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Vermont's 1st ever Tiki Train !

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April 19th 2008 will be a first for N. E. as The Green Mountain R.R. will have a 3 hour plus Tiki Train . Performing on board will be "WAITIKI", our own fabulous N.E. exotica band ...included will be a fine Ho rs d'oeuvre heavy menu of expertly prepared foods,your first drink (well made with Appleton rum and the emphasis on quality),cash bar..and of course a slow trip from Bellows Falls to Chester,Vt.and back! Seating is limited to 120 or so. "All Aboard" at 4 PM with a return about 7 PM....$60 dollars per (additional area room packages available).... Forget mud season, bring your spirit of Aloha and ride with us! Hula Cat

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That sounds awesome, we're totally up for that. Is this going to be listed as a special excursion train on the Green Mountain site or will reservations be somewhere else?

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I cant make it. I have a prior commitment that day. I think thats also the day of the Tew Distillery tour...that I also cant make! Too much cool stuff going on up here as of late. I love it, but wish I had more free time!!

Best of luck with the train, sorry I wont be able to join.

Yeah, I was also thinking there's too much cool stuff happening and that we won't be able to make it all.

this sounds cool most of the ski place in vt are closed around that time could be fun.
whats the deal with brining kids who like tiki and trains and vt. ps i have place near stratton that people can crash if needed. PM me as we get closer

We're looking forward to playing this one! Thanks TikiCat! Let us know when a "buy ticket" link is available or other ticket purchasing info, and we'll post it on our website and in our newsletter!


Aloha, ticket links should be up by Tuesday for the Tiki train....gotta allow for some St.Patrick's day recovery !...will try to post photos of the train as well(pre decoration!)... more info to come... Hula Cat (This Wednesday Is the Bellows Falls Chamber of Commerce Dinner...the theme..Polynesia! ...gotta see if they have a clue! )

I don't see anything yet. I don't want to miss it!

DITTO TO PAPPYS POST might have a decent crew up for this -if that helps

Wait what? 'ma gonna read the post then comment.

Post read. Count me +1 or so in. 6-5000


I should be in! The Mrs is going to a Sox game so I'll be choo-choo'ing solo.

Anyone know of any good hobo drinks?



All Aboard!.... The First Ever Tiki Train!
Mud Season meets Polynesia !!
Music, gourmet food, train ride, and great exotic drinks!
Encompassing “Exotica” music by the band from Boston-Waitiki-check them out at http://www.waitiki.com, Food by local Vermont Harvest Moon Catering, and round-trip train ride from Bellows Falls to Chester Depot on the Green Mountain Flyer.

When: April 19, 2008, boarding at 3:30 pm and return approximately 7:30 pm
Where: Departs from Bellows Falls Depot, 54 Depot Street, Bellows Falls, VT 05101
Venue: Live Music: by the Waitiki, a 4 piece, award winning “Exotica” band from Boston Ma.(Hawaii music awards album of the year)
Food: Quality Vermont Made! Delicious food by the local Harvest Moon Catering including appetizer style: Sesame Chicken Satay with Hoisin Dip, Mini Coconut Crab Cakes with Curried Aioli Sauce, Veggie Spring Rolls, Shrimp Skewer, Fruit and Veggie Display, Macadamia Nut Hummus Served with Pitas, Sweet and Sour Meatballs and more!
Drinks: Classic, Polynesian drinks well made with quality rums and juices (Mai Tai, Navy Grog etc.! (Cash Bar with first drink complimentary)

Ticket Information and Purchase at: http://www.rails-vt.com under specials... $60.00 per person. Additional local and overnight information available by calling the Great Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce at 802-463-4280.

All this on the classic 1920's club,dining and bar cars of the "Silver Line" train....a slow, delicious meander thru the hills of Vermont...
book early so we can get plenty of food and drink ready!
See you April 19th! Aloha....Hula Cat

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Still no link on the GMRR site :( I'm tempted to sign up for the Easter Bunny Express though.

Hey are there any guys flying solo for the Tiki Train? I'd offer a spot to the ladies but my lady might not be too keen on the idea. Anyway I'm looking to split the cost of a room just for the night after the Tiki Train. I'm sure I'll be in no shape to drive 3+ hours home by the time the event is over. PM me if you're interested.


