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Columbus, Ohio area Tiki anything?

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I noticed several people here from columbus and the surrounding area. Does anybody know if there is anything Tiki close by here?

Wel, there's a Walgreen's that you might want to stop by to see if there's any mana remaining there...


Gawd, ain't that the truth....:(



Oh guys, you're killing me!

I would tear that place to the ground given the opportunity.

Stunrut, what board you lookin' at pal? Not too many people from Ohio represented here.

Unfortunately, there is little in the way of Tiki anywhere in our area...or that of the surrounding states.

There was a bowling alley in Lancaster that a few of us had discussed once - Tiki Lanes.
But it looks very NON-TIKI, with exception of their logo.

And there are NO ARTIFACTS found in the thrift stores or flea markets...so don't even bother looking. If I were you, I'd just stay home and look around Tiki central.

Seriously though, not much around here.



Yeah! No kidding. I did notice someone from Columbus and another who used to live in Columbus and still visits. But, what can I say? I'm grasping at straws here.

I just need to hit the lottery. Then maybe I can come to some agreement with the owner of Kahiki. Maybe even do it myself. I just need to hit the lottery for $10-20 million!

Pray for me...


ow, no more noting tiki? none even in da thrift stores? Sorry braddahs out there in Ohio! I'll make sure you get a whole day of tiki if you eva visit da islands ya.


Gecko- You're always a pal! You know I'm gonna take you up on that someday. I would have to win the lottery because I'd buy every thing I saw in the islands!

Stuntrut- RetroRick used to be on the ole Yahoo TC, but I think he got pissed about something. (You know how some folks get!)
But I personally know Rick and he is really a cool guy who sells alot on ebay. If you see one of his auctions, e-mail him- he is the Kahiki guru! The man knows everything about the place!
He wont give up his artifact sources (like any good collector would not), but I imagine he gets much of his Kahiki stuff right around there in the thrift stores and such.
Unfortunately I rarely make it up to the antique & thrift stores in Columbus. (But if you find something really cool, it's mine...MINE I TELL YA!)

And there are a few folks in Cols. but not many.

I occasionally hear rumors from swap & thrift store vendors that another tiki collector lurkes in my tiki turf.
Ooohhhh, if I find that other guy, I'm gonna...

You see, this isnt So-Cal...our pickin's are slim in these parts and we will body slam people who try to come on our side of the fence. Not like those tree-huggin' hippies in California with their fancy partys and friendly hellos and Suffering Bastard mugs toasted high in the air in mockery of us Ohioians!

You ever wonder why they are so happy Rut? Have you? Well, it's because they have plenty of tiki to go around! Yes, thats right, I said it! PLENTY! They are RICH with tikis in California!
And they mock us as we sit here with a few measley mugs in our collections.

And you know who laughs at them? Gecko! Yes, Gecko TRIPS over tikis when he gets outta bed in the morning! If tikis were money, Gecko would be Bill Gecko-Gates!

So, Rut, my friend, I'm desperately trying to convenience you that you should probably let me make the short drive to Columbus, take any tiki stuff off your hands and you should probably start collecting Star Wars or Star Trek or something a little more plentiful. Okay pal? Trust me...you'll thank me in about a year or two (when you still have some money in your pocket).

(Newbies: Before I start getting flamed, I'm joking...don't get your undies in a bunch! I have to do this once in a while because I miss the ocean...and the thrift stores have lately been barren of tiki...and it's too damn cold to go to the flea market!)

I hate Ohio. I hate my life... I think I'll just move into that little woodshack behind Gecko's place. Then it will be I who has the last laugh!

(evil laugh) Ha ha...HA-HA-HAAA! H-A-A-A! HA!


Well, guys, all I can say is that I spent 24 years living near Cleveland.
There is just no Tiki in Ohio now that Kahiki is gone - that's why I moved to Chicago!

If you really want a fix, try the Tiki McDonalds near Kent, which is so vile, in my opinion, that it is the ONLY Tiki spot that I purposely left out of my book (accidental ommisions will be corrected in a second edition after I get flamed to a crisp here on TC!).

I believe the Tiki Lanes in Lancaster is still open, but reports don't indicate much reason to go there.

