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Name:Horace Heidt's Magnolia Estate Apartments
Street:14155 Magnolia Boulevard
City:Sherman Oaks
Phone:(818) 784-8211

Horace Heidt's is a beautiful apartment community with such interesting features as a golf course and a recording studio.

I took a trip out to Sherman Oaks today and was completely thrilled to finally visit Horace Heidt's Magnolia Estate Apartments. As I walked in I was greeted by a long-time resident who gave me a little history on the place and instructed me on the best route to take for my tour.

The complex is truly spectacular. This was the strangest thing I saw there. Beaver tiki?

Ha, I like that "Toxic Substance Warning" sign, signaling the end of innocence of the Polynesian paradise. What a strange little carving, never saw it before, it might be a recent atttempt. Great photos, Kate, thank you.

The two Tikis holding up the A-frame prow look like Mike Gildea carvings, note the characteristic "Teddy Bear" posture also found at the TIKI Apartments in Torrance:

And you can still live there, in beautiful Sherman Oaks :D :


Yes, that place is one of the remaining gems for the LA urban archeologist. The humongous waterfall (seldom working) by the entrance alone makes it worth a visit. I used the guard house to a good effect in the BOT, and I am glad I can contribute a few pix from my evening excursion with Tiki Kiliki and Charles Phoenix from over a year or so ago. (I believe I did post some of these earlier, but I cannot find them now, and they do belong in this thread):

One of the great concepts of the complex is that it is themed in THE leisure lifestyle destinations of a generation: As Hawaiian on the left, and as Palm Springs on the right.

The mailbox murals have been repainted...

...the stream behind the buildings has dried up, but the main club house still has some nice lamps...

...and by the pool one can find the " Grauman's Chinese Theater"-style imprints of band members of Horace Heidt's Orchestras:

His son has tried to continue the tradition with his own orchestra...

I believe he can bee seen at this upcoming event:

Big Band Reunion 2008
A more or less complete chronological history of the big bands, plus a dance set!
Starring the BBAA Blue Ribbon Band under the direction of Pat Longo along with Jo Stafford, Horace Heidt, Jr. and Gordon Goodwin.
Sunday, June 1st, 2008 in the Empire Room at The Sportsmen's Lodge. Doors open at 12 NOON. Lunch served at 1 PM.



Me and Digitiki were there on Friday, driving the grounds...

I came home did a search on here and found nothing, and was planning to go shoot pix at this place in the next few days....you beat me to the punch.

Nice stuff...I was amazed that no one had documneted this on here yet.

On 2008-05-25 09:19, tikiyaki wrote:
Me and Digitiki were there on Friday, driving the grounds...

Did you take a look at the recording studio?

Here are a few more pictures.

The golf course.

I really hope they get this running again.

The angry squirrel that I encountered next to the bridge on the River Kauai.

A couple more murals.

Oh boy...Squirrels...I can see the photoshop madness already....RUZIK ?????

No, I didn't even know there was a recording studio....Amazing....I should do the next Tikiyaki record there :)

One thing that really irritated me about this place tho'....PASTEL YELLOW !!!!!

Nothing worse than taking an awesome tiki temple like this place and painting it Pastel yellow...talk about taking all the exotica and mysteriousness out of it.

Someone needs to go over there with a nice dark brown and paint this place up right !!!

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This the place where to relax and enjoy days having a great place...The place is good..

More Power!!



Pret immobilier

That's an AWESOME apt bldg! If I wouldn't have such a hellish commute from where I work in Beverly Hills, I'd highly consider moving there! My Enchanted Tiki Bathroom decor would be in a perfect place!

WHY doesn't one of us live there yet!? :)

OMG! I work in Sherman Oaks now.
I will have to cruise through!

I happened to be across the street from here today and could hear the water falls flowing! So I snagged some iPhone video and compiled a little montage.
Mammoth Falls:

Mauna Loa Falls:

Posted to YouTube for anyone who'd like to see it:


Photograph caption dated April 12, 1963 reads, "Horace Heidt, owner-developer of the Magnolia Estates and new Hawaiian Village apartments and homes in Van Nuys shows actress Joan Huntington the entrance to colorful apartment complex. The Magnolia Estates features a par-3 golf course, therapeutic pools, four waterfalls, 23 garden fountains, private guard detail and new clubhouse. The subterranean garage will have attendant parking and accommodates 175 cars, largest in San Fernando Valley. Heidt is investing $5,000,000 in the apartment complex."

Photograph caption dated July 23, 1957 reads, "Bandleader Horace Heidt displays architect's conception of controversial archway he wants to construct over 50-foot entrance to new 69-unit apartment house project on Magnolia boulevard in Van Nuys. City has denied petition to allow archway and Heidt has filed an appeal."

Photos from the LAPL photo archives.

MrFab posted on Mon, Apr 18, 2022 4:28 PM

Thanks to my daughter taking tennis lessons here, I got to prowl around and take some pics last Saturday, as I had an hour to kill. The water in the "rivers" and waterfalls is gone, except for the red lava rock pool. But now there's an aviary with real life birds! Occasionally letting out loud squaks. Couldn't find the "Club House Theatre" near the mini-golf course, but as people actually live here, i didn't want to investigate too carefully. Someone was even playing golf.

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