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For those of you not into creating, collecting, or market shopping...
Here's a chance to win the newest mug to come from the furnace!! or is it Inferno!!

Here is CrazyAL Tiki#141!!
To début at the 'Surf Beat' show this Fri night here in CA.

well, the start of Tiki#141 at least. Download and print this file.

draw what you might think Tiki#141 will look like and submit your idea. If someone nails it in two hints they get this!!

A mug from my newest line of TikiMugs... Monaloa's Minions!! Also to début at the 'Surf Beat' show. (I Hope)
Following the fantastic lead of Gecko's 'Pele Line' of creations, I had this idea. You might want to wear gloves handling these Hot Motha-s, as the texture is very similar to real Lava! Ouch!
more mugs here:

If no one get close to the final Tiki#141 Design in two hints, then the person who gets closest with the least amounts of hints get this prize: Tiki#2 TikiTeal Mug.


good luck...
Hint #1:
TC folks excluded from competition :
Artists in Surf Beat Show, Basement Kahuna, Benzart, Paipo

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Damn Al , Im just excited to see you carve a new one . I think it will look like LLT on a Sunday morning after drinking Mescal all Saturday , or is that too scary ? I love the new mug man , see ya at the show , Ray

Paipo posted on Sat, Mar 8, 2008 1:02 PM

On 2008-03-08 11:38, crazy al wrote:

TC folks excluded from competition :
Artists in Surf Beat Show, Basement Kahuna, Benzart, Paipo


PS: That lava Lono is friggin incredible!

Hey Al

The lava flow finish just glows red hot, and if it feels like lava too then that's a top job.

I bet that the new tiki will have a 2.5" piece of abalone
in/on it somewhere!


Was I supposed to say that?

Lava Glaze ARRRRRRRRSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hint one

Barred again! :(
At least i can gawk at it in person....
Great contest!

** Verbal hints:** 1- CRACK! and 2- BALLS!!... :o am I getting warmer? :blush:

teaKEY posted on Sun, Mar 9, 2008 5:03 PM

Try 2

I ain't got nothing else.

teaKEY posted on Sun, Mar 9, 2008 5:11 PM

Crap, that second drawing is a Tok Tok carving. The funny thing is that the its very similar to the one I did this morning. The hands are the same


Teak'ster had something going on in his first drawing... hmmm

Hint #2
this tiki is for the Birds!!

Ok, here's my entry. Bit of a departure for Al's style but kinda fits the hints.

In the tradition of the rapanui birdman comp.
Al's detailing would make easy work of the tattoo on the birdman and moai-back style board design. Sorry to all the west coast surfers for the poor board shape. I'm from England...

Good luck all.








Bamboo Ben Custom Tropical Decor!
I build stuff for you!
Google search me and see!

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GROG posted on Mon, Mar 10, 2008 8:56 AM

Grog win!!


Dang Close! Racer!! for two hints!!

And Ben would have Won!! if it was guess the "Name" of Tiki#141???

Hint #3: Title
Crazy AL Tiki#141: "Bi Bi Bi Bird Bird Bird Bi Bi Bird is the Word"

(key word could be 'Word')

I should have known TC to get this pretty fast!

more mug pics here:

[ Edited by: crazy al 2008-03-10 10:18 ]

Here's my next guess.

One, a little more Al like, and the other a twist on my first guess.


Ooooooooo... Bird is the word!

Hint #4:
For those that went to Sunday-school... "in the BEGINNING was the Word" and the word was the Bird.

good thinking on the left hand! but the Racer did not get it 'Egg'zzactly Write...

he did nail this though......

You teaser...

Have I done enough to get half the mug??

in the Beginning........

.......there was Broccoli!

Ok ok, I've got it!

Or it could be with the giant birdman figure, maybe

Or it could be the egg is in the mouth of the tiki, maybe

Or the surf board could be a giant rongorongo tablet, maybe

Maybe I'm not getting it...

Top fun though.


On 2008-03-11 10:30, tikiracer wrote:
You teaser...

Have I done enough to get half the mug??