Here's my Ohio report:

"Tiki-hunting disasters in Cleveland:

The Bamboo Palace at 16610 Lorain is just a really dirty Chinese restaurant.

Tradewinds at 319 E. 200th St. in Euclid is a local pub. No Tiki.

The Bali Ha'i restaurant on Euclid Avenue is another Chinese restaurant, but there is a small lounge. Behind the bar, you may spot one or two Tiki mugs. Aside from the cool signage though, there is no real reason to stop by.

The Beachcomber in Grand River, Ohio (about 45 minutes east of Cleveland) used to be a Tiki Bar, but like the Kon Tiki (in the Sheraton Hotel) in downtown Cleveland, it is now gone.

The Islander Grille is at 7581 Pearl Rd. in Middleburg Heights. A few doors down is the Islander Cleaners(!) (7563 Pearl), and around the corner is The Islander Apartments (7711 Normandie). Clearly there was a Polynesian Dynasty in Middleburg Heights at some point, but there isn't so much as a stick of bamboo left in any of the three locations. Nothing Tiki whatsoever. Reports indicate that there was once a mighty Tiki Temple on the spot, however.

If you drive east on Pearl road from these spots, you WILL find a googie ice cream stand, an equally cool bowling alley, another googie car-wash, and a few other semi-retro buildings. There is also a great old-skool drive-in on Miles Road in North Randall. The Sea World that was located in nearby Geauga had a Hawaiian themed area with Tikis, but that has long since been dismantled.

All hope is not lost, however. Those desparate for a Mai Tai can find some satisfaction:

Bamboo House Chinese Restaurant, 640 Dover Center Rd, Bay Village, OH (440) 871-1966
Bamboo House still has its original 1960s decor, and some of the best Chinese food in town. Try their gingery homemade sweet-sour sauce and homemade egg rolls, the honey chicken, and the pork egg fu yung. Suffering Bastards are served in Tiki Mugs, while other tropical drinks are served in panda mugs.

Dragon Gate Chinese Restaurant, 8701 Brookpark Rd, Parma, OH (216) 661-0800
Dragon Gate is an old-fashioned Cantonese restaurant has been a Parma institution for decades. Sample the sizzling Hawaiian dishes, pupus served in native style with flaming hibachi, Tiki-patterned menus, and exotic drinks. Also of interest is the golf driving range behind it with the neat super sized golfball and their own retro vending machines that dispense beer.


Tiki Lanes, 1521 Tiki Lane Road, Lancaster, OH (740) 654-4513
Category VI (other) - Bowling Alley

The building’s facade is a lovely 1950’s tiled mosaic of Tiki masks, torches and spears, and electric lit faux torches on the columns.
The interior is as bland as a Kenny G record. Just inside is the door to the ‘Tiki Restaurant’, a reminder of what once was: frosted glass with the words etched in an Ameri-Polynesian-style font. The staff all have name tags with the same font, and the walls on the far ends of the alley are covered with murals of a sunset-hued beach and sailboats. Other than that, there is nothing left of Tiki. Tiki Lanes used to have full-on Tiki decor, but it was removed around 1990.
The bartenders will need to consult their Bartender’s Recipe Book if you order a Mai Tai; however the resulting drink is typically strong, and inexpensive.


Kon Tiki Ports (Stephen Crane's...), Sheraton-Clevleand Hotel, Cleveland, OH
Kon Tiki Ports (Stephen Crane's...), Sheraton-Gibson Hotel, Cincinatti, OH

The frighteningly named Terminal Tower in the center of downtown Cleveland was once the home of Cleveland’s Kon-Tiki Ports location. A complete renovation of the property in the 1980’s utterly decimated any trace of the Kon Tiki’s existance that might have remained.

Kon Tiki movie theatre, Dayton, OH

Rattan Room, Warren, OH

Tropics, Dayton, OH "

... you might want to take a mission to the Sheraton-Gibson in Cinci to see if any trace of Kon Tiki remains, and to Dayton and Warren to see what artifacts are extant there. Do let us know what you find.

And THAT, my friends, is ALL of the Ohio Tiki, past or present, that I am aware of.

Thor posted on Wed, Feb 26, 2003 6:36 PM


I once lived in Ohio and went to the Kahiki more often than you can spill blood for oil.