Aloha , I just got in touch with the Green Mnt. R.R. people and they are doing maint. on server...that's why you haven't been able to link up yet ....Rumor has it the Easter bunny chewed some pastel colored cables while making reservations for the Easter train! so don't give up it'll all be rolling soon ...Mahalo

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The link seems to be up... we just purchased our tickets online.


The link for tickets is up and running. There seems to be a lot of local interest. Seating is about 120 with the 3 cars . The club car has the band , the bar car holds about 20 and the dinning car will bring up the rear. They'll be two seatings in the dinning car,one traveling to Chester station and one coming back to the Bellows Falls depot.(you can drink in any of the cars of course!) Be aware that this is a 21 and over event only. Suzanne(of Hukilau and more fame!)will be offering her beautiful flower creations throughout the trip (much as the cigarette gals of times pasts).The trees should be budding around then so spring will be in the air! There
are some pubs and such in the area as well. Hell! we'll all be making a party somewhere after this trip!.....less than a month! Aloha


We know many of the you will want to come aboard, just try to book early as possible so we can get the food (and drink fixings)orders in ahead of time. Seating is only about 120 and there's considerable local interest as well. Mahalo, The Hula cat
The "offical" motel is The Everyday Inn ,Bellows Falls Vt. 802-463-4536 rooms are $65 to $79 . The band will be staying In #21 or so. See Ya!

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The Johnman is booked at the Everyday Inn and the train tickets are in the mail. Let's go April!

Not a big fan of The Gap Band, but I just have to do it...

All aboard


Get down, get down, get down tonight
We’re gonna party, gonna party on the TIKI train tonight
Get down, get down, get down tonight
We’re gonna party, gonna party on the TIKI train tonight


Good news Johnman , I'll have to get you a conductors cap to drink your grog from. I'm trying to find a way to get King Kukulele from California to Vermont so we might have even more great entertainment to offer on the train. Does anyone out in California (or wherever) have some frequent flyer mile they can't or won't use use that might make it an affordable option? Perhaps someone in that position would consider a complimentary Tiki Train ticket and some aloha ware or such from my little" Hula Cat" shop in exchange? Denny would be a perfect fit in the dining car while Waitiki was playing in the club car. Mahalo. Greg


Brrrrr...36 degrees and 30 MPH gusts! thank goodness I have to "try" out some drink recipes for the train...and arrange Aloha shirts ...gotta' get out of Dodge and give spring a proper push...two more Saturdays!

More snow today.... which god did we anger?

Bargoyle make sacrifices to Snow-Miser to keep VT covered in snow.

try to get train postponed to date bargoyle can make it.


Also snow for Maine. No have to walk on 12th. :P

jk. Im tired of winter. I'm ready for mud season.

there will be a walk in Maine on the 12th. you should just bring your LL Bean Boots. or waders. for the mud.

Five miles in the bean Ducks, and I'll be recouping at your place for a week or so. You got HBO?


Trains? buses? next will be the war canoe tour on the mighty rivers ! Hey! that gives me an idea for the summer... war canoe races on the Connecticut River with representative teams of various bars and taverns...losers (those that survive the rigors of the race)are sacrificed! -D

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It will take a heck of a lot more than just snow to stop us! My boots are standing by!

On 2008-03-31 14:49, Hula Cat wrote:
Trains? buses? next will be the war canoe tour on the mighty rivers ! Hey! that gives me an idea for the summer... war canoe races on the Connecticut River with representative teams of various bars and taverns...losers (those that survive the rigors of the race)are sacrificed! -D

you might be onto something here. lot's of places do events for charity like making boats out of milk cartons, flugtags, crazy sledding things.

perhaps we should have an event where people build crazy outrigger boats and race them.



I am online for more than ten seconds and had to post that I'm very exicted about this! Looking forward to it!



Suzanne...we will be privileged to have you aboard. The sense of style you bring will power the train toward the island spirit. I've come up with a possible name for a signature drink (for the event) "The Green Mountain Mud Slinger" but have yet to decide on what to put in it. Maybe something like Myers dark,Kahlua, Curacao and OJ... heck maybe some of you can come up have a muddy looking combo with a tropical bend...??? Aloha, The Hula Cat

Hula Cat is a very cool cat. The Tiki Train should be lots of fun! I already have my ticket and look forward to meeting many of you there! Aloha.

the train tickets are in the mail

Did you actually get them in the mail? I got the impression from the web site that they were will-call tickets.