I'm take the other half. I was totally thinking now what Racer has but an extra thing


The egg is a symbol of life. Life spring from the hatched egg. At the base, 1/2 an egg shelf. The tiki is born from the egg like in the Greek Myths. The top of his hair is the other half of the egg. Mouth in an "O" face. Hand, hang loose and feet probably hang ten.

On 2008-03-11 10:35, RevBambooBen wrote:
in the Beginning........

.......there was Broccoli!

...and a very small pee-pee.......


Better! Better!!
Teak'er has hatched a great idea! but not quite there... yet...
But he's -down- with the 'idea' ........
Racer pours on the steam, I smell rubber... or is that brain cells... however he seems to have been hung up on an 'island' speed bump! may have took a wrong turn there??

for those new to tiki... All about this pic. here:
great chase scene in this move! on boogie boards??
'egg'cellent dramatization.......from Kevin Costner???

so Racer earns his racing stripes with his left hand 'bird'!!

I might loose the race by shipping this prize across the pond!!

Hint #5:
this is the symbol of life, or 'new life' on what island?

Does it have long ears??


I get your hints but it seem like three tiki in one

[ Edited by: teaKEY 2008-03-12 12:47 ]

GROG posted on Wed, Mar 12, 2008 1:11 PM

It's a moai with a beak instead of a nose holding an Easter egg and a surfboard

Ok I can now see that it's new zealand [missed the pointer in hint#1].

So here's my new guess.

Moari tiki holding the egg, either standing on or coming from a giant moa egg. The surf board and egg are covered in the story [word] of the ancient bird gods...


Maori design but I know that Al (most likely) isn't going to carve something that is out there already. ????? Of the Maori design, I think it would be this more bird like one.

Still -the word is the important part


Just to humor

GROG posted on Thu, Mar 13, 2008 9:06 AM

The " Bird Man!!!"


OK... i can see where this is going... thanks Grog!!
so much for sending this link to my nieces and nephews... ah? it's just a tiki.... a pink one... now back to the ranch... the 'G' to 'PG' Ranch i hope.....

Good one Teak'a-matic!

and Racer is on the gas once more....
"I get your hints but it seem like three tiki in one".... only Two, Mr. Bonneville!!

Koru Evia is named after the Maori word 'Koru'; an unfurled fern frond.
It represents new life, renewal and strength.
The 'bird' is a very important, if not most prevalent 'being' in Maori art... check the bird eye, beak, hand/foot of the typical carving covered in 'ferns'... i found a reference to this particular tiki as that of an image of an owl... however human, or tiki, get the same treatments with the three to four fingers and toes.

No one listens to Ben....(hint-hint)
"I bet that the new tiki will have a 2.5" piece of abalone in/on it somewhere! Oooops."
Thanks! Ben! and his beach combing relatives for the vintage S.Cal Abie.....

the fern is also a big part of Maori graphic design, a new venture for me and this tiki.

Hint #6:
"which came first the tiki or the egg?"

this is my final guess... probably


Kinda like what I was thinking earlier, just more Al-like

and Racer is on the gas once more....
"I get your hints but it seem like three tiki in one".... only Two, Mr. Bonneville!! [/qoute]

                                     Later, Mr. Bonneville

Man, I'm making more tiki drawings than LLT this week, whats up with that.

You're not wrong teakey. It took me ages to find the scanner...

I have realised why this comp is so tough, we're trying to read Al's mind.


newzealand rocks (looks like an egg)

this is what came first

it's a tiki bird bath!!!..or surfin bird (bath)?

[ Edited by: Tipsy McStagger 2008-03-13 13:26 ]


Wow!! is it Teak-racer?... he laps the London Lead-foot!!

I read some wheres that these little "hei tiki" resemble bird embryos......?

I guess the egg came first.... or was it the tiki holding the egg... will we ever know???

Saturday's show is shaping up nicely!

so... the next hint...
Does Ben have an all seeing eye?? how could he know that the last clue would be from another cinema smash??

Hint #7:
Wax on! Wax off!

I thought i keep Ben in the dark here, but that Ben is a freak of nature... first he nails the name of the sculpture... now....

Ok so the top bird is a matuku [reef bittern] or crane [karate kid]

Now I have to go to meetings for the rest of the day, so will need to check in much later.

Thanks for the comp and well done to everyone in the show.

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