I haven't looked through the archives of this forum for a buttress to this rumor, but I heard that everything from the restaurant was packed away and stored for safekeeping, and the plan was to rebuild the whole thing next to the new COSI, in an attempt to make Columbus worthwile. So my suggestion is to bother Lashutka or whoever the mayor is now, and get it rebuilt. We will all be happier.

Rock over London.
Rock on Chicago.
Beef. It's what's for dinner.


Sorry guys, I'm afraid the Kahiki has no plans on reopening. Check out their website:


BTW - 75stingray, I stopped by the Salvation Army today and came across a few Trader Dick's Peanut mugs, an Aku Aku Coconut and a Tiki Bob mug. I left em there because I already have them. Weird thing is, when I was walking out of the store I tripped over a box of Hawaii Kai Hula Girl mugs....damn, can't they keep those walkways clear? I could've fallen for Christ's sake! :)

*** * * The Polynesian Popster * * ***

[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-02-26 19:10 ]

Thor -

Growing up in Columbus for 22 years, I visted the Kahiki quite often. I was sad to see it go and I didn't attend any farewell gatherings. Grrr...

An answer to your question about the artifacts inside is found on the kahiki.com web site:


Haven't heard any updates though. Last I heard (around demolition time), he was looking at the Short North area of Columbus (north of Columbus but south of the Ohio State University Campus).


Pop- Damn, man...thanks for thinking of your tiki brethren in the central US!

I have spent a lot of time in downtown Cincy and have yet to find anything remotely close to tiki. Unless you count the Benihanas or whatever it's called. Chinesse, yes...Polynesian? NO!

Dayton holds nothing. The only remnant is the Kon Tiki Theater in a less than desireable area of town. I made several called regarding the 'for sale' sign to the realitor and never receieved so much as a courtesy call back. They must not want to sell too badly.
The Kon Tiki building is still there, but the signage and everything that may remotely interest us is now gone.

Georgie Rudens Tropics was torn down about 10 years ago for (dramatic pause) a Drugstore! What else?

Hey, Rut, I'm actually trying to talk my wife into letting me buy a building at I-70 and SR 235 near Dayton, and do an exotic dance (nudey) bar or a tiki type bar. Unfortunately, the wife and family doesnt share the same tiki loving enthusiasm that I do and we have to wonder if a tiki bar would be a worthwhile business venture.

Option two: Move somewhere (besides Chicago - too damn cold there too!).

If we find anything in Cincy, we'll be sure to report it. But rest assured, Dayton is a tiki desert.


I e-mailed Michael Tsao about 2 months ago and he said that there were currently no plans to rebuild. He is concentrating on his frozen food business for now. He didn't mention anything in storage but he did say that there will always be the possibility of rebuilding the Kahiki if, and when, the time seems right for it.

I did see a post on another site by a gentleman who claimed to be part of the team that dismantled the Kahiki and he reports that everything was numbered, logged and put into storage.

On 2003-02-27 11:53, stunrut wrote:
I did see a post on another site by a gentleman who claimed to be part of the team that dismantled the Kahiki and he reports that everything was numbered, logged and put into storage.

I went to Columbus and filmed part of the salvage and demolition and can attest to the fact that they did save just about everything. I got some very cool footage of the big fireplace tiki being pulled out of the building through the roof.

I'll get around to making a quicktime of it someday...

There was a great temptation to snag stuff, but I refused to loot the remains until after the salvage crew announced they were finished. I snuck in and they had pretty thoroughly cleaned out the place. I snagged some brochures, a few boxes of matches, but everything else was pretty much gone.

Outside I did find a cool spear and a bow (no arrows) that I kept. The salvage crew was done and it would have gone in the trash so I thought it would be okay to take 'em. Tey are very cool. I've thought about putting them up on eBay, but I can't bring myself to do it.

I'll post pictures if anybody wants to see 'em.


Were you the one who posted pics of the fountain being loaded onto the truck too? There was a number of photos on the old Yahoo board that showed amny of the big items being picked up by crane and loaded onto the trucks. It would be great to see those again.

PolyPop -- That was me. I just uploaded the photos to the Reemco server, so check 'em out here:




"Level 4 Breach! Level 4 Breach! The monkey's are free! The monkeys are free!"

