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I am looking for free polynesian/hawaiian font s

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thanks in advance


mig posted on Sat, May 25, 2002 4:16 PM

A couple ones to try:

"Castaway" from Rotodesign.

Also, a really good one with little dingbats/illustrations is called "Tropicana BV" from Blue Vinyl fonts-- http://www.bvfonts.com


I like "Return of the Retrobats" font that I found at http://www.fontalicious.com/super/return.html

Lots of Tiki dingbats (kind of like this place).

mig -- forgive me -- I don't see any Castaway font on the Rotodesign site. Am I going mad? (the answer to this is all too predictable...)

mig posted on Tue, Jun 4, 2002 5:19 PM

Okay, you're NOT going mad... because I just went and looked again, and even though it was there in plain view, somehow it took me a long time to find it on the page!!

So go to that link again. Then look on the left, which has all the fonts listed: dingbats, Salaryman, etc. It's toward the bottom... third or fourth one from the bottom. It is a PERFECT tiki font!!!

a-HA -- thank you, Mig. My browser wasn't maximised on screen before, and the page won't let you scroll down the names, so it wasn't visible at all in that view --- NOT just my lack of brain, although that was doubtless a contributory factor. Cracking font, as you say -- thank you!

wow. check out http://www.themeworld.com for fonts. i already looked around and found: BAMBOO, TIKI TOOKA, GILLIGANS ISLAND and BABE BAMBOO. pretty neat stuff!

There are a couple of nifty Tiki mug dingbats on the Subgenius collection, "Bobco 10". The rest of the dingbats are pretty cool too:


Trader Woody

On 2002-05-25 08:21, tiki_grl2002 wrote:
thanks in advance


Try this free tiki font or this Hawaiian font.

Mahalo, Davidodesign, Mig & eveyone else.
I had been looking for such.

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Nice designs, david!


Oops...Double post...The server must have lagged!

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Man, this is what I needed for my project. Mahalo!

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