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Cammo posted on Tue, Aug 7, 2007 10:40 AM

Hi Folks -

I've never posted anything here at Marketplace, but I'll have a lot of stuff at Oasis - there's no booth, so you'll just have to scare me up in the Carving Village. I just have a few of each of these items, they're all pretty much custom works of love.

First up, here are the original firings of the Oki Doki Mug - based on my Oki Doki Tiki. Babalu did all the work, I just sat around on the couch drinking his Blue Romulan Ale most of the time. And these boys are BIG. Oki's big head holds almost exactly 24 oz's!

The Gang -

And these two came out pretty nice;


More coming.

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Holy crap Cammo! They're even cuter when they're glazed. I love the colors you chose. Are you going to do one in that coffee brown glaze we were looking at in the Duncan catalog?

GROG posted on Tue, Aug 7, 2007 7:35 PM

So, is there a price for these babies?

SsweeetT! Nice job Cammo & Babalu!!! :D

Our Chop Chop Mascot is a big boy now! He's lovely!

Cammo posted on Wed, Aug 8, 2007 6:44 AM

I forgot to show the back! - this is Oki's favorite saying!

'I'll have a Nutha, Brutha!'...


Cammo, please save a red one for me...


On 2007-08-07 19:35, GROG wrote:
So, is there a price for these babies?


I guess if you have to ask the price then you can't ..........!

Cammo posted on Wed, Aug 8, 2007 9:49 AM

Prices are pending, these are still test glazes; it depends on if I do a gloss topcoat and all that kind of crap. Still playing with colors, Babalu will do another firing in a few days I think...

By the way, if you're interested in doing mugs, you gotta be CRAZY! This is WAY too much work!!!!!


Hey All,

Big huge thanks to TikiDav (you just don't look like a TikiDav to me man) for showing us how to build the molds the right way!! "Bowana" rocks the house!!

Cammo did some of the final shaping, all lettering, and line work on this guy too....I think it turned out real nice Cam.

Cam is also doing all the glazing on these guys as well...this Oki mug is totally his baby as far as sales go and such. Cam's turning into quite the ceramicist these days.

Glaze up the rest of what you have dude, and I do another test firing while your in Vegas.

Cammo posted on Wed, Aug 8, 2007 12:11 PM

Thanks folks -

Here's the next Hardcore Tiki item - I sold a bunch of these at the Tiki Farm parking lot sale in April, people keep asking about more, so I had primo deluxe versions made of -

da Mug Huts.

There's only one of these A-frame black bamboo versions, it's covered in three coats of Spar so she gleams like glass, and is backed with a vintage-style barkcloth Hawaiian shirt I cannibalized. Black wrapped ends, it's really strong and light. Mounts on wall or sits on table.

Top shelf can hold booze or mugs, sidesaddles for umbrellas, sticks, straws, etc.

But the best part is the new thatching up top, it's done exactly like a native hut; tied and cut. The front is a special braided thatch that kind of blew me away when they did it;

and -

Here's a closeup of the backing-

This black one is going for $175.00.

There are two square light-bamboo versions as well, three coats of poly, wall mounts, and removable "earthquake bars";

and they have a thick native thatching job too, these are real sweet up close, they're going for $100.00.


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All I Gotta Say Is: wait 'til you all get a load of the NEW Glazes Cammo & Babalu are making these in! WOWZERS!!!

Cammo posted on Tue, Aug 14, 2007 2:16 PM

The price for the Oki Doki mugs is $35.00.

BUT - I want to give TCers a deal, and couldn't figure out how to do it without ticking everybody off.

SO - if you come up to me at the Oasis and whisper the super secret special TC password, I'll know you're TC Ohana and you get $5.00 off! That makes it only 30 clams per mug.

So here's the secret passord, don't tell anybody, and when you whisper it to me do it out of the side of your mouth like Humphrey Bogart, so nobody can see.

The password is - "BANANAMAN".

Here's a few new Oki Doki mugs from the test firing last night, we're still playing around with glazes;

and their back - (they're baaaack!)

More coming, will post hats next.

Cammo posted on Tue, Aug 14, 2007 9:19 PM

Here's the hats.

I've only made 4 this year, each is 40.00 (Secret Password wil get you 5.00 discount) and the Royal Hawaiian is 50.00 (password 5.00 off as well) because I destroyed my Laguna Seashore retro pattern shirt to make it.

Each of these has an Amber Shellac'ed brim, making them stiff, waterproof, and always retaining that perfect rolled edge.

The Hard Hat (entirely Shellac'ed top to bottom)

The Pineapple Plantation Owner:

The Tonga Detective:

Inside sweatbands, all hand sewn, cushy soft -

And finally the Royal Hawaiian, dedicated to the famous recently departed classic Tiki Bar & Restaurant in Laguna Beach. This has the Shellac-O-Brim, retro lawn cotton band, hand sewn details, it's probably the best hat I've ever made -

Next, the REAL TIKIS!!!!!


Here's what I think is a fabulous find. I got these from an antiques guy I've known for years, he didn't know I liked Tiki stuff until it came up this year. His eyes lit up when I told him, and then he rummaged around in a drawer and brought out these little Tiki pendants.

