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Spencer Gifts Moai, Before and After Pics...

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Here was the incense moai before...

and here it is after I based it with black primer and then applied 5 coats of an acrylic paint and sandstone mix...

I like it wayyyy better now! Whadda ya think?


[ Edited by: Lake Surfer on 2003-02-02 15:24 ]

Looks like real stone. You should resell those. Nice. JTV

Hey, I think it looks great!
I have a blue one, and I kinda like the blue - But I hated that florescent orange!
Nice job.


Very nice! Excuse my ignorance, but what is sandstone mix?

Very Cool! You got that at Spencer's Gifts? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... As much as I hate the mall, I may just have to get on over there. I do like your improvements over the original orange, too.

Hey Vic- Actually, it's worth the fight (or occasional gang shooting) at the malls to get to Spencers if they are having a sale on this stuff...incent burners, moai lights, etc. You can pick them up very reasonably and not feel bad about altering them.

Good luck...

That is So Excellent! I've been driving all over town checking out every little obscure gift shop and vintage re-sale store with disappointing results. I'll have to swing over to the Mall and check it out. Thanks!


A fine example of what to do when faced with the irritating Tiki items done up in Day-Glo colors or Indian war paint.

While in Spencer's look for the neon Moai head light. It's another Tiki item that's too party-hardy for most Tiki bars, but with some prop additions it could become the centerpiece of a mystic idol shrine (Come to think of it, there's a coin operated glass head Moai shrine at Archie McPhee's in Seattle). Imagine such a shrine that guests could ask drink advice from. There'd be lightning flashes and thunder noises and a booming voice would announce "YOU ARE TO ENJOY A SINGAPORE SLING!"..."IT IS DECIDED. YOU SHALL DRINK OF THE MAI-TAI!"..."YOUR MUSTACHE FOOLS NO ONE! A SHIRLEY TEMPLE FOR YOU!"


I really like what you did Lake, I saw these at spencers and I didn't like them 'cause of the damned black light neon colors. Now thanks to you I'm thinking of running back up there to get one, then stoping in Michaels and picking up some craft paint. Wow I feel just like Christopher Lowell. :P

[ Edited by: tikimug on 2003-02-04 07:43 ]

How much are these little guys at Spencer's? I just got the plasma lamp (when it went on sale thanks to a TC tip) and really like it. Now I want to get the incense burner and paint one up too! I was thinking of using the spray paint that makes these look like stone. Is that what you used? Great idea!


That looks so swell! I, too, just got my plasma lamp (just in time - it's now sold out on line) and want more, more, more.

Thanks for sharing the pix and the ideas.
I'm sure Spencer's will be out of these in no time, thanks to Tiki Central.

Mahalo for the props all... I'll share my little tech on these...

I got my moai on sale for $5 at the Spencer's at the mall...

I thought of originally using Flek Stone in a spray can, but that really looks kinda fake... so finally at Michael's I came across what I was looking for... its in small plastic jars in the paint aisle near the paint that is used to give stuff a weathered look. The paint I used is an acrylic sandstone mix... sort of clear acrylic with sand in it... there are a few different stone color types... I primed the orange head with black spray paint and them applied close to 6 coats of sand paint. After it dries it really looks and feels like stone. Best to use a larger brush or feathered brush... the paint jar covers 3 square feet for $3...

Good luck all... like someone else said, for $5 its worth experimenting on it... and it really turned out cool in the end... I'm going to get more today!


I was excited about making mine so my boyfrined and I travelled to the mall last night to get one. I thought it being Alabama and all they would still have a bunch but they didn't have any! I was so disappointed! I had had all these visions of buying a few up and trying different things... and then I was let down. I couldn't find any on their website either. Oh well, I guess I'm just unlucky!

They also offer a really ugly looking "Tiki Tower" incense burner at the Spencer's Gifts website

just do a search for tiki.

They called that Tiki because, what, Futura Girl? I mean... Yeah... It has a Face On It. I guess it must be a Tiki, huh?
I guess I'm looking forward to a day on which I can buy a Mass-Produced Kool-Aid Pitcher from 1963 (for $350) that is described as "A Really Huge Tiki Glass" on e-Bay.
Why do I think some people might be burning something other than Incense in these things?

Futura Girl wrote:
They also offer a really ugly looking "Tiki Tower" incense burner at...Spencer's Gifts website

Yeah, they sell the same ones at Mother's Markets too. It's kind of "H.R. Puff'n Stuff-ish".

Oranges S'mornges...


Waikiki tiki...
If you're desperate and you have to have one I bought 4 more and am in the process of "turning them to stone."

Let me know...

I am interested! I was so pissed that they didn't have them when I went that I picked a fight with my boyfriend for no reason! I could send you a money order or something for however much. Let me know...my email is [email protected]. Thanks!


That looks awesome--great job! I can't believe I just found this place...I feel so deprived by not finding it sooner! I definitely found the fun and creative people. (I guess I should thank the Tiki Gods for that!?!) Please say hello to me on the TEST board as I am a newbie (or here if that is too far of a trek, but I have needs and described them THERE)....


welcome ms.kitty, goto the New member post for your offical welcome.

Chacha posted on Sat, Feb 8, 2003 8:34 PM

Also at Spencer: "Moia glow lamp". Have not seen it on the website and I'm not sure if it's a new or very old item. I found a ton of the plasma lightning lamps at the mall nearby if anyone missed out on getting them on line or at their local mall.

I went to a MALL tonight! Ugh! It was HORRIBLE! Anyhow... I dragged my poor wife with me and we went into a tiny little Spencer's only to be horribly dissapointed. I'll have to check the Larger store here at home sometime.
I did see the "Moia glow lamp". Almost grabbed one, but it's kinda small and cheesy and was only available in Orange and Blue. A nice Grey or Brown one would be nice, maybe.
I tell you folks what, though... If you need anything with a picture of Homer Simpson on it, or some panties with a nasty slogan printed on the crotch, perhaps a pair of panties with a picture of Homer Simpson doing or saying something nasty on the crotch, Spencer's is the Place!

Just picked up the Moai incense burner at the local mall here for 5 clams. There's 3 more left.

Just painted my incense burner with the sandstone mix. Did you add sand to the paint? It has little or no sand in it. Came out looking too smooth.

The stuff I use is by DecoArt. Its called "Sandstones." I usually cover with 5-6 coats... make sure it is very dry between coats or you're just taking it back off...

Thanks Lake Surfer dude. The stuff I bought is Delta Creamcoat "Sandstone". For the rest of you, don't buy it. I'll keep looking for the DecoArt.

For SF Bay area Tiki Centralites-Spencer's in Sunvalley Mall, Concord, has the plasma Moai heads, incense burners and glow lights. They had all 3 colors of insense burners and they said they plan on keeping them in stock.

I bought the blue incense burner and have it in the livingroom-if the color starts to get to me, I'll check out that sandstone mix. But right now, it kinda blends with my Shag art on the wall....

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