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Why Disneyland rules.

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Attention to detail for that escapist in all of us.

It's a great place to be with your family and have fun.

Sure the place has changed. It's called evolution. If they didn't change it people would just find a different reason to bitch.
This little smile is why Disneyland rules.


Heath posted on Wed, Nov 28, 2007 7:01 PM



Attention to detail for that escapist in all of us.

exactly why I love disneyland too.

did you guys make it over to tom sawyer island? I love tom sawyer, but I like pirates more. Now there's a ship to go in and more caves!



WOOOoooOOoooooo!!! I love this post!!!

Did make it to the island...it was pretty damn cool. My kids got good and scared in one of the caves. We loved it. Nice work Space Ranger Al.

The house is coming along great! Love what you did with the bar. Can't wait to come over and ride the Jungle Cruise. :)
Reminds me of Disneyland! :D

I have an idea Matt. Think of that sound a rolly coaster car makes as it is going UP the first climb. :wink:


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Some more detail work.

I always find this stuff inspiring. Anyone else out there spend alot of time memorizing weird details?

It's perfectly not perfect!

Anyone else out there spend alot of time memorizing weird details



I like all kinds of stuff about Disneyland but I think especially, I like the water--the water rides, the waterfalls, the synthetic rivers and streams. I like the chlorination of the water, I like everything about the water there. It looks good, it sounds good.

The submarine ride is not what it was (the "Finding Nemo" redo just doesn't work for me, sorry to say--watching 2D animation through 3D water doesn't make any sense to me!) but I like the elements that remain from the old ride.

I wish they hadn't changed some things, but hey, a lot of the stuff is the same, or maintained to be close to the same as the way it was, and that's why I go there.


I noticed that Cammo's thread on Why Disneyland Sucks got kind of heated. I will admit I started this thread just to have a positive outlet for Disney (and to mess with Cam a little). I hear what's being said about the bad....I just don't have the energy at the moment to focus on a negative thread. It just gets depressing.

Cammo posted on Mon, Dec 3, 2007 8:58 PM

What is superb about Disneyland;

  • The caves at Pirate Island. (Where else in Southern California can you play with Captain Jack Sparrow in a cave??? Kids are going to remember it for a lifetime.)

  • The Mint Julip Bar, at the back of New Orleans. Good espresso.

  • The sounds of a voodoo lady doing juju magic and a raucus party happening across the street, right above the bathroom beside the Mint Julip Bar.

  • The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, d'accord.

  • The Space Mountain update. It's perfect. Nice job.

  • ANY live music there.

  • The holiday version of It's a Small World.

  • Finding something you never saw before.

  • The Evil Queen over the Snow White Ride, who looks out the window sometimes.

  • The lights in the Haunted Mansion - look up at the second story facing New Orleans Square - you'll see mysterious shapes and lights sometimes.

  • The honorable Mr. Toad, Esq. (Read "The Wind in the Willows" to your kids sometimes, it's fun.)

  • The plantings.

  • The tiny little glimpses of flags and masts you can see from the top of the treehouse. They were put there years ago, everyone seems to have forgotten them.

  • Smiles from strangers.

  • Cutting in front of a 2 hour line with a Fastpass in your mitt.

  • That chick who plays Ariel.

  • A Fantasia Grand Gibson ice cream shared on Main Street.

  • And much much more.


Okay, in all fairness I'll be forced to put something in the why it sucks thread.

I love the Grand Canyon and the Dinosaurs on the train ride, always loved that. Dinosaurs and trains make perfect sense together (I think?). I recall doing this one chill evening and we happened to be sitting near the front and the heat from the engine drifted back and warmed us. That was neat!

The line area in the jungle cruise (with swing music!) and indiana jones. I like the confusing looks of people as I let them go in front of me as I'm absorbing the detail.

good ones, cammo.

Although I can agree with many of the folks on the "sucks" thread about changes I don't agree with, I think on balance Disneyland rules more than it sucks.

I think it's magical during the holidays with all the large Christmas trees and the thing they do with fireworks and fake snow.

You get to be a kid again, and suspend your disbelief and enter a "magic realm." (as long as you can ignore the slow-moving crowds and crying children; it helps to booze up at the wine place in CA or Downtown Disney first). Mmm, Disney booze...


I love the Jungle Cruise. The pics I posted earlier are from that area. I actually like when there's a line to wait in for that ride. The upgrades to the ride are cool. The jokes are still bad(good). They may not shoot the hippo, but at least they still fire the gun.

