's six months old. If you wait much longer than that, the operation may not have much effect on this behavior. "

[ Edited by: cheeky half on 2003-01-31 18:30 ]

cheeky half .......too funny! I like it.....keep'em coming;)


Jukeboy.....since it was my first.....a hammer and a chisel, but I invested in some toolage that should make it alot easier in the last few days...(angle grinder with an arbortech mini grinder arbortech.com) havea die grinder now that made smoothing a hell of a lot nicer....chainsaw for rough cuts....learning slowly.......still. It's finished now by the way, (today as a matter of fact...did the inaugural lighting tonight over a couple of "white russians" will post pics in a day or so.....it's awesome.."the ultimate tiki torch" I call it....


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