He got these on a collecting excursion to New Guinea in the mid-70's. They were from a really old medicine man, but were in an old dusty box. The old guy (probably in his 80's then) said that HIS father carved them way back when.

These babies are OLD, even when I was looking at them they had old dust and dirt on them that kind of crumbled off.

The medicine man explained to my pal that they were carved to ward off bad luck and illness, thy're all the same little figure but posed in different positions, they're amazing. Each position is designed to ward off a different type of disease. They are designed to be hung around the neck upside down so they appear correct to the wearer when held up. That's another tip-off that these are pre-tourist items. And most of them are not straight linear design, their heads turn to the side, their hands are askew, etc.; they look really natural.

And the crazy thing is - I always have really good luck when I'm wearing mine. It really seems to work.

So here's what one looks like, to my knowledge the only real tiki pendant at the Oasis! -

Don't you think it looks like Otto?


Cam, no price on the tiki necklaces, are you going to sell them?

Cammo posted on Wed, Aug 15, 2007 5:38 PM

I'm keeping one to donate to San Diego's Museum of Man, it would be cool to have it on display with a little card beside it!

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Cammo posted on Mon, Sep 17, 2007 5:35 PM

From the House of Babalu, sculpted with care by Babs and Cammo, help from Bowana, (Help! Bowanaaaa!) based on my original nutty Oki Oki Tiki, as glimpsed at Oasis 7, here they are finally . . .

The Oki Doki Mugs! I decided to go with Turquoise and Deep Sea Green, the ones Tiki-Kate selected as the classiest of my tests.

Back - "Have A Nutha, Brutha?"
Front - "Oki Doki"

Turquoise - these came out bright! They gleam like jewels!

Deep Green - these came out shiny and really translucent;

Size; a big 24 oz.s, here shown next to a bottle;

And one thing I believe in is glazing the inside clear, so you can simply see what color drink you're having. The top rim will bleed a bit in the inside, which I love. It looks wet.

  • Price: 35.00
  • Secret Password? Use it.
  • Shipping West Coast 7.00
  • Shipping East Coast 8.00
  • Recipe included for the Oki Doki drink, a modified 1939 Zombie from the bartending guidebook "Here's How".
  • Edition size: limited to 30. That's it. These are hard to make!
  • 24 Oz.s means it holds 2 beers, or filled with ice will still take 12 oz. of liquid!

OR - I'll be at the Egyptian Theater in L.A. this Thursday at 7:30 for the Screaming Foreheads movie; will bring a few. PM me and show up to get one minus the shipping, etc.!

[ Edited by: Cammo 2007-09-17 18:14 ]

wow! Awesome! Sign me up for one. Can I get one at the next chop?

I'll catch you on Saturday too, deep sea green 4 me.


Saturday at PIFA it is. I'll bring lots of both colors, they really look different in person. If you bring some rum, a straw and a mixer, you can test-drink with it!

Who else does this fer his buds?


I don't think I'm going to make it to PIFA though. Chop in October? I'll bribe you with some rum, if that's what it takes!

Hi could you scare me up a red mug please

Cammo posted on Mon, Sep 24, 2007 3:37 PM

Oki Doki Mugs shipping!

Please post to this thread when they arrive; I'm sending the first ones out today, Monday September 24th. If you can show them in use, I'd love it! Take care of Oki and give him a warm, loving home on your shelf!

And be careful when you open the box, I've included something inside an envelope;

And they're all marked FRAGILE!

Thanks, Ohana!


Cammo you got Feet in the shot? Is that a tribute to GMAN or just you wanted us to see your beautiful white socks? Thanks for the update!



Aint Bee give me and Barney them socks last Christmas and they're coooooOOOm-fy!


Cammo, just now saw this whole thread...and the hats grabbed my attention. Any of those left?

Cammo posted on Tue, Sep 25, 2007 1:00 PM

Nope, they literally all went in the first two hours of Oasis. I can't get those fine weave grass straw hats from my downtown distributor until early spring! Even he sells out each year by mid-April.

So hold yer hat, they'll come again and I'll promise to make more next time. They're freakin' time consuming!

By the way - Derek, Mr. NoNaMe, and the entire Smokin' Menehunes group have Hardcore Tiki hats. I made a custom one for Bong. Holden at Tiki Farm has a special one on order...


I'll look forward to next spring, then. They do look awesome!

Cammo posted on Thu, Sep 27, 2007 4:57 PM

Turquoise is gones-ville!

I thought the Deep Green would go first, but the Turquoise is O-U-T, out!

The Turquoise was based on Tiki-Kate asking for a mug in a Celadon color, she was saying it's a really retro, underused type of glaze these days. Actual Celadon is kind of flat colored, so I looked around for a similar glaze that would be transparent and real Tiki-mug shiny. The turquoise came out way better than I could have imagined; it goes to a deep sea-blue in the nooks, pale on flat surfaces, and looks genuinely Eisenhower-era.

Anyway, thanks!

We're doing a crazoid "Gold Run" of custom colors and experiments, gold trimmed, just a few will be done, and I'll post those in a few weeks.