Cammo posted on Fri, Dec 7, 2007 7:39 AM

Yeah, the wait line area is really cool for the Jungle Cruise. They definately did a great job there, you really get the 1920's cruise line to the Congo feeling, especially classic on a hot summer day. I think they built all that for the Indy opening to keep people off the avenue. Nice wood, too. And nice retooling and messing up of the boats, they're way more realistic now.

Again, if you're ever approached by a hippo, shoot the damn thing. Don't let it get within 50 feet of you. They're vicious.

By the way, the African Queen movie was filmed on location in Africa, and Kate Hepburn was almost charged by a wild pig, stomped by a elephant, bitten by a snake, and got horrible microbe poisoning. John Huston was the only one who didn't get sick because he drank so much the alcohol killed all the bugs in his stomach before they could get to his bloodstream!

Have you seen the steel band that (used to?) play up on the second story there? And the talking toucan on the stairs going up? Excellent.

And the chess game thrown together out of teeth and shells is great. The first chess set had HUGE gun shells as kings, but people kept stealing them, despite being screwed down and behind 3 layers of mosquito netting. I don't know what they're using now.

The bottom of Tarzan's Treehouse used to have lots of detail, but that got stolen as well.

I just love the fact that so much of the place is fabricated...there's so little of anything that's actually real. A lot of the plants and trees are real, but something made of wood is often actually fiberglass...the lakes and streams are artificial...even a lot of the people are robotic. I used to love that Mars Mission or Moon Mission show they had, because there was that control room with the animatrons sitting at their consoles working while a robot supervisor stood there lecturing us about the voyage we were about to embark on...I love listening to robots talk, it's fascinating.

My wife always kickin' my ass at buzz


On 2008-11-10 12:58, Polynesiac wrote:
My wife always kickin' my ass at buzz

Gee, with the way you are handling that gun, I wonder why? :lol: :P
Just keedeeeng....I'm going on Saturday for my girl's bday....And it so happens to be the first annual "Rock around the Park" Rockabilly function. We'll see how that one turns out. They have the goth Bats Day, Gayday, and now Rockabilly day.


I went on Buzz for the first time, and it was ok, except my girlfriend was hating on me and spinning the car around while I was focused on shooting...My 52,000 to her 12,000 wasn't too bad I guess! :lol:
It was also my first time to the park during a christmas holiday, and I have to say it was pleasant, with the exception of the fire burning nearby. At night the ash looked like snowflakes falling from the sky. On another note, Even as much as a Disneyland purist I can be, I enjoyed the Haunted Mansion Holiday with the "Nightmare before Christmas" redo. Maybe it is because I know it will revert back to the original after the holidays, but it was a nice touch. It's a Small World opens this coming Saturday for the first time in many months for the weight refurb/character additions. It is to be Christmas themed, but the added Disney Characters are to stay permanently. :evil:

I was pretty spoiled growing up next to Disneyland.
but I never took it for granite.

Thanks Walt!

(even though you were a wank.)

has somebody forgot to take their meds?


They let you in for free on your birthday... guess where I'm going on Friday!

(You have to register on http://www.disneyland.com first.)


Hah, the first on TC to take advantage of the free 2009 bday admission! Happy Birthday, and have fun!



Awesome blog with vintage Disney pictures, all very large! (good for desktop wallpaper!

Heath posted on Sat, Jan 3, 2009 2:47 AM

Even on a busy day, they let you do silly stuff...



Because I'm going Saturday for FRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!.......Well, not really... I'm actually going to use my birthday admission and upgrade to an Annual Premium Passport. No blackout dates, free parking and 10-15% discounts off of food and collectibles. Best thing is, its reg retail is $430(-$69 birthday admission)=$361, and Disney will set up monthly 0% interest payments for SoCal residents, which turns out to be $27/month...Not too bad when you don't have to pay the +$360 up front.

Miss Thing loves Disneyland (especially with her buddy Amy along) and that is the best thing about being there!






Proves that Disneyland is really for the kids, and the kids at heart.

I'm going to California adventure on Sun.
wish it was D-land, as I haven't seen the Pirate Island yet.
but I can't complain its for free, with a friends 2 fer ticket.



Cuz they let me Pilot the Mark Twain on my birthday, and my girlfriend and I got to ride in the famous Lilly Belle car. Talk about doing it right! A day at Disneyland, not soon forgotten!

If it was cool enough for Cash, It is cool enough for me!

