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Red Robin Mai Tais

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This is gonna sound really cheesy, but I wonder if anyone knows the recipe for Mai Tais the way Red Robin makes 'em. My wife likes the ones at Red Robin better than the ones I make at home (either the recipe out of the Grog Log or with Trader Vic's premade mix). To me it seems like the Red Robin ones have a secret ingredient that makes 'em taste different than my homemade ones.


Double Crown Records

I made some mai tais for a girlfriend of mine using the Trader Vic mix and recipe...it was ok to her..but then I tried adding a splash of Whalers coconut rum to the recipe and she liked it better.

I asked a friend who worked at RR how they made their "Mai Tai". He told me it was made by putting white rum and grenadine at the bottom of a 16 oz glass. Then pouring pineapple juice and orange juice almost to the top. Finally a floater of Myers's. Garnish with cherries, pinapple slices, etc. That that sound right? Claim Jumper's recipe is similar. Trader Vic must be spinning in his grave.

Cool, I figured it would end up being something less than an authentic mai tai, but I'll have to give it a shot at home.



We made a couple of Red Robin "Mai Tais" at home over the weekend and the recipe posted here was it - they tasted exactly like one you'd get at the restaurant. I gotta say, they were pretty tasty, although I'd really hesitate to call it a Mai Tai (I have to admit, I'm one of those people who refuse to call a martini with anything but gin and vermouth a martini).


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