[ Edited by: TheMuggler 2005-08-26 21:05 ]

Hey TheMuggler (Mike),
Thanks for uploading the Kahiki destruction pictures. It brought back painful memories. I met you when you were there and we had lunch at that little Irish pub remember? I really have my doubts about a "new" Kahiki. It would be waaaay to expensive.

All of the thumbnail images were broken when I looked (little 'ripped' photo icon instead of picture).
Anyone else having this trouble?

Muggler Mike- You'd better not sell that spear and bow set! If you have any pictures of it, we'd love to see them though!

I think Tsao always 'says' that there is the possibility of a reopening, just to keep the 'legend' (and in-conjunction, his frozen food business) alive. But I just don't see it happening for numerous reasons.
I'm sad to say kids that I think the Kahiki is just a memory now and will never be anything other than that - and frozen foods (which are usually pretty good by the way).

All the rumors about 'opening down by the river' and Easton and Polaris and all that crap are just wishful thinking. Aint gonna happen.

As far as the stuff in storage, it can always be sold, but as long as it sits there, gathering dust, it keeps the dream alive for dumbasses like myself. It's marketing. Keep that 'bait' out there and hope that they continue purchasing the frozen foods with the hopes that the Kahiki will be rebuilt.

I wonder if Tsao sold the items in storage and announced that no Kahiki would be rebuilt, if the sales of the frozen food would be effected.

Years ago (On Yahoo) we discussed the finances of building another restaurant and came to the conclusion that it just was not real possible, even with the items in storage.

It's really a tragic thing. But I keep dreaming.

On 2003-02-27 22:38, tikibars wrote:
All of the thumbnail images were broken when I looked (little 'ripped' photo icon instead of picture).
Anyone else having this trouble?

James, I just checked it out and everything seems to be okay. Try it again and let me know.


Jeff -- I remember that Irish pub!

I don't think the Kahiki is coming back anytime soon, as indicated on their website, but I do think they have every intention of doing something with all that stuff in storage besides sell it.

Storage space is expensive. My company has a large storage space that costs us over $300/month, and we are just storing files and props, nothing even remotely the size of that fountain or the fireplace (which were only two of the many things they stored).

If they were going to sell it, they would have done so, otherwise, all they are doing by storing it is eating away any profit they would have made on that sale.

Also, I don't think the possibility of a new Kahiki is affecting their frozen food business one bit. Unless you live(d) in Columbus or are into tiki, the Kahiki brand is no different than any other brand in the feezer aisle.

I do think that if it reopens, it wouldn't be in a building like the original. I could see them going into a hotel like a Trader Vics, where the outside might have a cool entrance, but otherwise you wouldn't know of the polynesian paradise within until you stepped inside. Or maybe inside one of those huge mall complexes they are building all the time. Since they already have all the interior decor, it wouldn't be significantly more than a non-tiki restaraunt to open that way.

Of course, that's nothing like the old Kahiki, but outside of the Mai Kai, what is?

So I guess I'm going to hold out hope and believe that something cool besides an auction is going to happen with that stuff in storage.


Eye-popping fun!

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[ Edited by: TheMuggler on 2003-02-28 08:14 ]

Muggler, you make a lot of sense. I however, have a feeling that if Tsao ends up selling off everything, it will be done quietly so as to not raise too many eyebrows. When Don the Beachcombers in Marina Del Rey, CA closed they had a big auction for all the stuff inside. It was done so quietly that nobody knew about it, not even BigBroTiki. And everything was sold - but to who?

I hate to think this way, but who's to say Tsao didn't already do that? Like you said, storage costs money.

Maybe Michael Tsao will put up all that stuff on eBay!! Can you imagine!! I doubt it will ever happen but what excitment that would bring wouldn't it? I guess for now the only Tiki places in Columbus would be over at Hoffa's place and my own Tiki Bar which I made out of all the thatched roofing the Kahiki threw away. I can't wait to go to the Mai Kai during "THe Hukilau" so I can get my real tiki fix!


On 2003-02-28 06:20, the75stingray wrote:
I wonder if Tsao sold the items in storage and announced that no Kahiki would be rebuilt, if the sales of the frozen food would be effected.