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I can't believe that this hasn't been said yet....Monte Cristo....If you are a real Disneyland fan, this sandwich shouldn't be news to you! It is by far the tastiest sandwich on planet earth, in all of its deep fried glory!

Without fail, whenever I go to Disneyland, I ALWAYS order the Monte Cristo from the Blue Bayou...With the single exception of the times we dined at Club 33. Unfortunately, It isn't a menu item at 33, although I heard you can "request" that they fetch you one if you politely ask....I never bothered, but I did enjoy martinis inside, and smoked a cigar on the balcony a few years back!

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On 2008-12-23 07:22, WooHooWahine wrote:

I went on the new small world and saddly some of the tiki elements are gone, the cool drummers and the tiki masks that used to hang from the celing are all gone, I think they took it out for the Cowboy Woody scene, which doesnt quite make sense to me as it's all about different country's and cowboy woody as much as I love him is a cartoon and maybe from Texas at best and that's not a country. I miss the tiki! but I do love disneyland! I go at least once a month.

I love Disneyland because

I love all the different food, especial the eggs benedict at Carnation cafe and my favorite server is Bob whom has worked there for like 33 years and the chef has been there over 50!

The tiki masks by the gates of adventureland

Dole Whips!

Seeing lobsters in the water by Big thunder rail road, they are real too. They are where the fake fish jump. If you look where waters edge is and take your time you will see them come out of the water.

the different seasons and decorating

The window displays at the Emplorium

The employee on main street who is 85 years old.

That you can wear your minnie mouse ears and not look out of place

The day of The Dead Display in Oct/nov

going on the matterhorn with my Mom she giggles like shes a teenager the entire ride.

the fake dragon flys and shooting stars you see while eating at the blue bayou

The Pirate who has dirty feet as you pass under the brige on the ride (they look darn real)

Bill Hill and Hillbilly's show (every now and then you can see Dartin Menny play bass for them)

Birthday buttons and corny birthday phone calls from mickey mouse or Goofy

The smell by the candy store that they pump out into the street so you will be tempted to go in

All the names on the windows down main street that represent someone with Disneyland

The light still being on for Walt in his apartment over the fire station

That Mary Blairs beautiful art is still there above Buzz light year's ride even though it's covered up by not so good art, But at least it still exsists.

That the sky way entrance is still there above the casey the train ride.

That I was able to make so many memories from there and can remember America sings, Country Bears Jamboree, the original rockets, Mission to Mars, adventure through inner space, the people mover and so much more

Micky mouse shaped balloons, I love those!

The flowers

Tiki room of course

How when you touch the apple before you go into the snow white ride, it says a saying for you!

Sitting in the very back of the monorail

The ducks in the lake

How in the 80's they had a man in the suit of armor in the haunted mansion and he used to scare people, he scared the crap out of my ex boyfriend.

How you feel like a kid

The petting zoo

The haunted mansion holiday

Days when it's empty

Buying a watch almost every time I go there.

Ice Cream with Marshmellow sauce

The firehouse band

still having my minnie mouse doll that I have had since I was 4

Keeping Walt's dream alive


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Disneyland rules, because you can upgrade to a passport, with your free birthday admission, and get $69 credit towards the purchase of any annual passport.Premium Passports Rule, because there is no $12 parking fee/per visit!

To borrow a few...

I love Disneyland because...

That you can wear your minnie mouse ears and not look out of place...

All the names on the windows down main street that represent someone with Disneyland...

Micky mouse shaped balloons, I love those!...

How you feel like a kid...

Keeping Walt's dream alive...


On 2009-04-21 17:25, Tom Slick wrote:
Disneyland rules, because you can upgrade to a passport, with your free birthday admission, and get $69 credit towards the purchase of any annual passport.Premium Passports Rule, because there is no $12 parking fee/per visit!

You just have to pay extra for parking, such a bummer. I have had a pass going on 16 years and you would think that after that many years they would just give someone who has been a pass holder for that long free parking. Maybe some day. Cool thing though if you already have a pass and it's your birthday, you get a gift card in the amount of the entry of the park, so I got a watch. Thanks so much Disneyland you made my b-day a happy one.

They just finished a week long AP appreciation at Downtown Disney, and gave you 20% most purchases. Alot of miniatures were sold out, but I did buy a couple more books...

Yummy Pinapple Whip Floats!

Gonna give this thread a bump since Disney has been a bit more of a topic around here lately. This thread was started as a Yang to Cammo's Yin thread of "why Disneyland sucks".

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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