Aloha!.. Rev Thumper...when you order the tickets on line you are put on a reservation list and are given tickets upon boarding. The only ones that are physically available are from the local outlets...I could print up some as souvenirs for those who want a remembrance of ....THE FIRST EVER TIKI TRAIN !! woo woo chug chug "I think we can" "I think we can"!

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Ok, that's sort of what I thought, I just wanted to be sure that I wasn't missing something in the mailbox.

(Souvenirs are never a bad thing of course.)

(Souvenirs are never a bad thing of course.)

Maybe not never

Sigh, it is snowing again today. I usually find snow in April amusing but this year it is just annoying.


Aloha !
I've been making rock candy and passion fruit syrup today and tracking down lights and decor for the Train ...saw the three Train cars Friday and it's gonna be a great venue!(Comfortable and classy) . Bring your best gang ! I'll put directions on this week for those of you driving from across the yet frozen tundra. One big Rolling party!!


Thanks for going all out Hula Cat. It sounds like the beverages will be right on target.

Fire up some heat lamps if you can so we can stop the snow. I'm hoping for the Tiki Mud Train, not the Polar Tiki Express. After hitting the bar car it won't freakin' matter anyway.

Less than 2 weeks to go!!!

On the bright side we can use the snow if we run out of ice.


Ice is almost gone! now to work up some relief from the mud....Hey! that's what the Tiki Train's for.....of course we need the Ohana to really make it work...you all will be very impressed with the excellent dinner that comes with the trip...Harvest Moon prepares some of the best choices you will ever enjoy ...not some "ordinary" Chinese or Polynesian fare but gourmet quality and plentiful portions...I was very excited to get them for the event... it seems the bar has gotten the message that I value quality and fresh with mixes according to my (and your standards)as illustrated on Tiki Central .....The Reverb Crash (award winner from our own T.C. judges!)will be one of the featured drinks along with a fine Mai Tai and Navy Grog and some vodka based drink called a Poly Pop...beer and wine for those with taste in that vein ....let's see? ....all that combined with a classic 1950's train , the beautiful Vermont countryside rolling by..... great,live exocita music make for some awesome post Tax-time relief...I'll try to put a map of the area up (unless one of you can do it better- I'm not very computer savvy)to aid in finding the way ...were about 2 hours west of Boston....1 hour north of Springfield Ma. and 4 hours from NYC just off a main highway(Interstate 91)...Decent rooms available nearby ...pm me for a phone # for more info Aloha!
Greg -The Hula Cat

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Here is a quick Google map with the inn, depot and some local landmarks tagged on it. Pardon the long, long URL.




Mahalo Rev,
I'm forever amazed at the skills of more civilized folk...I'm really good with a chisel and rock however!
Hula Cat


Aloha....speaking of civilization ....I just got a domain for the Hula Cat so I could get a Banner ad going on Tiki Central...now to figure out how to transfer from the disk to the page.... Am I the only one who thinks technology sucks? (at least when I have to use it!) Greg


All the elements for a great time are there (still not sure if we'll sell out) regardless I've done what I needed to make it work so far....so no matter how many show those that do will have one memorable Tiki time....you can always find some money(and it usually looks the same) but to have a chance to put on a unique and special event.... there's something gratifying about making the leap of faith needed to give it a go.....a classic 1950's train decorated as never before winding along the Williams River,on an early spring day,with scrumptious food,strong drink,excellent Exocita sounds,colorful aloha wear,and the mix of novice and experienced Ohana sharing that spirit...Damn,why wouldn't one give it a go!

I really wish we could do this, but CaptainQuad will be in the recording studio this weekend. I sincerely hope it's successful, because we'd love to come the next time.

Man, I can't wait! I think thems that miss this one will be kicking themselves 'til next year. Chooo Choooooo!

Choo-choo indeed. And speaking of...

I want to go so baaaaaaad
It's so hard to get to without a drivers license though. I checked amtrak schedules and the only train in gets in about 4o mins after the tiki train leaves.. doh!

If I can only find a private pilot to fly me up... yeah - thats the ticket.

If anyone happens to be drivin by, notheastern massachewsetts, I would gladly pay your gas ... and more!

J :)

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