Hey 75stingray, I would hope that his entire frozen-food bizniz would collapse and he'd be driven into poverty! This shameless profiteer ignored all the restaurant awards bestowed on the Kahiki, as well as the National Register of Historic Places designation, and had a living, breathing masterpiece razed to the ground. Let him rot, say I!

Course, I doubt most of the people who buy his food care all that much or even know about the (sob!) Kahiki...


Em- Ah, I think about anyone who eats the frozen foods probbaly has some knowledge or the restaurant, whether or not they had actually been there.
If not, the boxes have a little history on them somewhere.
No, I don't want the guy to rot neccessarily. You're probably aware that the area where Kahiki stood was just not the area it once had been. Not a BAD area...but not a good area. I'm in no way agreeing that a Walgreens is better there - I still thought the Kahiki MADE that surrounding area what it is today. (That stip mall up the road still does well. Would NOT have made it there without the Kahiki there first.) But many of the upscale clubs, like the Playboy, have gone and given way to tatoo parlors and smoke shops.

And I have wondered if the "storage" contents had already been sold, but I kinda doubt it. Unfortunately the media is more interested in the Kahiki now than they were when it was standing! They would get wind of it, I'm sure.

I suppose that if he does sell the stuff, it would not effect the frozen food market like I thought it would -from a national level. I buy Kahiki stuff because I have a loyalty to the brand, to the place it was...and because it's getting better every time I get it.
But what I meant was that there is a certain loyalty in the Ohio area that makes one feel that by buying "Kahiki", you are still supporting the restaurant in hopes that it will come back. And if there was no chance of it ever being rebuilt, would many of these same patrons still purchase the frozen product? Only if it is the best available...and there is a lot of competition in the food market. Right now, I could buy much cheaper eggrolls and dinners - sometimes I do. I've had some bad Kahiki frozen dinners. (I've discussed that here). But I always try to buy Kahiki because it IS Kahiki. I'm still trying to support Taso. Now, if I KNEW he would never rebuild, I may be apt to go with the cheaper eggrolls. Maybe out of anger, maybe out of finance, or taste. (But again, I must say that Kahiki eggrolls are the best frozen eggrolls money can buy right now.)

I agree that if (BIG IF) Taso rebuilds or allows a rebuilding w/the Kahiki name, it will not be close to the spectical that it was. It will probably be like the Vic's like someone said.

I would love to see it in one of the areas mentioned. But again, we're talking about some major portions of the interior that were stored, not everything.
In the old Yahoo TC someone was saying something about the tapestry used on this wall or that wall and how much it cost in the 60's as compaired to now. It was incredible! And it is hard for me to believe that it will not be rebuilt, but I am realistic.

Still, I like to believe. I like to dream.
Sorry for the lengthy posts - you guys know when you get me on Kahiki I get all wound up!
Ah, who am I kidding, all of my posts are long. I really need a job.



Aloha the75stingray - I hear ya about the job. I have been known to write entire screeds in my favorite newsgroups lately, just cuz I have the time, and of course the frustration feeds the urge to scrap...

Like stunrut, I have written to and received a reply from Tsao. I was polite, and he was in return. Just letting him know what a good idea I thought it would be to rebuild, and hoping it makes an impression when he gets that input from someone as far afield as myself. Believe me, since he's the only person with the legal right (and props, God I hope) to rebuild Kahiki, I wouldn't want him to rot literally...at least not till it is proven he has no intention of rebuilding, and has sold all the props to MJ or Bill Gates or someone like that...

You make sense, thanx for the thoughts; if I could get Kahiki products here, I would.

Emspace- Yeah, Taso is a very nice guy. I spoke with him on the phoen a couple of times after the closure, but never knew him personally prior that that. Yes, he is a friendly dude. And I hope that e-mails from people like ourself, as well as the occasional media outcry, will assist in his decision to rebuild eventually.
I was surprised to see that they now have "no plans to rebuild" on the website a couple months ago. They want to "focus on the the frozen food" thing. I understand it, but was shocked to see it.

I'm not familiar with the Vancover area, but some Kroger grocery stores carry Kahiki, as well as the Super Wal marts and Sams Clubs (occasionally - not always) and usually Meijer has some. Don't know if you have any of those, but if not demand your grocer get some.