Oki Doki arrived... found my envelope and the hand written instructions on the sticky note... Love the mug! Laughed at the instructions but, followed them carefully & will post a picture of Oki with some of his friends soon.


Got my Deep Green Number Sixteen today. Looks great! Thanks for the good work on this!

Cammo posted on Fri, Sep 28, 2007 5:56 AM

Post some pics! It's like sending your kid off to college and worrying about what he's up to every night - is he studying or getting drunk with his friends!?

Is he wearing clean clothes or ripped Korn t-shirts?

Is he sitting in the bottom drawer with the can opener or on a nice shelf with respectable mugs?

Thanx -

Cammo posted on Sat, Dec 8, 2007 12:38 PM

Here's the update on the Oki Doki 'Gold Run' -

Despite enormous fires, torrential rains, and this morning's hail (!) I've managed to glaze and fire the last Oki Doki mugs. These all have 2-3 layers of different transparent glazes, and many have white eyes & mouth. They're a huge amount of work, but I want these to be really nice. I don't know if anybody has ever mixed glazes the way I'm doing it, but you sure get bizarre results!

I'll only have one or two of each. No idea on pricing, but I'll try to keep it down.

These are not glazed with gold details yet, but will be doing the gold firing on the 15th of December. The gold is really hard to work with, it's like painting engine oil onto glass. I'm using these tiny little #2 brushes, and will gold out the eye rims and pupil details, and the lettering. I've only done one in gold so far and it sold in about 3 minutes at Cindy's Bamboo Source shop.

Here's ze gang - the Chinese guys at the bottom are for scale. Each Chinese guy is 5' 6" tall.

The ones in front are tobacco brown & red, and green/turquise in the middle. Back row is cinnamon, red, and deep green.

When I do the gold glaze, I'll do a different design on each and name them all. You'll see.

and everybody have a very nice holiday!


I'm working like Santa's busiest elf on espresso. Haven't slept too much lately.

And probably putting way too much detail on these things -

This isn't fired yet, what you see as black lines will be shiny gold - they'll all have swirly eyes;

And this one is as customized as they get, I was thinking OC Choppers while doing this (gold flames!) actually, I WANT this one!

He's called 'Sunburn'.

I'll try to fire the 15th, and will post pictures the next day. I'm not taking orders until these are actually done, anything can go wrong at the last minute!


Yo Yo Yammo....I'm home brother....Let's fire. Cone 019 next up.

Dibs on one of those light green ones with the blue eyes boss.

Schooled by the finest.....Capt. K and Master G

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Cammo posted on Sun, Dec 16, 2007 4:49 PM

They came out! I was worried. Turns out you have to polish the gold (I use Wright's Silver Polish) to a high gleam.

The light is going fast, I'll post better pictures tomorrow, but here's a group shot; there's just 6 in this batch. I'll probably do 4 more, basically in the same colors.

This is a crappy non-color corrected shot.

The gang;

can we buy them yet?? how much??


Here are the first 5 - all custom colors and individually named on the back. No two alike. It's hard to shoot this gold, it's mirror-reflective!

"Kava Trip"


"Li'l Rascal"



  • On Front - "Oki Doki"
  • On Back - "Have A Nutha, Brutha?"
  • Price: 65.00
  • Secret Password? Use it.
  • Shipping West Coast 7.00
  • Shipping East Coast 8.00
  • Edition size: About 10 golds being made, the very last of the full 30 edition.
  • 24 Oz!

Yo Cam,

Your pictures are good, but they just don't show the real "bling" these guys have. It was a good firing folks...nice colors Cam...the gold is sweet!

Yes!!! "Kava Trippin'"!!! :o :D :drink:


Great score there blacksandz, I think that one was one of my favorites from Cammo's gold run here.

Scored "Hangover" today....somehow appropriate.

[ Edited by: Blue Thunder 2007-12-23 14:56 ]

Scored #6 for Christmas! Mahalos Mom and BT.

The glaze on this mug is truly a work of art. The translucence and gold accents are sweet!


Thanks, brah - I tried to stay with completely transparent glazes for all versions of it, because it looks so retro swank.

Aren't the gold and green so, like, Sinatra 1956? It would look great beside a pool table with a fresh ceegar.

On 2007-12-30 06:14, ScarabaTiki wrote:
Scored #6 for Christmas! The glaze on this mug is truly a work of art. The translucence and gold accents are sweet!

Nice score Guy! That's gotta be my favorite of Cam's Oki mugs, maybe my favorite Cam item of all time.

Cammo posted on Thu, Jun 26, 2008 8:11 AM

Oasis Hats for 2008 -

All in Large or XLarge, cause Tiki Folks have MORE BRAINS!

The classic "Tourist" -

The "Tiki Club President"; 100% Ramie South Seas Linen this time with a fine woven all linen inside float-liner, this is a supremo hat -

And the "Tiki Hunter", all hand painted, shellac'ed, showing one of each kind of Tiki peering over the hatband, which is made of vintage barkcloth, this is a way out there hat -

Other side -

And when ya aren't wearing it hang it on the wall, cause its a painting too -



Dude, I want that one :up: with the red band.

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