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Your tiki expertise helped me get my masters degree!

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Aloha Tiki Central,

As some of you already know, I’m working on a master’s degree at the University of Westminster here in London.

The dissertation that I’m writing for my degree is partially tiki-related.

Anecdotal evidence from folks that earn (or plan to earn) all or a substantial amount of their income through something/anything tiki-related (or Hawaiiana-related) would really help me write a thorough piece.

For example:

Are you a carver? Do you sell a lot of tiki &/or Hawaiiana stuff on eBay? Are you in an exotica band? Write books or magazine articles about tiki? Work in a tiki bar? Make/sell tiki mugs? Anything I’m leaving out?

I PROMISE THAT NO QUESTIONAIRES OR SURVEYS WILL BE USED – just me asking you some questions (via email correspondence) that you can choose to answer or not at your own discretion.

PLEASE EMAIL ME, if tiki (or Hawaiiana) plays a significant role in your livelihood (or you plan for it too) & you would like to discuss it w/ me (via email correspondence) for potential use in my dissertation.

& please feel free to email me (or post on this thread) if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Chris Osburn
[email protected]

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[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2003-11-13 13:21 ]

just want to say thanks to the few people who've responded to my request & add that if there's anyone else out there that wouldn't mind me asking a few simple questions (via email to be answered at your convenience/discretion), your help would be most appreciated & i would be much obliged!

i won't ask anything personal or delve into your financials - & you don't have to answer any question if you don't want to.

& again, i repeat, there are no surveys or questionaires involved.

to those of you who have responded: i'll probably be shooting you an email in the next week or so. feel free to email or post on this thread any questions or comments that you may have.

take care,
tiki chris
[email protected]

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2003-03-19 04:23 ]

a big THANKS! to the second wave of responses! if i don't get back to all of you immediately, don't worry i will!

if there's anybody else out there that's interested in helping out, your emails are still very much welcome.

& rest assured that i will be discrete w/ any info you provide & that i will keep it w/in the confines of my dissertation.

w/ appreciation,
tiki chris

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2003-03-22 08:10 ]

just wanted to say that i'm done w/ my mba & that i did pretty well - got a "w/ merit" on my dissertation!

to those that helped - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

:) MAHALO :)

tiki chris

Felicidades, Tiki Chris!! How cool that tiki is becoming more and more appreciated by Academia.

Wait....is that a good thing?

Whatever, biggest congratulations! Will it be available to read online anywhere? Truly, we are the most likely candidates for the nerdy type who would actually sit and read a master's thesis online withOUT having to do so as research for our own theses!

On 2003-11-13 16:38, Formikahini wrote:
Felicidades, Tiki Chris!! How cool that tiki is becoming more and more appreciated by Academia.

thanks for the good cheer!

but believe me, you're better of not reading that damn thing - it's so dry & boring. but if you really want to know more about it, feel free to pm or email me.

honestly, i don't feel 100% comfortable talking about it yet b/c some of my research is going toward ...

something that i'm not quite ready to talk about yet.

for me, tying tiki into my studies was just a way to have fun & write about something that i love.

i don't think academia is any more appreciative of tiki than it was before i started my project. but i can tell you one thing: i appreciate academia a lot less after spending 2 years in grad school!

thanks again to the folks who participated in the e-interviews.

tiki chris

Tiki Chris,
It is quite a thrill to know that New Jersey has one of the only Tiki MBAs in the entire world. Congrats...

On 2003-11-13 18:40, tiki.head wrote:
Tiki Chris,
It is quite a thrill to know that New Jersey has one of the only Tiki MBAs in the entire world. Congrats...

mu ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

(that's supposed to be me, maniacally laughing, as i sit in my secret headquarters/lair just off the garden state parkway & devise an evil strategy for taking over & then destroying the world...)

Superb news!

Well done Tiki Chris!!!
That has got to be the first Tiki-related degree in the UK and 1000% more interesting than your classmates projects.

Nice one!
Trader Woody

congrats chris!

can't wait to see and experience the fruition of your reasearch!


Congratulations Tiki Master Chris!

Now on to the PhD program! :wink:

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