GECKO posted on Sun, Mar 2, 2003 2:57 AM

tanks fo taking da time to post da pics! I can't imagine how hard it was to not wanna take evryting dat would fit in your car and run home an put em in your own bar!

GECKO posted on Sun, Mar 2, 2003 3:15 AM

75 stingray sed me "bill gecko-gates"??? you funny braddah sting i like ya BUT,

bradda Sting said "I think I'll just move into that little woodshack behind Gecko's place"

my pitbull in da wooden shack behind da house might not like your tiki mug collection as much as he likes your arms ey!


Sabina posted on Sun, Mar 2, 2003 4:47 AM

Alright- well, just keep in mind the topic is "Tiki ANYTHING".

I'm an ex-Ohioan, grew up outside Columbus and we make the trek back every so often. The closest we've found on any of our trips back were SOME tiki drinks, and good ones at that, on a very classic cocktail menu. Be forewarned though, the bad news is the drinks aren't served in tiki mugs. Still, classic tiki drinks despite the glassware. So if you're itching for good mixology it'll help.

I believe the place was the Hunan House (2350 E. Dublin-Granville Road, 895-3330). Someone should double check to make sure I've got the right place, though. We found it to be excellent authentic chinese as well.

Perhaps next time we swing through Ohio we could meet up for a Scorpion :)


Well, it's good to be back. My wife and I just worked a 60 hour stretch together and we're really tired.

However, all is still well. During that time we stopped by a few flea markets and had a small success. We found way too many decorative spoons and forks with tiki carved handles. (Bought one of each) We found a glass similar to the Disney Polynesian Resort one only with more pronounced features and no labels what-so-ever. We also found two Kahiki Tiki Mugs. My first true Tiki mugs for my collection. Can't complain.

I also did a quick walk-through on a pottery outlet call olde tyme pottery or something like that. They're a chain. I've seen them in other states. While there I found small artificial palm trees, bundles of bamboo both natural and stained brown. I didn't take time to see if there were palm fronds or such but I wouldn't be suprised. I also found tall glasses shaped like bamboo. Clearenced at $.99. I bought four.

Not bad for Columbus, Ohio.

I am going on a business trip in the Columbus, Dayton area this weekend.
Unfortunately a few years shy of visiting the Kahiki. I used the search feature and am sad to see that the Kahiki influence has not sprung up any Tiki bars. Oh well. Looks like I will regulated to the hotel bar...

Does anybody know where the old Kahiki bartenders (Skip and Jim) are working? They could still make you a mean drink if they can be found.


I'm new to this site, but a long time Tiki worshiper.

I'm happy to host a Tiki Party if there is interest! I'm Itallian Village.

Who's game?



All of you Ohio mid-westerners are very welcome to Tiki Road Trip up here to Wisconsin for the TIKI Pa'ina on August 6-8. I am planning on having carvers and artists, a raffle and a limited mug. If interested email me for details.

I went to columbus to see Motorhead!!, maiden, and rohnny james. We road-triped from the rez in w.north carolina. I consider my self lucky to have found anything tiki, and at the time didn't know a thing about the kahiki. I wish I would have found more but I got a mug #1 in an antique shop for a few bucks, and it happily sits in my collection always smiling at me and I am happy. I also got a motorhead and iggy pop record, and got to watch a rav 4 flip over while eating tacos at the bell after the show. Best quote of the trip, just after the wreck (we were the first on the scene, and got to tell the cop sitting in taco bell to get help), my friend who was checking on the girl who is still in minor shock(I think)and asks her "so did you go to the show?" Everybody lived and wasn't hurt, I heard the best part was the person who clipped the rav 4 and ran had their licence plate knocked off and the cops picked it up. F'n Rockin Roll!! here is a pic of the rav4(i think):


Best wishes, mike

No tiki in columbus? What are me and Hoffa, chopped liver? We just got back from doing the motor city tiki show in detroit and veiwing the old Chins in downtown. What a great time, Id like to thank everyone involved.Also I will have a booth at next weeks ComFest in the short north,Columbus. I will be selling my handcarved tikis.It would be nice to see some of you Ohio people there. for more info contact me at [email protected]. or you can catch us once again at the next hukelau.

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If you are in Lancaster there is also Tiki Pool.. My wife and kids go there all of the time, Not sure if there is anything Tiki there or not.

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